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  1. I couldn't agree more. I don't think that any of the recommended protocols can guarantee a Covid-free ship on its own, but when all of these measures are implemented together, the odds of Covid appearing on board will be reduced significantly.
  2. No, heading into port on your own, whatever the reason, would defeat the whole purpose of having controlled ship's excursions.
  3. Allowing you to visit the port on your own for any reason would defeat the whole purpose of having controlled ship's tours.
  4. If I'm interpreting the post correctly, @bigbenboys said that they moved their cruise from February/New Zealand to August/Med, not that they lift and shifted it. By "moved", I believe they mean cancelled the one and booked the other.
  5. Presentation may not have anything to do with taste per se, but it certainly does with the perception of taste. Multiple studies have shown that the appearance of food on a plate affects how diners perceive taste. When identical meals are served with and without attention paid to presentation, those served with attractive presentation are consistently rated as being tastier.
  6. The protocols haven't been published as yet, but based on the recent recommendations, it's highly unlikely that private or DIY tours will be allowed.
  7. I disagree with your ranking of elderly and those with high risk pre-existing conditions that low on the list, but I guess we will have to wait and see. Recently published protocols have included masks and testing, but not vaccines, because cruise lines can't very well mandate them when no approved vaccines are available.
  8. There's a great deal of variation when it comes to speed of testing and method of providing results. DW and I were tested at the end of July and had the results online in under 36 hours. For other areas, some research may be required to locate a facility that can provide similar service, either at home or, in your case, cities that you will pass through on your drive down. BTW, if the test becomes a BOHICA moment, they are swabbing the wrong part of your anatomy!
  9. We use a big box's TA to facilitate our bookings and to benefit from the 8-10% savings that we receive in the form of refundable OBC or store cash card, depending on the cruise line. In addition, the bookings are included in our spending total when computing our annual 2% cash back from the store. We nevertheless do the majority of the work. By time I pick up the phone to initiate a booking, I have already done all the research, and essentially advise the TA that we want cabin 1234 on [cruise line][ship][cruise][date]. At the same time, I'll confirm the perks offered by the TA and the cruise line, as well as the price. In most cases, other than final payment, that's our final interaction. In those cases where we have decided to cancel, change or L&S a cruise, we have done so through the TA with no issues. I also keep an eye on pricing, sales, etc., and have had no difficulty refaring. Before the big box opened its Canadian travel arm, we had another TA whom we really liked and would keep a close eye on bookings for us, but when the big box is offering hundreds of dollars and the other TA a complimentary bottle of cheap wine, it wasn't hard to make the decision to switch.
  10. We are still in the planning stages, but it would appear that the groupings of priority recipients will be similar to those being discussed in the US. For the most part, I would imagine that priorities will be similar globally. I don't know how closely your BC friends are following the details of the Canadian-US border closure, but at the current time they are free to fly to Arizona. They can't drive, but they can fly to any state, including Arizona, that has no travel restrictions. When they return to Canada, they will either need to self-quarantine for 14 days, if the current regulations don't change, or meet the new requirements should they change. We've seen a similar shift to a younger age group following relaxation of many of the restrictions that had been imposed. As a consequence, many of the restrictions are being reimposed, in whole or in part. Our nursing home and long term care facilities had seen a dramatic drop in cases. Unfortunately, here in Ottawa they have started to climb again, although I believe that the response to the renewed outbreak is faster and more effective than for the initial wave.
  11. Your contract may well have been with Celebrity, but if the contract states explicitly that the cruise line is not liable when your luggage is in the hands of a third party and you agreed to the contract, I fail to see the point that you are trying to make.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly. When I said oversight, I meant that the authors weren't sufficiently explicit which, as you say, gives rise to speculation. As the CDC has long pointed out the high level of vulnerability of seniors with respect to COVID-19, with or without underlying conditions, I doubt that you will see the final allocation plan drop seniors from the first tier or two. The CDC updated its webpage on older adults on September 11: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/older-adults.html. It contains the following graphic:
  13. As your bag was delayed and not lost, and as there was neither loss of nor damage to your luggage or its contents, what is your related concern? In any event, Celebrity is simply stating that once your property (luggage and contents) is in the hands of another service provider, the loss or damage of the property is the responsibility of the provider. In other words, the trucking company would have been liable had it lost or damaged the luggage, not Celebrity.
  14. I wouldn't get too upset by this graphic. It's based on information from a discussion draft prepared by a committee formed by the National Academies at the request of the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to help in the development of federal guidance. The final report will be considered along with other advice as the federal government determines how a vaccine will be allocated in the United States. The report will also immediately be made available to the public free of charge. The report will contain information that may also be useful to state and local policy makers and health officials. As the final report may well correct this apparent oversight with respect to seniors, and as the report will be but one of many sources contributing to the development of the final allocation plan, I wouldn't conclude that healthy seniors will be at the back of the line for the vaccine.
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