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  1. Agree. When we go to Greece we typically work north to south. Not unusual for us to finish up in Crete. This past fall we started in the north and in the ionian islands in Sept to early/mid October. Cyprus in mid-late October-the weather was stunning!
  2. We do in fact bring a little sand home. No matter what, there always seems to be a little sand in the back corners of our carry on roller when we return from a trip. Not a lot but enough for me to take the bag outside and turn it upside down. Certainly no jars of anything, shells of any descriptions, or whatever tat happens to be popular at the stores where we happen to be.
  3. Agree with this completely. In the past some posters like to wax almost poetically about how profitable these ships, including P'dam, were. So profitable that they were among the first to be cut from the fleet. HAL always gave the impression of not knowing what kind of cruise line they wanted to be. Emotion will not get in the way of financials when it comes to the disposal or sale of ships in Carnival's various cruise lines. What ships get cut, and how soon in the process, will speak volumes for each ship's past profitability, current condition, and future direction of the respective cruise line. At the end of the day it is just business, not personal.
  4. I think some people tend to view their favourite cruise line as they would a cherished family member rather that what it is...a for profit member of, and controlled by, a corporate conglomerate whose first duty is to provide a return on investment to it's shareholders.
  5. Exactly. Not just on HAL either. Take a look at some cruise line web sites or worse, their accounting systems, their on board customer IT systems, or their on board internet. Then consider whether they have the skills to implement something else.
  6. I expect that we will on an airplane months before we even consider booking or boarding a cruise ship. Our only concern about flying internationally is where we might change planes. We are tentatively planning our next trip. We plan to avoid changing planes in the US or the UK even if it means an increased fare.
  7. I have little confidence in the CLIA document. It seems to me that it is more PR than anything else. I do not understand why it took them so long to produce this. Seems to me that it is more like a fluff piece than anything concrete. For me, it does the opposite of what it is intended to do....persuade me to cruise early and often.
  8. It would not surprise me to see another announcement when Carnival Corp releases their FY20 financial statements along with an update on their FY21 estimates.
  9. How many do you want? What do you plan to do with them once you get home? Don't confuse these with professional studio grade portraiture. You have a good chance of getting a good one but be realistic with your expectations.
  10. We have been in Greece and other Med locations in Oct. So far, for us, the first two weeks have always been good. More often than not when we go we are there until late Oct. This past year the only rain we had was two afternoons in Athens, Oct 25ish. Prior to that we were in Cyprus for two weeks. Sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, etc. Never had an issue with ferry hopping either. Seas were fine. We find mid Sept to Mid Oct to be perfect for both tourists and weather. We only book a day or two in advance so having fewer tourists means we can do this without any issues.
  11. It is the same old story. When someone wants some money you will hear from them endlessly. When they owe you money it is more like hello stranger, do I know you.
  12. I don't know. We came home early from Mexico in mid/late March because our Gov't advised us to. It was certainly a pandemic in March where we live. The numbers were low but the forecast numbers were not. That forecast was the issue. Countries were closing down, air services were being cut. CDC, mid March, was actually warning the public not to take cruises. We have known for quite some time that an effective vaccine would not be widely available until early/mid 2021.....despite what any politician was claiming. We are not booking anything until we know with certainty what the product will be. Will it sail, will the ports be open, what is the on board environment, etc. Not interested in any FCC's. No intention of buying a pig in a poke so to speak.
  13. This is why I do not believe there will be as much price elasticity in cruise prices as some may believe. At least in the mass market lines like HAL, Princess, etc. IMHO some future cruise prices have been inflated to encourage cruisers to take FCC's and/or re-book when a cruise is cancelled. It is an artificial market to keep those booked focused on cruising and not replacing their cancelled cruises with other travel options- or none at all. Book now before the fares go even higher is the intended message. Ask a TA how busy new cruise bookings are. Paying more for a lesser experience is not attractive to many people.
  14. I believe there will be a significant contradiction in the minds of many would be cruisers. They will remember the floating petri dish statements, the Diamond Princess (and other ships) challenge, the covid numbers (worst world wide numbers in the cruise industry's number one market) and relate those directly to the suggestion that masks must be worn, social distancing, regulated ship tours, etc., etc. I suspect that this market group will not be comforted by these policies...the opposite will be true. It will concern them, alarm them, and have an impact on how and where they spend their vacation budget.
  15. We are in the same space. I also believe that many cruisers and potential cruisers will feel the same way. Especially families. It so the cruisaholics. IMHO this is the real threat to the industry inasmuch as it will elongate cruise start up and elongate the time it takes for potential cruisers to forget the covid experiences.
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