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  1. That update came from my TA this morning. I just checked the Celebrity site T and C's and it's not updated there yet.
  2. Thank you!! That is a very good question. Wow, will have to wait and see...... As far as insurance, our policies will not cover any credit applied, only cash paid (credit card)
  3. Forgot to thank Celebrity for stepping up and increasing our confidence!
  4. Dear cruise friends! I have great news! I am finished my rant and now for the latest!! Just received this from my TA: Looks like they made a change to that policy: "What if my client used a Future Cruise Credit to pay for their existing cruise and now wishes to cancel under the Cruise with Confidence terms? The original Future Cruise Credit will be reinstated with the prior Future Cruise Credit expiration date and amount. Your client will also receive a new Future Cruise Credit based on the amount paid and following the Cruise with Confidence policy terms."
  5. Well said. And it sure does not instill confidence in me, regarding booking another cruise with the new FCC and the concern about losing it again due to the ridiculous "redeemed and used" verbiage.
  6. No thanks, I will not be answering for your scrutiny. Bon Voyage
  7. Wow, the way you are following everyone around as an apologist for Celebrity, you either work for them or are just an attorney who loves to argue. Or perhaps a stockholder concerned about the dip in the market? Are you serious? Getting into semantics about certificate versus gift certificate? Bon Voyage
  8. Oh but you err..... Princess is far more accommodating! (From Princess website) What if there is an FCC on the current booking that is being canceled. Will it be credited?Yes, it will be credited back. In this instance, the old FCC will be a separate credit from the cancellation fee FCC. In the event the original FCC is expired, it will be reissued with a Dec 31 2021 expiration date.
  9. This corona situation however is unprecedented. And myself and many others do not consider this FCC redeemed and used.
  10. Oh my, ginrom.....hoping for the best for you. Yikes, under the circumstances. Please let us know how you make out.
  11. Thank you....yes it is appalling. And also appalling is the few who justify Celebrity's policy and behavior. Yes, it stinks. X pretends to have "good will" with the FCC and then pulls a stunt like this. They had to offer the FCC because every competitor did the same.
  12. Your very welcome, Lori. Knowledge is power and the more we consumers know, the better. Best of luck with your new FCC and be cautious!
  13. So unfair! Since when are gift CERTIFICATES (FCC) null and void or expired before their time. There is no retailer in the world that would have this policy that it was "redeemed and used" when it was not.
  14. You would lose all FCC, if cruises are cancelled. It will be considered "redeemed and used."
  15. Thanks, Melissa! And yes, be cautious using the FCC for a new booking, as you can see from my experience. I agree, will definitely be measures taken overtly like cost increases, and covertly. Consumer be wary....
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