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  1. I have no experience with NCL check-in in Seattle but 9:30 am is early if boarding is 12 pm - I would choose 11 am - It is also not likely that cabins will be available before 1 to 2 pm - but then of course there will be an option for lunch and take a tour around the ship.
  2. @baseballfan, @Ex-Airbalancer , @greatestvalue Your technical discussion on air cooling is not relevant in this forum.
  3. I think biggest difference is time change. At an east bound cruise from US to UK you ‘loose’ 5 hours - clock is adjusted an hour every second day at noon. At a west bound cruise you gain 5 hours- clock adjusted during night every second day. However I do prefer sailing east rather than flying.
  4. Most cruise ships are heading east fro US to Europe in March and April and west bound again from Europe to US during September to November. North Atlantic crossing in autumn can be rough. My preference is south Atlantic at spring time - from Miami to Barcelona. Normally very nice weather. I also prefer east bound voyages due to jet lag - you loose an hour at noon every second day but no jet lag when arriving into Europe.
  5. There are also city bikes (Bycyklen) that can be rented from docking stations with an app. Be aware that there are special law for cycling in Denmark - if the rules are not followed, especially in Copenhagen, cycling can be dangerous. A violation of the law costs between $100 to $200.
  6. Danablu is a commonly used cheese in Denmark - can be bought in most supermarkets - try Coop market at Copenhagen Central Station or Irma, which is located between the Tivoli main entrance and Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen). Also a specialty shop ‘Osten ved Kultorvet’ in Rosenborggade 2 or ‘Torvehallerne’. You may not bring cheese into the US - applies to all agricultural products. Danablu is not a common cheese on the hotel breakfast table - but you can ask and they might be able to get it. Æbleskiver are more popular in Solvang than in Copenhagen - In Denmark, æbleskiver are only available at Christmas - but the other cakes from the bakeries in Solvang can be found in all bakeries - try, for example, 'Lagkagehuset' cafe. I have been to Solvang many times - most recently in February 2020 when we drove from San Fransisco to Palm Springs. I think you get a good sense of Denmark when visiting Solvang - especially the bakeries. You must visit ‘Rundetårn’ (Round Tower) in Copenhagen.
  7. Asuming Jægersborg Dyrehave (deer park) Quite big park - take S-train to Klampenborg - also an amusement park (Bakker) - free entrance - a bit like Tivoli Take the Harbor bus from either ‘Det Kongelige Bibliotek’ ot ‘Nyhavn’ to ‘Refshaleøen’ - harbour bus use same trickets as the public metro / bus system.
  8. You can use Rejseplanen to find departure times. Start: Copenhagen Central (København H) Destination: Oceankaj - and time of departure (or Arrival)
  9. I’m not sure about the schedule. Anyway, you can take 164/25 - street next to Comwell Hotel. When taking the metro to Orientkaj you have already the tickets for the bus.
  10. Itinerary 1 is the most interesting - includes Greenland, Svalbard , North Cape (Honningsvåg) and also Svolvær at Lofoten Islands - but missing the deep fjords into Geiranger. Assuming itinerary 1 is in June /July - then midnight sun most of the cruise.
  11. Not necessarily. Depends on the route. The monument is located on a small island called Vikingen east of Hestmanmen Island.
  12. Tours will not be available at the pier. Even not taxi drivers who want to offer tours.
  13. From Airport the regional train to Copenhagen Central - departure terminal 3 at level -1. To the cruise terminal I’ll take the M4 metro / bus 164 or free shuttle. Airport to Central is DKK 36 and DKK 24 from Central to Cruise terminal. Consider ‘City Pass’ if you plan to use public transport while in Copenhagen
  14. To Cruise terminal, airport or ? To Cruise terminal two options: Metro from Central Station (København H) to Orientkaj and bus to Cruise terminal or S-Train from Central Station (København H) to Østerport and bus 25 to the terminal - doesn’t really matter - almost same time. To Airport regional train from Central Station (København H).
  15. Choose one of the traditional hotdog stands on one of the many squares and squares. Most have the same selection of hot dogs including beef and chicken, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, hamburger and other combinations of sausage, toppings and bread. Chose a traditional A hot dog with mustard, ketchup, rémoulade, fried onions, fresh onions and pickles I don't have a favorite.
  16. You’ll find a lot of information in this topic as well as the forum. This is a midnight sun cruise to North Cape (Honningsvåg). Two deep fjord cruising into Geiranger and Flåm - excellent hiking opportunities and views. Flåm is known for the railway. Tromsø, Stavanger, Molde and Kristiansand are coastal cities. Apart from Honningsvåg where the only option probably is ship excursion to North Cape you can easily arrange your own excursions to viewpoints in other ports.
  17. The itinerary has two deep fjord cruising into Olden and Geiranger. Hellesylt is only a technical stop for excursions at Geiranger. Navigating the same fjords in the morning when entering the ports as listed for the evening. I prefer to be at the upper decks in the morning at sunrise to enjoy the views. I’m missing Bergen - Stavanger is an ‘OK’ substitute - while Haugesund is IMO not ‘that exciting’ Nice viewpoints in Olden and Geiranger and glaciers close to Olden.
  18. You already have an impressive list - here are suggestions for coffee shops. Democratic Coffee, Krystalgade 15 Prolog Coffee, Høkerboderne 16 Coffee Collective, Sankt Hans Torv Andersen & Maillard, Nørrebrogade or Göteberg Plads Don't forget to visit a hot dog stand - it's on most squares in Copenhagen.
  19. At CMPort web. Voyager of the Seas is arriving on August 28th from Visby To quay c332 - this is Oceankaj terminal 2.
  20. At Oceankaj tickets must be purchased by cash in the bus - no vending machines. Possible to take the free Shuttle bus to Orientkaj Metro where vending machines for purchase of tickets.
  21. I understand that you want to buy a City Pass before you leave home, but since the Pass is not scanned but only shown to the bus driver or at checks, in trains, there is no first scan. Validity of the City Pass is from purchase. You must ensure that you have a data roaming plan in Denmark for your phone. Install and prepare the DOT App - in-app purchases are easy.
  22. Yes, There are several options for public transport from Oceankaj terminal to Copenhagen Central. It takes about 30 minutes. Price is DKK 24. You do not save money on transport using the free shuttle bus - but need cash when taking a public bus from terminal (or app). Same tickets for all transportation. Free shuttle bus to Orientkaj Metro (buy metro ticket from the vending machine) and from here Metro to Copenhagen Central Station. You can also take bus 164 from terminal to Orientkaj - here the ticket must be bought in the bus - same price but only in cash or app. An alternative is bus 25 to Østerport station and from here S-train to Copenhagen Central Station - same price and ticket bought by bus. From Copenhagen Central Station to the airport, it is easiest to take a regional train - price DKK 36. Be on time at the airport - there can be a long queue at the security check Read more about tickets and App.
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