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  1. Probably different offers for different countries- however I believe it will be a voucher valid for a voyage until December 31 2021. My offer was a 100% voucher and 10% discount. Please note that you do not have to decide on where or when your future voyage will be, the form will only secure your Hurtigruten Future Cruise Voucher and the discount. You can decide later which future voyage you would like to join within the period July 01 2020 and December 31 2021.
  2. I assume you’ll get 125% of what you have paid so far - Hurtigruten has regular solo offers at selected voyages - you should be able to rebook a solo offer once sailing again and pay with your voucher.
  3. the problem is that number of tour operators is limited and might be fully booked by the cruise line - also many tours are more than one day. Get some inspiration from Visit Greenland - sagalands.com tours and guidetogreenland.com Qaqortoq Tours day tours
  4. Just cancelled my June journey with MS Lofoten - impressed with their communication. Unfortunately 2020 will be the last year for MS Lofoten in coastal service. Might still be possible for a midnight sun journey this year - time will show.
  5. This does nit apply to Hurtigruten or other feries In fixed scheduled service. Hurtigruten is not considered a cruise line but a ferry service. However booked at Hurtigruten the next few months You should consider to reschedule to a later day. A recent statement from Hurtigruten. For all guests booked on departures between MAR 12 through JUN 30 2020, we offer free rebooking to any future Hurtigruten cruise - expedition or Norwegian coastal - from JUL 1 2020 to JUL 1 2021.
  6. Yes, public bus - schedule is here: Stryn Glacier Bus - might still be 2019 but expect same schedule for 2020 - check back later. You can walk from the stop to the glacier(30 minutes) or take the Troll Cars (reservation required) - more details on the Glacier Distance from Glacier Olden Cruise Port is 23 km - not walkable. A good tour opportunity is Loen Skylift - cable car to the maintain top. More Olden port info here.
  7. It is possible to visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde when only one day in Copenhagen. Assuming docking at Oceankaj (can be another location) it will take you one and half hour each way - bus to Østerport Station - train to Roskilde Station - then a 20 minutes walk (1.8 km) from station to the museum. You can also visit the Cathedral in Roskilde.
  8. I’m at the board to seek advise and help where I have some experience - Have met few from CC at cruises but newer established relationships with any People at CC nor had social contact during cruises. Different people different needs.
  9. Just look at the length of the stops. Does vary during the season’s as well as northbound/southbound . Ports with longer stops are Trondheim, Bodø. Tromsø and Honningsvåg.
  10. I just checked in for an Allure cruise from Port Everglades. Separate line for Expedite Arrival - very short line due to corona virus related questions - also a separate security scan line. Then we did enter the ship directly with just a scan of our boarding pass at my cell phone. Easy and fast - much faster than other line.
  11. True - does enter the fjords a 4am. You’ll pass through the same fjords in the evening. But as explained by ‘ski we’ it’s early sunrise and late sunset in June. You just need to be up early. Great itinerary. You can get a feeling of the fjords and timing in the video.
  12. Probably - but you need to be more specific. Which cruise line, itinerary, type of complaint, where did you purchase your cruise /terms and conditions applied.
  13. Totally agree - I’m never traveling outside Denmark without a proper Health insurance.
  14. @SarniaLo when you’re coming from an EEA country you pay the same for medical care as a Norwegian- hence the low cost. Different if you are coming from a non-EEA country (except Australia) - then you have to pay for medical care.
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