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  1. Tromsø and in particular Bergen are nice cities where you easily can see the city by food. Olden has the Briksdal glacier and Loen Skylifr viewpoint - shuttle busses should be available. Also a beautiful scenic sailing into Olden - you need to be up early in the morning. You need to find excursions for Lofoten and Honningsvåg - either ship or local tour provider. Rental car might also be an option but just be aware that no excursions or tours available at the pier at arrival. Lofoten Islands are very beautiful nature and Honningsvåg is North Cape. Lofoten is inside the Arctic Circle - July 14 will probably be the last day with midnight sun but since you are heading North you’ll have midnight sun in Tromsø and Honningsvåg. It will be a very nice evening sailing from Lofoten island northbound through Raftsundet. Just be aware that even in July it can be quite cold - my blog with pictures and video from one of my midnight sun sailings from Lofoten Islands.
  2. Which cruise? Tromsk does not exist - do you mean Tromsø? Nordfjord is a district - most likely port is Olden. Also do you know which port at the islands of Lofoten? - please also time of year and how much time in port. Might be good with more details in order to provide recommendations.
  3. @deecYou can get luggage transferred from Bergen to Oslo provided you’re staying at a hotel in Oslo - Link to porter service.
  4. Very interesting information - I believe this is a good way forward. Guest have been confused about the two very different offerings.
  5. Thank you on behalf of all Danes. Excellent suggestions.
  6. It is the airline obligation to check your return journey when flying to a country where visa required. If you have the return ticket at the same reservation the airline will know and not ask additional questions . If at a different reservation or as in my situation a cruise you will be asked to show your return ticket.
  7. COVID-19 or airline doesn’t matter. You might be asked to prove that you have a return ticket for flight or cruise within 90 days. I have done several reposition cruises to/from Asia or TA with a one way ticket to my start destination - never been a problem. Just showed the cruise or air tickets. in order to avoid any problems I have always printed my ticket.
  8. Thank you for sharing. Very interesting article. It is certain that China is interested in buying infrastructure related to the Arctic. Denmark has recently prevented China from buying an airport in Greenland. I do not know how much infrastructure Hurtigruten represents in relation to the Arctic and Svalbard. Still an important transport route along the northern coast of Norway although the number of departures will be cut from January 1st, 2021 from eleven ships to seven when Havila Voyages takes over four of the eleven departures on the coastal route (if they get their four ships ready in time).
  9. @jakob71 Thank you for keeping us updated.
  10. Right now with reduced number of departures - from November full schedule but can of cause change.
  11. yes, I’ll suggest so - then also tell if expedition cruise or coastal voyage and maybe include Ship name. For sure differences between expedition and coastal voyages - but likely also differences from ship to ship.
  12. I have never been to Molde but here you have some links - you probably need to eithet hire a car or do an excursion- just note that any activity must be planned in advance - do not expect anything to be available upon arrival. Cruise Norway - Visit Norway - Fjord Norway
  13. This is a link to their Global Web 2021 with - cruises in 2021 and 2022 until March You might want to check prices at their -no web - normally better prices but you might be able to get some package deals locally. This in link to Norwegian web
  14. What in particular are you looking for - full schedule for the Coastal Voyage in 2021 and also many expedition cruise in 2021.
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