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  1. I understand it's weird spelling in many people's eyes. Are you still looking at HAL or is this something different? Does include Ålesund!
  2. Assuming: Bergen, Alesund, Molde, Olden, Nordfjordeid, Sognefjord scenic cruise into Skjolden and Haugesund. In general an OK itinerary- highlights are: Bergen, Alesund, Olden, the scenic cruising to Sognefjord and Olden.
  3. Molde and Haugesund are small coastal cities - IMO not the most interesting ports. Sognefjorden is one of the deep fjords - not a port.
  4. While I do not believe you’ll having any issues traveling within EU next year (including cruises) there might still be issues with entry into St. Petersburg, however all major cruise lines think it will be possible. I’m not a specialist but there might be two issues - vaccines used not covering for mutations and currently very low vaccination rate - might not reach ‘herd immunity’ by next June.
  5. You’re welcome - great time great itinerary. Just ask all your questions Sailings into Geiranger and Flåm early in the morning
  6. Certainly possible - Several options - link to example. Al flights from US to KEF are early morning. Just be careful when you calculate from ISK to US$ - In Iceland the ‘Thousand separate’ is a ‘ . ‘ and the ‘decimal separator’ is ‘ , ‘ - 1 US$ is 130 ISK (Islandsk króna).
  7. No doubt - A. Month might also be a factor - I prefer June - still snow on the mountains and long days. Flåm on both itinerary - scenic fjord sailing and Flåm train - Train trickets must be purchased in advance. In addition A has scenic sailing into Geiranger - and the View points in Geiranger. For both Flåm and Geiranger you must be up very early - sunrise 04:30 - to enjoy the fjord sailing. Bergen is a beautiful DYI city. Måløy is a coastal city while Nordfjordeid is a short fjord sailing - has not been in these ports. Stavanger and Kristiansand bigger coastal cities - not that interesting as Berg More specific details on the ports in various topics in this forum.
  8. Nobody can tell. Much might change before June 2022. Right now the major cruise line believes that it will be possible to visit St. Petersburg next year. Personally I doubt it will be possible - I would not book a cruise including St. Petersburg right now, but as said things might change,
  9. Last metro station is Orientkaj - from there 2.3 km to Ocean Kaj - possible to walk - alternative is bus - bus schedule not yet known.
  10. About 20 minutes - both from airport and cruise port by taxi. Cruise terminal is Ocean Kaj. Closest metro station is ‘Kongens Nytorv’ - see map in post #34
  11. Should not be a problem within EU - but if restrictions for visit to St. Petersburg will be possible might be the question. I’ll not be concerned by Norway restrictions either.
  12. Fin air is the national carrier of Finland. Excellent airline, Helsinki is a small airport - easy to navigate. immigration in Helsinki but luggage checked through to your final destination. Not a problem with a short transfer time once both legs of the flight is the same reservation.
  13. Hope they will solve the issue soon.
  14. Have you contacted Havila? They consider the UK as a major market, so it amazes me if their on-Line payment system can not handle UK credit cards. Phone UK: +44 3455 280 026 or contact form https://www.havilavoyages.com/about-havila/contact-us - they respond very quickly.
  15. HAL has several cruises from Copenhagen or Amsterdam In addition to Ålesund you should also look for sailings into the deep fjords like Geiranger, Olden or Flåm, In general sea is calm. For Baltic Cruise the Baltic Sea is usually calm during summer. For a Norwegian Fjord Cruise you might experience a bit more rough seas in the open sea - but not that often.
  16. I believe the cabins are more 'Cruise ship like'. I plan to book a voyage in January just to get a feeling of the new Havila ships compared to Hurtigruten. Just want to see that the ships are actually in operation by then. Originally the crews should be transferred from the four Hurtigruten ships replaced by Havila ships but I do not know if Covid has had an impact on the transfer - at lease a year late..
  17. I do not know if you have a specific cruise in mind but I'm not aware of any cruise with Ålesund and St. Petersburg at the same itinerary - however there might be B2B cruises available - then it will be two weeks. St. Petersburg is part of the traditional 'Baltic Cruise' while Ålesund is 'Norwegian Fjord Cruise'. You can probably find B2B Baltic/Norwegian fjords from Copenhagen and maybe also Southampton. My advise is to look for US based cruise lines you are used to rather than European - some European might primarily be German or Italian. Many here at CC can assist and I'll gladly answer all your questions.
  18. I think its too early for 2022 - not many available yet due to the pandemic. If you want something located in City look for the range of Zip codes from 1000 to 1799 - might be very limited availability. Alternative look close to a Metro station - it is easy to use the metro. 'Kongens Nytorv' and 'Rådhuspladsen' are both in City. Just note that metro station 'Orient Kaj' is not close to the Cruise port 'Ocean Kaj' - You'll also need a taxi to the cruise terminal.
  19. Tips included! - yes - very expensive however very difficult to get a reservation.
  20. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants - in Copenhagen! https://www.theworlds50best.com/ At ‘The Best Restaurant in Europe 2021’ list you’ll find one of the most coveted restaurants on the planet, Noma, voted number one and Geranium voted as number two. At the ‘50 next list’ you’ll find Alchemist, which opened on Refshaleøen in its new version in July 2019, as 59 and also on the list is Amass, which like Alchemist is located on Refshaleøen as number 89.
  21. Most areas in Copenhagen are safe by night - Personally I would avoid the ‘Vesterbro’ and ‘Nørrebro’ area by night.
  22. Indeed very expensive- when having a stop over in Reykjavik you save on air - and Icelandair is reasonably priced.
  23. one major stop each day - most stops are 15 minutes - 34 port stops along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes. you’ll have day lights the first days of your voyage - from Bodø ‘polar night’ - twilight from 10 am to 2 pm - still a lot of activity and excursions in ports. Highlights of the voyage is Northern lights, dog sledding, king crab safari and North cape - all done while dark. You can get a feeling for the activities and excursions from my blog - January 2019 voyage.
  24. There are specific forms for different countries - Italy, Spain, Portugal. The forms are country specific. You probably have to fill a locator form if arrival Spain/Italy by air and then a separate form for each country. Where does your cruise start and what is the itinerary.
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