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  1. I have to wonder how much price elasticity there is in the cruise line industry. Not just between cruise lines but between travel options. That includes the costs to get and from ports, plus hotels etc. Especially with families and post covid when many will be trying to recover financially from post covid. If cruise and air pricing increases substantially how much demand will taper off? Not to mention investment losses that impact cash flow. Not all jobs will return. Expect to see an uptick in offshoring as some companies that have been doing the teleworker routine realize they can do the same as effectively but for much less by moving those positions to much lower cost countries. Last fall we looked at Med cruises. We were very much leaning to touring Greece and Cyprus on our own. When we priced out the inclusion a balcony cabin, including all costs, in our plans we made the decision that we could get more bang for our money and more enjoyment by elongating our land travels. A few years ago we might have done both.
  2. Everyone has an opinion. From my perspective the only opinion that really counts if from the people with the knowledge and the experience to make an INFORMED opinion. Those would be from public health care professionals. Not would be cruisers.
  3. It is still possible to have an 'elegant' vacation on a cruise ship. You simply have to be willing to pay a premium price for it. You certainly cannot expect to have it on a mass market cruise line at mass market prices. Even though there are some people who seem to cling to the notion that you can. Not much different than any other consumer or travel offering. Besides the obvious changes in travellers preferences over time one can hardly expect a Ritz Carlton or a Savoy Hotel experience at a Holiday Inn rate.
  4. We are on the same page. In fact, we have our next two years of travel plans tentatively mapped out. Cruises are not part of those plans. They could be but certainly not until at least 2021. We do not live to cruise. We place our health and our well being above bravado and above some misplaced loyalty to a for profit cruise corporation. We also like to know exactly what we are buying before we put our money down on the table.
  5. I believe that the Government made a wise decision. They consulted with public health care professionals and followed their advice. That advice, plus the covid statistics are the only logical way for them to reach the best decisions that they can given the data at hand. There has been a great deal of public support in Canada for the leadership of the various levels of Government who are acting in this manner. Clearly it is not good for the economy. Opening too early could lead to a much larger problem and to an overall crisis in confidence. The flip side to this is looking at the results from other jurisdictions that have not been as vigilant or as proactive in putting in place measures to combat covid.
  6. Break even can be a misleading term. It could mean break even from an operational point of view, ie meeting all of the variable costs. It may or may not mean real break even after covering all the the fixed costs such as finance, depreciation, corporate,e c. In any event running at break even if a short term play. People do not invest in corporations in order for them to break even. They invest with in anticipation of a return on their investment.
  7. It would not surprise me in the least if Greece banned all cruise ships for the entire season...Oct 31 or later. Same for a few other Med countries.
  8. The challenge is not with areas or regions of a country that are doing a good job. The challenge lies with those areas that have done a poor job or currently doing a poor job of managing through this issue. . Placing politics and self interest ahead of sound public health policy. Where we live we have areas that are doing an excellent job of managing covid and others less than excellent. I hardly think that other nations will say you can enter our country if you are from this area in the country, but not if you are from this area that is doing a poor job or nothing at all. Far too much co-mingling to take that chance.
  9. Wear a face mask? Practice social distancing? Can just imagine that in the MDR or poolside. Or the casino. Wait a minute, are the cruise lines going to pay me to do this or will this be something they actually expect me to pay for? If it is the latter, no thanks. The former....I very much doubt it even if they pay me to do it and agree to underwrite my travel medical insurance.
  10. Our local health authority has been encouraging seniors to remain isolated as long as possible. Their warning is simple. If you are a senior who becomes hospitalized due to covid, statistics/experience indicate your chances of a successful outcome are reduced often significantly) if you have one or more of these issues: -overweight or obese -a smoker -have one or more underlying health issues My guess is that this should make any senior cruiser think twice about considering a cruise.....social distancing or no social distancing.
  11. Given the demographics of HAL cruisers and the demographics of covid fatalities I would think that HAL cruisers would be among the last to line to buy cruises over the next year or so until this pandemic can be put to bed.
  12. Social distancing during embarkation would be the least of our worries when considering a cruise. Our concerns would be from embarkation to disembarkation and everything in between. I have no doubt that the cruise lines either could not or would not enforce social distancing this in any reasonable way throughout the cruise. The last thing we want is to be on a ship mid voyage that is reporting instances those euphemistic 'flu like symptoms' among it's passengers.
  13. Canada may be one of the first countries to ban cruise ships through to the late fall but I have no doubt that other countries are in the process of considering similar bans. Their Governments will be following the advice of their respective public health professionals.
  14. One thing we have definitely learned......you cannot trust the cruise lines to do the right thing in protecting our health and well being.
  15. US is certainly not the highest in terms of death. The latest numbers I saw in the paper today was that the US had 303 deaths per million and Canada 179 per million. Belgium is sitting at 807 per million. I have no doubt that Brazil will be much worse.
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