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  1. That is both our approach and our TA. I would only add that in addition to the gift card (or refundable OBC, depending on the cruise line), we get an annual 2% cash back as Executive Members. Well worth the slightly higher membership fee.
  2. It's not a "kid ban" at all, it's an "unvaccinated person ban" no matter what the age.
  3. Sounds like it might have been a bit of a systemic problem at the time. In both cases, we nevertheless enjoyed a satisfactory outcome, so all's well that ends well.
  4. The cruise was in February 2014. I don't know if he is still with Celebrity, but the Guest Relations employee who was so helpful in trying to resolve the issue, albeit unsuccessfully, was Bartosz Moronski.
  5. On our very first Celebrity cruise, booked through a TA, we had chosen the beverage package as a perk. When we checked in, it wasn't indicated on our Sea Passes, and we were told to go to Guest Services once aboard to resolve the problem. There a very helpful individual reviewed my TA's paperwork with me and agreed that we should have the CBP. He indicated that he would get in touch with HQ to see what had happened. Some time later, he advised me that according to HQ, I didn't have that or any other perk. I pointed out that my booking was made on such and such a date, during a pro
  6. Spring break dates vary tremendously. What time frame are you asking about?
  7. An interesting article on the topic appearing in today's Vancouver Sun: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/u-s-politicians-push-to-revive-alaska-cruises-with-victoria-as-technical-stop This comment from a CLIA member seems quite telling: Donna Spalding, Canada-based spokeswoman for the Cruise Lines International Association, said a large number of U.S. requirements need to be met before cruises can resume. “Would I say it’s impossible? No. But I would suggest stars would have to align to achieve it.”
  8. We have a Celebrity March 2022 cruise booked, but it's an L&S from March 2021, originally booked in 2019. Needless to say, booking that cruise today would involve a significant increase in price, over $6000 CAD for the two of us. If we were looking now, we too would be very much inclined to head over to Princess.
  9. We're booked on the same March 2022 cruise, and with a full year to go, I'm fairly optimistic that it will sail. We have come a very long way over the past year, and unless some unforeseen circumstances reverse the positive direction in which we are currently travelling, I think that March a 2022 cruise is a reasonable expectation.
  10. The crew is fully occupied. When going into warm lay-up, the crew is reduced in size to meet the reduced but still significant workload. No cruise line is going to pay crew members to just sit around watching movies. SMH
  11. I fail to understand the logic underlying your comment. If the bill was ever to gain traction - it won't - there'd be no benefit to Canada in dropping its ban.
  12. If you cancel prior to final payment, no fee to pay and you will get your NRD back in the form of an FCC. If you cancel after final payment, everything will be refunded in the form of an FCC. In either case, there is no indication as yet that the "use by" date of FCCs will be further extended beyond September 30, 2022.
  13. In addition to the ban that I mentioned in the earlier post, possibly making entry to the Netherlands impossible, I'm not sure that the current UK travel restrictions would allow cruise ships to visit its ports. And being a couple of months earlier than @drakes2's cruise, there is a stringer possibility that Celebrity won't be up and running. Overall, I'm not optimistic about your chances, but everything is in a state of flux and could possibly change before July. As for when Celebrity might cancel, for much of last year cancellations came late, after final payment. Although there
  14. I had intended to post a serious response after the ouija board comment, but life caught up with me and never had the chance. So, now a belated reply. There are two major factors I'd consider: Celebrity's return to cruising and entry to the Netherlands. If you were to ask about a cruise in June, I'd be inclined to give a pretty certain "no" from the perspective of Celebrity being up and running. But September is in the grey zone for me, I think that they could be back in business then. By no means definite, but within the realm of possibility. As I understand it, there
  15. The CLIA would have to first negotiate with US authorities, as the PVSA no longer considers technical stops as meeting the foreign port requirement. If the CLIA is going to attempt to do that, they might as well attempt to negotiate a temporary exemption from the foreign stop altogether, then they wouldn't need to negotiate with Canada. The latter went from a port ban last year to a ban from its territorial waters this year, so the chances of the Canadian government changing its mind to help the CLIA do an end run on existing US legislation are nil IMO.
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