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  1. hallasm

    River Cruise Locks - Nighttime Noise?

    I did a Uniworld Rhône River Cruise last spring. Did not experienced excessive noice when passing locks during night - most noise from the ships engine. Locks are different and some locks might be more noisy. Below a video from passing a lock - original ‘noise’ in video.
  2. hallasm

    Hurtigrutem Midnight Sun Cruise

    My pictures from our trip with the Hurtigruten M/S Kong Harald, three nights from Bodø to Kirkenes, June 10 to 13, 2017. The picture to the left is taken at 01 am with sun right north.
  3. hallasm

    Alta, Norway

    I have not been at this tour - also the answer very much can depend on which cruise line - however it might very well be this tour or alternatively this provided by North Adventure in Alta Also the tour could be made specific for the cruise line by GLØD Explorer. In general the 'tepee-style tents' used for those tours are quite luxury. So no much “roughing it” involved. You could try to contact the tour operators and see if they can provide more details on your specific cruise line tour. post@glodexplorer.no or booking@northadventure.no
  4. ... three nights midnight sun cruise - Hurtigruten from Bodø to Kirkenes - amazing!
  5. hallasm

    Hurtigruten sledding options

    Thank you for the update - looks like the new seating concept is to the worse. My experience with the Torget restaurant have been much better. Yes - very hot summer and autumn does impact the the amount of snow - however 12 C in Kirkenes? should be colder? Enjoy an early morning in Trondheim - looking forward to your updates.
  6. hallasm

    Spectacular Moon!

    Hunding - thank you for the update. Enjoy Trondheim tomorrow morning. Hope for a smooth sailing.
  7. Size is not a major problem for Baltic ports - it’s rather a cost issue. Remote and less attractive ports might be less expensive.
  8. A Baltic cruise is great - but as mentioned pay attention to the port locations - one of the highlights are the Stockholm archipelago - but it will require docking in Stockholm city and not in Nynäshamn. Another great itinerary is Norwegian Fjords. Impressive sceneries. Several options from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Southampton and others. Also here pay attention to which fjords and ports. This forum can give you great advise on specific locations. Good alternatives to NCL are Royal Caribbean or Holland America Line
  9. hallasm

    Hurtigruten sledding options

    I might have misunderstood your question. When I say ‘Snow Hotel option’ I do mean booking the tour through the Snow Hotel rather than booking through Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten and The Snow Hotel (and other operators) are offering Husky tours in Kirkenes and you can book these tours either at Hurtigruten or from the Snow Hotel (or others) - difference tours, timing and lengths. When sailing Hurtigruten you can only book the excursion offered by Hurtigruten including visit to the Snow Hotel - you do not have the opportunity to book through other operators due to timing.
  10. hallasm

    Hurtigruten sledding options

    If you are doing the Hurtigruten 12 nights return you do not have the Snow hotel option - not sufficient time - departure from Kirkenes is 12:30 - also for other tour operators than Hurtigruten you need to organise transfer.
  11. hallasm

    Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik by bus

    Here you have some links with more information - regarding prices please note that Iceland is using ' . ' as thousand separator - and ' , ' for decimals. https://www.re.is/day-tours/blue-lagoon-no-entry https://www.icelandtravel.is/tours/relax-at-the-blue-lagoon-2/
  12. Scandic hotel is 2.5 miles from the pier - There is a regular bus service from pier to the hotel.
  13. Thank you. I think you should ask the question you posted at the Hurtigruten Board about GLØD Explorer in Alta in this thread - looks like a good option. Sure that GLØD will Pick-up at the Cruise pier as they do oick-up at hotels. Contact the company and ask.
  14. Please note that the concept of a a Hurtigruten northern lights cruise is very different from your cruise - Hurtigruten does not have overnight stops and do not sail to Alta. You should also post you question in the thread you already have started at the Northern Europe & Baltic Forum
  15. hallasm

    Norway and Cruise Lines Serving

    Chairsin Thank you for the update. I’ll look into the Seabourn offerings.