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  1. Assuming that both legs of you flight are on the same reservation and at the same Paris airport it will be sufficient time. Some people want to spend hours in airports - I’m always looking for connections with the shortest possible layover. In case of delays the airline will make sure that you either make the connection in shorter time or will book you at the next flight. I strongly recommend to plan to arrive at the cruise departure port at least one day before the cruise.
  2. Premium and Classic is the type of ferry - depending on departure time. If you want to do the cruise I’ll suggest that you book both the ferry and the shuttle bus at the web. Note that the ferry is sailing in both directions from Flåm and/or Gudvangen. The shuttle bus can be any type of bus - will be marked with a signin the front screen. In addition to the shuttle also public busses - Nettbuss VY450 as well as Nor-way bussexpres NW162 and NW420. Also available at the web.
  3. hallasm


    Yes, very subjective - but the short answer is nothing - you cannot change to INR before you arrive into Bali - so bring GBP/USD and change what you think might be necessary to INR at arrival in Bali. I did bring additional cash in USD and SGD since I did spend some days in Singapore and Vietnam as well. Next, what to pay by credit card - I did pay hotel, all my meals, drinks and coffee as well as all shopping by credit card - I did exchange 500 USD for two weeks - majority was for our driver for transfer and the day tours - at the tours I did pay entrance fees to temples, and parking in INR. When traveling in areas like Bali I alway bring water from the hotel - do not really purchase drinks and food in local shops.
  4. There are few Norwegian holidays where the daily flights are not operated - since Nordlys is just refurbished it could be a better choice. Look for the cabin class in the description of the cabin and then look at the deck plan. For you research use the English version of the web.
  5. Agree with mhb1757 - too tight schedule when 9am to 4pm- also depend on ship is docked or tendering. Both excursions are two hours - in addition shuttle from Gudvangen to Flåm I have attached 2019 timetables assuming that times will be similar for 2020. The Flåm Railway 2019 Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord 2019 Shuttle bus Aurland–Flåm–Gudvangen 2019 Stegastein Viewpoint 2019
  6. Already today many terminals might only accept chip and pin - if you plan to travel ‘cash less’ simply bring a chip and pin card. If not chip and pin then bring cash.
  7. You’ll be safe with a chip and pin card - highly recommended anyway,
  8. Exact the reason for this forum. Hurtigruten is not a mainstream cruise line and it’s important to get all the answers to the questions for a successful voyage. Happy to assist.
  9. It is https://www.hurtigruten.no/ - they might use geoblocking outside Europe. Let me know if I can help checking prices.
  10. Yes, very expensive, however you can stay at a hotel in Kirkenes and Just visit the Snow hotel and have a dinner and have a dinner there - you can combine the Crab Safari with the Snow Hotel. The hotel is too cold for me - minus 4 c in the cabins. Yes, I have seen quite big differences in prices on various web pages - you can book at the Norwegian version of the web.
  11. 1. Platinum package - did once consider that option myself but did not found it ‘worth the price’ - unfortunately I do not have my notes anymore. 2. I have not used a la carte dining - found it too expensive compared to the MRD offerings - have seen very few guest in a la carte restaurants 3. offered as a discounted package onboard. 4. No experience with OBC - offer might varying from different travel agents / countries. 5 easy to book train and busses on vy.no - make arrangement for transport and hotels yourself - some travel agents does offer flight/transfer/hotel in on package. Bergen is a nice city - consider train from Oslo to Bergen and stay in Bergen a couple of nights. Sorry for not having full details on platinum and a la carte - others does have experience. Depending on what you’re booking check prices at Hurtigruten.no web.
  12. Longer stops in some ports like Trondheim, Ålesund, Bodø, Tromsø and Honningsvåg. No, Nothing like! Arctic Superior outside Cabin is the choice - find a cabin with double bed - ships are very different - and so are the cabins. Do some research on ships and cabins. December is great - you should consider some extra days I. Kirkenes for a visit to the Snow Hotel and a king Crab Safari - most not that is is polar night and very cold but good chances for Northern Lights. This is the forum with a lot of information
  13. I have only done one way or partial - NB is northbound- I do prefer northbound- itinerary is the same but different stops during night and day. i would arrange flight into Oslo - train from Oslo to Bergen is really great - maybe consider overnight stays in Myrdal or Flåm - flight KKN to OSL is relatively cheap. Then you can add some days both in Bergen and Oslo both pre- and post-cruise. Norway is a beautiful country and the combination of train, ship and city is great. if traveling during June to mid August you’ll experience the midnight sun inside Polar circle and if October to March the (polar night in December and January) Northern Lights (and very cold weather). I did not even have time for reading, did not got bored and did not interact too much with other passengers. You can get some more insights here: Northern Lights and Midnight Sun cruises.
  14. Right. However for me a direct flight is primarily non-stop flight - or does not involve a change of aircraft. Several possibilities with one stop but no which does not involve change of aircraft.
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