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  1. Yes - 8 days will be enough for the fjords - my recommendation is to find a cruise which does include the scenic sailing of Storfjord and Geiranger Fjord to Geiranger or Hellesylt as well as Sognefjord and Auerlandsfjord to Flåm. I believe Bergen is a must - other ports might be Stavanger or Ålesund.
  2. Depending on the time of the year Base layer (underwear layer): wicks sweat off your skin Middle layer (insulating layer): retains body heat to protect you from the cold Outer layer (shell layer): shields you from wind and rain Here is for the cold
  3. Yes, I do see your point - not exactly what I meant - I do assume that people does go straight to the gate if late - however I sometimes wonder why those last calls.
  4. My favorite is reposition cruises - it offers a unique opportunity to spend a few days in the area around the departure port and again some days at the arrival port. For longer journeys we also use to divide the trip in two parts, which is possible with many airlines - a classic example is to fly from the USA to Europe via Iceland and spend some days in Iceland. In March this year, we were on a cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong with 5 days at each end - in addition we made a detour from Singapore to Bali for two weeks. In February 2020, we will be on a cruise from Sydney to New Zealand - here we will spend 5 to 8 days in Australia both before and after the cruise, in addition to make a stop over in Bangkok from Copenhagen to Sydney both on the outbound and return journey. In this way, in the past 23 years, we have visited a very large part of the world in connection with our 35 cruises.
  5. Hurtigruten information is very different from site to site - so are their prices - I have found up to 30% price differences - the .no page have the lowest prices. Offers does also differ which make sense - some does include flights. Hurtigruten does offer free lectures at some ships - very interesting lectures about the areas the ship is passing. However I do not know if the astronomy lectures are free or you need to book a Astronomy Cruise in order to have access to those lectures. Anyway, the Ship and the Northern Lights are the same. Hope @GeezerCouple or one of the other Astronomy Cruises does see your post and answer your question. You can always post your questions in the Hurtigrutes Q&A forum
  6. You’re welcome - planning is important - you can find a lot of inspiration at CC and find answers to all your questions. You’ll still have midnight sun at Svalbard mid August - amazing to watch the sun at 1 am.
  7. By the Way you might find inspiration in the Northern Europe Forum and in this topic:
  8. Starboard or port really doesn’t matter - for Honningsvåg and Longyearbyen there will be no scenic sailing anyway. You will have scenic sailing for Molde and Hellesylt - but you should be at the upper deck early in the morning. I have not been at Svalbard and cannot comment on Longyearbyen. For Honningsvåg a visit to Nord Cape is obvious - you can also have a bird safari to Gjesværstappan. Enjoy you cruise - beautiful Itinerary, but remember I can be quite cold - expect 4 to 8 degree Celsius in Honningsvåg and Svalbard.
  9. Here is the link to the promise. - you are right - during a 12 nights voyage they will observe the Lights from the bridge for at least few minutes.
  10. March and October are best months for Northern Lights.
  11. Yes, the promise does apply to a 12 day voyage - you’ll get a 6 or 7 night free voyage excluding flights and onboard spendings if Northern Lights are not observed/announced at your 12 nights voyage.
  12. I did sail Hurtigruten in January- my pictures in post #11 and #20 are from the ship - #11 is standing in the bow while #20 is from upper deck where smoke from the chimney did disturb - but no lights - picture below from the bow when sailing along Lofoten.
  13. In CPH and probably also OSL the airline will get you through passport check in case of long queues - they will call passengers for specific flights and give you priority. In case of delay of connecting flight arriving from Bergen they will escort you through passport control. I have once made a transfer in 5 minutes due to late incoming flight - surprisingly enough the luggage also made the short connection. I would not be nervous for a short time for transfer in CPH or OSL So have I - but not if you make your way to the gate as soon as possible - the airline know how long time you need for transfer and they know when to expect you. If you decide NOT to go directly to the gate you might be in troubles. And my reply is only for CPH and OSL when you have an transfer - I have been traveling with SAS for 35 years for business and pleasure and have alway made my connections despite of delays.
  14. Just choose the most convenient connection - 50 minutes in OSL or 1h 5 m in CPH is fine. You luggage will be checked through to your final destination, however you need to pick up the luggage at EWR and go through customs before handing it to the US carrier just after customs. You'll not handle your luggage in OSL or CPH. In CHP oe OSL you'll go through Schengen passport control - will not take long and since you luggage is transferred to the EWR flight they will not leave you behind.
  15. Will this attack have an impact on cruise ships passing Gulf og Oman and the Strait of Hormuz on their way to Dubai - quite popular from October through April - I’m booked at a cruise passing in December. Link To news on CNN
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