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  1. How about trying another date, in July or August, where it is available, and review details. Or go on another popular website, that I'm not allowed to mention, and check details.
  2. I've read through the tips and did a search. Can't find an indication of the number of PEOPLE that go on a shore excursion booked through the ship, particularly in Sitka. There are small group tours that can be booked privately, up to ten, that sound more inviting to me. Mickie
  3. How do you contribute to the Crew Welfare Fund? Cash?
  4. How do you track available cabins? I've done that in other lines, but can't figure it out on Azamara.
  5. Jacki, thanks to Gigianne, I think, for the recommendation of the JLNo.76!! Great small hotel, lovely room, helpful staff and included breakfast. Very short walk to van Gogh and Riiks.:)
  6. Wow!! Great news. We are flying delta next week from MCO. TPA would have been preferred!
  7. This may be obvious to some, but not me. We will be on multiple segments on the prinsendam next month. We have much more OBC for first leg than the others. Would it make sense to purchase a second wine package toward the end of the first segment to be used in the second segment?
  8. I think HAL sent booking to TA because she arranged the Future Cruise Credits several months ago at our request.C The $200 was fine, but we're hesitant to be giving HAL $4800 more by NEXT WEEK!!! HAL has already assigned a cabin and dining arrangements, none of which I have had a chance to review yet.
  9. My TA called that she received paperwork from HAL today re this world cruise, looking for a payment NEXT WEEK. I haven't seen ANY details of the trip yet.
  10. :) Where's the vegemite thread?? Lol!! We bought a small jar back to the U.S. to show friends. Guess it's an acquired taste as the pictures we took of friends trying it attest to.
  11. How do I find the specific Fll Pier address to put in the Uber form so that the driver can find us and transport is to Ft. Lauderdale hotel in november?
  12. You're right!!! I think we played maj jongg together several times and Neil and I are also from Florida!!
  13. So glad to hear you were happy with hotel. We booked there too for the end of August, based, I think, on Gigianes recommendation!
  14. Have you checked your Roll Call to see if anyone is arranging a private group?
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