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  1. This is the list from Port of North Cape cruise calls - Preziosa is 1 pm to 2 am. Many cruise ships have stops in Honningsvåg during midnight due to the Midnight Sun - however August is too late for Midnight Sun.
  2. Which MSC ship and date? I can see Msc Preziosa from 1 pm to 2 am at Honningsvåg cruise call list.
  3. I don't know if it's that different from Ireland. Don't expect much sunny weather. In September, Stockholm typically experiences mild and gradually cooling weather. Average temperatures range from about 10°C (50°F) to 15°C (59°F). Precipitation is moderate, so expect some rainy days. The weather can vary, with both sunny and cloudy days. No different from the rest of the Baltic Sea area - of course different in northern Scandinavia.
  4. It is a company that mediates tours organized by local tour operators in the same way as Viator. The same tours are certainly available through local providers. Since it is a German intermediary, most tours might be in German, but they will certainly depend on which languages the local guide speaks. Might be operators like this xxlofoten or Arctic Guide Service
  5. Norway does not have the same tradition of tipping as in the USA - salary for the guide and tip are always included in the advertised price. Mentions that entrance is not included but since tips are not mentioned they are included. It will be fine with an appreciation in the form of a smaller amount, but not at all at the level of the US. Completely different cultures regarding payment in service professions. In Norway, service employees receive a good salary.
  6. Some cabins have balcony - but you’ll not be in your cabin much and it might also be cold - also check Havila Voyages - same schedule as Hurtigruten. Nothe that Hurtigruten has two different offerings - the Original Coastal voyage which is the daily ferry service with 34 ports from Bergen to Kirkenes and also Signature Voyages which is more ‘cruise like’ with long stop each day.
  7. If sailing into fjords to Geiranger, Flåm, skjolden or Olden it will be scenic cruising when sailing in and out from those ports.-
  8. I am not a doctor, and this is my subjective assessment. In Norway, the risk of TBE is relatively low, but cases do occur, especially in coastal regions in southern Norway To avoid being attacked by ticks while hiking in Norway, follow these precautions: Stick to the trails and avoid tall grass, brush, and wooded areas. Wear long sleeves and long pants. Vaccination against TBE is recommended if you plan to spend a lot of time in outdoor activities in areas where it is mostly likely to encounter ticks. In general taking preventive measures as described above might be sufficient. For short-term visitors or those hiking in areas with lower TBE risk, taking preventive measures as described above might be sufficient Consult with a healthcare provider to assess your specific risk and determine if the TBE vaccination is advisable for your travel plans.
  9. Guides in Europe generally receive an acceptable salary that is already included in the price of excursions - tips are not required, nor expected. A small amount as appreciation for a good experience is fine - however, I would think that a 10% tip is over the top.
  10. Here is a suggestion if you choose Viking from Bergen. Fly into Oslo and spend a few days in Oslo - take the train from Oslo to Flåm or Myrdal where you can spend the night. Cruise on the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord (UNESCO World Heritage List) before taking the train (or bus) to Bergen where you spend a few nights - a suggestion is The Hanseatic Hotel at Bryggen. The alternative to the train is of course to rent a car in Bergen, but the train journey from Oslo to Bergen is fantastic. In addition Lofoten and Tromsø. Midnight Sun is an experience. Ålesund is not a must.
  11. Yes. You can easily take your wheelchair or electric scooter with you on the harbor buses, which have level-free access. It is the staff on board who assess whether there is room. Choose a time in the middle of the day or evening when the weather is good. The harbor buses are part of the public transport in Copenhagen and the same tickets as bus and metro including Copenhagen Card. The buses can accommodate 80 passengers and if it is outside rush hour there can be 8 bicycles and four prams or wheelchairs on board. Read more…
  12. Don't quite agree. Viking is also an Arctic Circle and Midnight Sun Cruise with 5 Norwegian ports of call including one deep fjord - however including Bergen and the Lofoten Islands. Oceania has 7 Norwegian port of call including two deep fjords and Oslo.
  13. These are two good but different itineraries. Oceania has two deep fjords to Geiranger and Flåm, while Viking only has one to Geiranger. Viking is an Arctic Circle cruise with midnight sun from Lofoten to Honningsvåg (North Cape) in June/July. For the Oceania cruise, Ålesund and Stavanger are nice DIY cities. Stavanger is less interesting and Nordfjordeid a small village without many activities. For Viking cruise, Bergen and Tromsø are interesting cities and Lofoten are scenic islands. And as I said, Honningsvåg is the North Cape. A bit irrelevant to indicate "Sail Norwegian Sea and the North Sea" - in my view just sea days. The other port calls in Ireland, UK, Denmark or Norway look interesting for both cruises.
  14. I always fly to the destination at the latest the day before - put tags on the luggage when I leave the hotel - it is always possible to borrow a stapler at reception.
  15. There is no actual water taxi in Copenhagen - there is the harbor bus and various tour boats.
  16. I currently do not know the exact EES procedures that will be implemented but I would assume that passports are scanned in Southampton or it happens on board before the first Schengen port. If it only concerns visits to Schengen ports, I don't think that biometric data is necessarily collected. I am sure that the cruise guests will not notice the big difference from today. Time will show - we know once implemented but there might be a transition period for cruise ships.
  17. The necessity of EES depends on whether it is disembarkation in a final port or it is a port visit. Cruise ship will handle this as for most visits in a foreign port today as for example a port visit in Turkey at a Mediterranean cruise. Also many cruises are within Schengen area - cruises from Southampton visiting Schengen area will be affected.
  18. You might get more answers in the cruise line forum or Iceland forum. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2705-iceland-and-greenland/
  19. I have no experience with a scooter, but I assume that it is easy to navigate the area between Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) and Kongens Nytorv - the streets that connect the two squares are pedestrian streets and several streets in the center are also pedestrian streets. Possible hotels in this area are: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Scandic Copenhagen or The Square (just few examples).
  20. Your schedule is perfectly fine. You can expect the boat, bus and train to sail/run according to schedule.
  21. Queen Anne docks at Oceankaj terminal 1 - it's a good distance from the city. It is quite pleasant to visit Tivoli - especially in the evening - even if you are not interested in rides. Some good restaurants. Transport to the centre is bus/Metro or taxi. Alternative is HoHo bus. In Copenhagen, I can recommend a canal trip from Nyhavn - changing of the guard at noon at Amalienborg (royal castle) as well as Rosenborg Castle, also Kastellet and The Little Mermaid. Copenhagen is very walkable.
  22. Prices are often much lower on the Hurtigruten .no page - but read the terms & conditions regarding advance payment and especially cancellation.
  23. There is a separate Forum for Iceland and Greenland https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2705-iceland-and-greenland/
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