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  1. If anything Oprah was a disincentive for us to book a HAL cruise. Itinerary, ship, price, etc are are the top of our list. A 'free' embarkation day lunch, priority this or that, and Oprah are at the very bottom of our list. We would view expanding the hours of service in the buffet as a much bigger plus to any of these.
  2. All things equal in the mass market cruise lines we prefer Celebrity-most especially the Solstice class ships. But we are anything but cruise line loyal. We have sailed on Crystal once. It was fabulous in so many ways. We do not really want airfare, alcohol, tours etc. bundled in. There is no free. We would rather arrange our own air, pay as we go for alcohol, etc. Only one of us drinks alcohol, the other moderate, and neither of us drink the sweet alcohol free fifi drinks. When we compare pricing we always get it down to the net fare by subtracting the val
  3. No....18-27 holes! He lived around the corner from his favourite public golf course. Amazing how no stress, good friends, great weather, a healthy diet, and lots of exercise can turn you health and your life around.
  4. Apart from whether the cruise lines operate in Europe in 2021 I believe that one needs to consider what the last day to cancel a cruise without a penalty is and co-ordinate that with when people expect to get their covid vaccine administered. IF I had a Med cruise scheduled for mid Sept I would want to ensure that I had my vaccination by mid July at the very latest. Earlier if my cancellation time frame was greater than 60 days. I believe that mid July is very 'iffy' for many people. In our late 60's we do not anticipate getting the vaccine until August...maybe even Septembe
  5. Our best guess...no cruising in Europe during 2021. We doubt very much whether our tentative Europe land plans for Sept/Oct are realistic.
  6. ....should be three times a week, NOT three times a day!
  7. I learned from my father. He was in poor health and a high pressure job. He called it quits at 59, moved to the west coast. Played 18-27 rounds of golf three times a day. His health improved overnight. Lived in his own home until his death at 87. Dropped dead. Never spent 5 minutes in a retirement home or a care home. I should be so lucky.
  8. No surprise whatsoever. Carnival Corp execs have been hinting that they do not expect cruising to start up until Q122
  9. Bottom line....it does not matter. We will have to follow whatever restrictions/regulations that are put in place by various countries. We may have an opinion but it does not count.
  10. We also use ITMATRIX for fare/routing information. What I like about it is that it stores your last four searches. We are considering several different international trips for late fall. Every so often I go in itmatrix, click on the past lookup and get current flight and pricing data. So we used this method to watch to pricing trend for several trips. In some instances it has caused us to change our booking habits from six months out to six weeks or less out.
  11. Agree. We are not shopping for or buying cruises at the moment. Not until we clearly understand what the environment and restrictions going forward will be. Until then it will be land travel only.
  12. That is exactly what I think it is. Hook as many as possible into the FCC gag, lock them into future HAL cruises as much as possible with special pricing on cruises that will most likely not leave the dock. It is a great strategy. Absolutely no downside for the cruise line. It is a win win for HAL no matter what transpires.
  13. South America Eastern Med Australia New Zealand Western Med
  14. Call immediately. Don't sleep on it and don't dither about. Fares can change at any time-up or down.
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