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  1. You might get better advice in the France Port Forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/462-france-ports/
  2. Yes, that information was previously available in the Flåm port of call list, as was the case in 2023 - however, I cannot find that information in the port of call list for 2024. some Cruise Lines will include the information in The Cruise docs
  3. price depends on the day of the week and time of day - NOK 150 to 235.
  4. The 90-day rule applies to all Schengen countries. Every visit counts regardless of country. If you visit the Schengen area on a cruise, you are not in transit. With the introduction of EES and ETIAS, all visits will be registered and there will be no doubt about how many days you have been in the Schengen area. EES is expected to be ready at the end of 2024 and ETIAS in 2025 https://travel-europe.europa.eu/index_en
  5. I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but since Madeira is part of Schengen, your stay in Madeira counts - also if you sail from the UK to the Schengen Area, the days you are in the Schengen area count - sea days between ports in Schengen also count .
  6. Always check prices at the Norwegian HX site in Norwegian Krone
  7. I think you are asking your question in the wrong Forum - Hurtigruten and Havila sail with a fixed schedule along the Norwegian coast with relatively short stops - the stop in Tromsø is too short for a visit to the Tromso Ice Domes Hotel. Maybe the Hurtigruten Nordkap Expressen with MS Trollfjord has a longer stay in Tromsø, but I'm not sure. I think you should look for one of the 'ordinary' cruise lines - perhaps Viking Ocean, Fred Olsen, Cunard, or P&O
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic. That's a good question and it would be a great service if the cruise lines could provide this service. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic expectation. There are many different countries and nationalities and requirements for visas can be different from country to country and requirements are often changed. The cruise lines will not have the resources to continuously keep up to date with the many frequently changing requirements. You can try asking here in Cruise Critic, but you cannot expect to get a definitive answer - you must do your own research and you will get the best answer from the consulates and embassies of the individual visiting countries. If they say you need a visa, that is correct. You just have to be aware of multiple entry visas if you travel back and forth between countries.
  9. Yes, it's a big loss for Copenhagen and Denmark - the building turns 400 years old here in 2024. Right now the mood is for a rebuild including the dragon spire, but it's too early to say if that will happen.
  10. Since OP is from Cyprus your situation might be different from his. You’ll not need a Turkey visa but I strongly believe you’ll need a multiple entry visa for Schengen. If you do not have the correct visa the risk is that you must disembark in the last Schengen port before Turkey end then travel to the Schengen port after the port in Turkey - might be expensive. You need to check with the authorities issuing your visa.
  11. You can safely book Stromma - reputable Swedish company.
  12. Cruising offers a blend of convenience, variety, and luxury. You unpack once and wake up in a new destination each day. There's also a wide range of activities onboard to suit everyone's interests, from entertainment and dining to relaxation. Plus, it allows you to visit multiple destinations without the hassle of coordinating travel between them.
  13. My plan for Stavanger is to walk around the old town with the beautiful houses and narrow streets. Old Stavanger (‘Øvre Strandgate’). ‘Nedre Strandgate’ 17 and 19 houses the Stavanger Maritime museum. The Norwegian Canning Museum is also located in the area From there to Bryggen and ‘Skagenkaj’ and ‘Øvre Holmegate’ (Fargegaten) and Valberget viewpoint. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is also located in the area Visit Stavanger Town Center, The Cathedral, City Park and Breiavatnet.
  14. It is too cold to sit on the balcony in the evening. If the itineary includes the deep fjords, my recommendation is to enjoy the view from the upper decks, as the view from a balcony is limited to one side. For that matter, I always have a balcony cabin - also on Norway's fjord cruise.
  15. I would suggest a contactless card - it will work everywhere. Alternatively, a chip card. ApplePay is also a good solution.
  16. Assuming you mean Sandnes and Stavanger! It is 15 km from the pier in Sandnes to Stavanger. For HAL there is one deep fjord into Olden that is a fine port of call. Flåm and Geiranger are two of the most iconic deep fjords - in fact cruises will be severely limited to those two destinations from 2026 - Bergen is also a very nice city - Celebrity is clearly better thepan HAL.
  17. For those of you who are considering booking flights that include SAS. Until now, SAS has been a member of Star Alliance, but from 1 September 2024, SAS will switch to SkyTeam.
  18. Thanks for updating the itineraries. Honestly, the only interesting port in the HAL cruise is Oslo - and partly Stavanger - other ports are small towns without many options and no deep fjords. Celebrity has significantly more interesting ports and three deep fjords - I would definitely choose Celebrity - also a much newer ship and a 'real' 14 days itinerary.
  19. Still twice in the itinerary? Also note that cruises to Flåm and Geiranger Will be limited from 2026 due to emission restrictions.
  20. sorry to be a bit critical - but correct spelling will help with better guidance. Kristiansund - or Kristiansand? Stabanger - might be Stavanger? And is Beiranger Geiranger? Is Geiranger twice in the Celebrity itinerary? I know that some Norwegian ports has a ‘strange spelling’! anyway Celebrity is in my view the best option, however August is a bit late for an Arctic Circle cruise where you’ll have Midnight Sun I June/July. The cruise does include three deep fjords to Olden, Flåm and Geiranger the HAL has several very small ports like Eidfjord, Nordfjordeid, Jondal, Kristiansund (Sand?) and Skjolden. Also two 7 days Cruise with some sea days.
  21. More realistic with an hour but it's a steep descent.
  22. Enjoy the midnight sun and the North Cape. be prepared that it may be somewhat colder north of the arctic circle.
  23. Copenhagen is a fine DIY city - the sights are gathered within a relatively walkable area. Here is some inspiration beyond Tivoli. I would suggest a trip with the canal boat, change of the guard at 12 at Amalienborg (royal castle), Nyhavn with an ice cream in Rajissimo, a visit to Runde Tårn, and Rosenborg Castle.
  24. Quite a few capitals Copenhagen, Oslo) and check where the ports of Brussels and Paris are located - can be a long transport. Impossible to predict - but the North Sea can be rough at times - also Skagerak between Denmark and Norway. often fine weather in May.
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