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  1. Certainly need to improve my English reading!
  2. OP asked “days off the ship but what to wear during the day?” The ship is obvious heated and air conditioned. But it might be that Northern Lights are visible during the night - it will be cold at upper decks during nighttime.
  3. Tromsø next week will be 0 C (30 F) - likely a mix of rain and snow. Windproof and waterproof warm clothing in layers - good windproof boots, cap and mittens. Cold winds at sea. Unfortunately it looks overcast - so it becomes difficult to see the northern lights. Sunrise 9:30 am and sunset 1:30 pm. My My recommendation dressing for the cold. Enjoy the Arctic Circle crossing
  4. Very true - some cruise lines are also ‘very Italian’ like MSC and Costa - choose an ‘American cruise line’.
  5. Which time of the year? And how far North? Even in June the temperature can be quite low - Below picture of my wife when sailing northern Norway - 3 C (37 F) - temperature is likely to be 10 C (50 F) in June - bring also warm hat and gloves
  6. I normally see equivalent price on RCCL European and US sites, however gratitude and maybe some taxes and fees are not included in the published web price at the US site while included in EU prices - probably the same for AU site. At the end you’ll pays the same price.
  7. Eastern Mediterranean is very nice in October and beginning of November. I’m booked at a cruise sailing eastern Mediterranean October 30 - I do expect temperature in Greece to be 60 to 70 F.
  8. Skudeneshavn is a nice option - located 37 km (23 miles) south of Haugesund - there is public bus (1h 15m) between Haugesund and Skudeneshavn.
  9. There is no car rental available in many of the small and quite remote ports in Norway - you can ask the port by e-mal: cruiseport@sognefjordcruise.com Or an alternative might be this service https://nabobil.no/en Another CC member have used the service - see post below
  10. Level of solar activity in November and January is pretty much the same - it might be more cloudy in November and for sure much more snow in January - I'll vote for January - Link to my review in January 2019
  11. My suggestion is a Norwegian Fjord Cruise - if you choose a cruise including Flåm, Geiranger or Olden you can enjoy the scenic sailing from the ship - as well as scenic tours in ports. If visiting Lofoten, Tromsø or Honningsvåg you can enjoy the midnight sun in June and a July. I did a family cruise including my 94 year old mother in law.
  12. Correct - First aircraft delivered to SAS but currently test flights - first transatlantic flight will be January 28 from Copenhagen to Chicago.
  13. Similar, however might vary for type of aircraft - I have not yet been flying premium in Airbus A350-900 - next time when flying CPH to ORD in February. Personally, I prefer LH to BA. Poor experience with connections in LHR - but 3 hours will improve chances of luggage being with the flight to CPH. Generally shorter wait time in FRA or MUC and usually no problems with missing luggage. When no direct SAS service available my greference i LH via MUC or FRA. With only one night in Copenhagen I'll recommend to get as much time as possible except if you're staying post cruise.
  14. I live in Copenhagen and have been a SAS frequent flyer since 1992 - always flying with SAS whenever possible. I'm sure a little biased for SAS but I always feel like I'm home when boarding a SAS plane. It makes sense to fly directly from EWR to CPH. Aircraft are new Airbus A350-900 . I'm primarily flying Plus or Business on long haul - seats are comfortable and good service. Plus allows for fast track, lounge access as well as priority boarding I always book directly at flysas.com - after ordering it is possible to place an offer for upgrading to business class in the SAS app.
  15. I believe your cruise gear will be exactly the same as needed for you post cruise Norwegian adventures - nothing extra needs for the ship. - self laundry available
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