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  1. I assume you’re looking at the coastal voyages along Coast of Norway. Hurtigruten is right now in a transformation from a working coastal route operating 11 very different ships in coastal service every day with 34 stops from Bergen to Kirkenes into a expedition cruise line. Coastal voyages are not ‘cruise line’ but more working ships with cars and goods. Right now Hurtigruten is investing in expedition ships and converting some of the coastal ‘ferries’ ’ to expedition ships at a higher standard, If you’re are planting a Hurtigruten coastal voyage you have to do your homework regarding selection of ships and cabins - very different offerings, From January 2021 Hurtigruten will operate expedition cruises during winter along Norway coast. I have had some really fantastic voyages with Hurtigruten - last year in January - my review. Planning a midsummer voyage in June. If possible compare prices at the Hurtigruten.no site and challenge your local TA on prices - or book at the .no site (in Norwegian language). Please post your questions. Highly recommended tour.
  2. You’re welcome - amazing journey - when do you plan to go?
  3. Breakfast and lunch is buffet and I have seen gluten-free options available - Most dinners are a set menu - some buffet dinners. Fish and shellfish menus are quite common in Norway. I’ll suggest that you do contact booking@hurtigruten.com and ask - also once booked you should contact the reception at the ship you’re sailing in advance in order to ensure that they are aware of your special requirements.
  4. You can tip in EUR (or USD) in Denmark and Sweden as well. Tipping in those countries is not required (but for sure appreciated). In general I do not think tipping in Denmark is necessary since a service charge is already included - 10% of tour price is too much. Does also include restaurants and taxis.
  5. Correct. Kong Harald does have permanent expedition team. Daily lectures and some specific excursions. Some specific sailing does have a theme - primarily Photo and Astronomy Northern Lights voyages.
  6. All ships does not have expedition teams. You can read about all Hurtigruten ships here. Find you date and ship - if the ship has expedition team it’s clearly mentioned in the description. Just a comment - check prices at www.hurtigruten.no if possible and then ask you TA to match the price.
  7. Here you have my vote. Tivoli Garden for sure. Also the canal boat tours and the guard change at the royal Palace. The Shopping Mile ‘Strøget’ with the Departement stores and Royal Copenhagen Shop. You can also visit Rundetårn (The Round Tower), Nyhavn (New Habor) and Rosenberg Castle. Walk along the harbor through Kastellet to the a Little Mermaid. Everything in walking distance from a central Copenhagen Hotel. The I’ll suggest a visit to the Freetown of Christiana - take metro from Kongens Nytorv to Christianshavn.
  8. ... or they might change the itinerary during the cruise. At my latest Hawaii cruise the itinerary was changed due to weather conditions- many frustrated passengers with private excursions.
  9. It’s a very short distance from the Cruise terminal to Kiel Hbf (assuming train from Kiel). I do not expect any customs or immigration despite last port of call. 11:10 train should give you plenty if time (assuming arrival before 8 am). Enjoy your cruise.
  10. Right side facing forward uphill will mean left side facing backwards when going downhill- you’ll keep the same seat both ways if return.
  11. I did book at visitflam.com - tickets sell out quickly - you can also book at vy.no, but only from 90 days in advance.
  12. Environmental requirements will be enforced on Cruise Lines when sailing in the Norwegian Heritage fjords. Any cruise line sailing will meet the requirements. Alternative to a Cruise is 'Norway In a Nutshell'. You can also check what options Hurtigruten offers. They do operate LNG/hybrid Ships ships along the coast of Norway.
  13. I do not think there is a difference in which side of the train you sit. it is also possible to get up and walk around in the train. This video is recorded as I sat on the right side of the train.
  14. I did post this in Cruise News Som e Hurtigruten - Some Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage cruisers might be interested in the update. The four Hurtigruten ships which will be replaced by Havila will start expedition cruises along the Norwegian Coast from Bergen to North Cape. Also some cruises from Dover and Hamburg. Longer time in ports than for the coastal voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes
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