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  1. hallasm

    Schengen Area - ETIAS and Visas

    My native language is not English so I might have misunderstood you intentions - however US have been dictating policies on EU for many years.
  2. hallasm

    Flam railway tickets

    Book you tickets at This site if any available for the desired departure - most train s are sold out in the morning on busy days - at nsb.no you can only purchase 90 days in advance.
  3. The Funicular is In Bergen - Ålesund has the Aksla viewpoint- either walk from town park or take the ‘city train’ to restaurant Fjellstua. Yes, you need to book train tickets in advance at the web for Flåm. For Honningsvåg you must book the North Cape In advance - tours not available at the pier - maybe a taxi but highly recommend to book In advance.
  4. hallasm

    castles in europe

    Several castles in Denmark close to Copenhagen - Rosenborg Castle, Fredensborg Castle (Queens Summer Castle), Frederiksborg Castle and the gardens as well as Kronborg Castle (Hamlet Castle) - in Copenhagen also Amalienborg (Royal palace) and Christiansborg castle (the parliament) - might even have forgotten some.
  5. Harpy to see the Northern Lights three times from the ship - cold January polar night In the bow of the ship.
  6. hallasm

    Venice transfers?

    ...or Alilaguna water bus from airport to the Cruise terminal - extremely Nice voyage - just note the it will take 1h 45 min from airport to Cruise terminal (or return).
  7. hallasm

    taxi or uber

    .. but check price - taxi can be expensive.
  8. As a Danish citizen I do not need a visa for Vietnam - at my last visit (RCCL) I was not charged at all. I’ll be back in Vietnam next month - report back on the situation, however my understanding is that I will not be charged any ‘entrance fee’.
  9. hallasm

    taxi or uber

    Uber is not available in all cities in Europe- you’ll need to check availability in the cities you are visiting closer to your cruise. Many governments in Europe have taken action against the Uber ride-sharing app. Uber is banned in Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and is facing suspension in Finland, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. taxi’s in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen does accept credit cards. Do not know for sure for Amsterdam.
  10. hallasm

    Gift Ideas?

    Which ports of call?
  11. hallasm

    VLOG - Hurtigruten Norway Coastal Northbound

    At Lofoten the Aurora Borealis was visible from 9:00 pm in 40 minutes while we were docked in Svolvær and again two hours later when sailing in the northern part of Raftsundet along Hinnøya. Two day later we saw the lights for 45 minutes when we approached Berlevåg at 10pm. The footage in the video is still photos from the bow and upper deck of MS Trollfjord.
  12. hallasm

    Flam Question

    Unfortunately I do not have any experience with Flåm in October - but personally I have always planned for the mid day departures from Flåm - expecting 'better and warmer' weather in the afternoon. In high season most morning departures might be sold out anyway
  13. hallasm

    Flam Question

    IMO two very different experiences, routes and views. Bus from Flåm via Aurland to the Stegastein Viewpoint 650 meters above the sea with a panorama view of the Fjord and the mountains. Train is offering a beautiful views of the countryside, river and mountains and a short stop at a waterfall - and Myrdal 867 m above sea level. I’ll suggest the view points at Geiranger Your other topic) and the train in Flåm.
  14. hallasm

    Geiranger Question

    Exact the same fjord views and water. I’ll defiantly recommend a tour to the view points with Fjord views from the top of the mountains.
  15. Assuming 2019. You might be able to take the 5 night Hurtigruten southbound from Kirkenes September 8 at 12:30 - arriving Bergen September 13th at 2:30 pm - then you'll have a day in Bergen before the Viking Sun Cruise. it's a 2 hours flight from OSL to KKN - might need to go to KKN September 7 - first flight is in KKN at 11 am - doable the same day for a Hurtigruten 12:30 departure but tight.