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  1. I don't think that even Celebrity has the answer at this point. All the refits are on hold for the time being.
  2. That was my impression too. It's like car seat belts: totally useless unless they are worn.
  3. Are you referring to the "book by" or "cruise by" expiry date? Also, was this a cancellation under the Cruise With Confidence policy? If it's of any help, here's my email exchange with Celebrity One Touch My email dated May 11, 2020: On March 16, 2020, I was issued an FCC under the initial terms of the Cruise with Confidence policy, to be used on sailings on or before December 31, 2021. The policy has since been modified and FCCs can now be used for sailing up to April 30, 2022. Can you please verify whether this applies to all FCCs issued under the Cruise with Confidence policy, or only to those issued after the change in policy. Celebrity reply dated May 27, 2020: Thank you for reaching out to us. The original FCC you received is in fact extended its book by date until April 30, 2022. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to our Engagement Center Representatives at 844-418-6824. Based on this reply, it appears that there is some flexibility in the application of the policy. Whether your particular circumstances will allow for a similarly positive response remains to be seen, but there is some hope.
  4. Good to know. Somehow "running ships into the beach in India" had escaped me during my many YouTube searches. oops 😷
  5. An interesting article on the eventual plight of cruise ships. Previously, I'd paid no attention to the details of their final days, but I had imagined a facility similar to a ship builder's yard, but operating in reverse. Wrong! They deliberately run the ships aground on a beach and dismantle them where they lie, stranded. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cruise-ships-retire/index.html For nostalgia buffs amongst you, it includes a photograph taken at the Aliaga ship breaking yard in Turkey of the former Pacific Princess cruise ship, from the 1980s TV series "The Love Boat."
  6. In early March, the Canadian government banned cruise ships from its ports, but Celebrity continued to sell cruises for many weeks that included Canadian ports, even those where the port of embarkation was in Canada. They knew full well that these cruises would never sail, but dragged out cancellation as far as they could to ensure maximum intake of cash. The same thing happened, and continues to happen, with cruises globally that they know will have to be cancel eventually. Definitely a "tad" unethical.
  7. You can edit the post, as you apparently did, but you can't delete it. If you click on "Report post", however, you can ask the moderators to delete it, which they probably will do if you've removed the contents anyway. If you wait too long to edit your post, you can still ask the mods to delete it.
  8. Explore what might be available under L&S. If you can't find something suitable, you can either cancel before final payment or make the payment and wait for Celebrity to cancel, which they surely will. Personally, if I couldn't work out a suitable L&S, I'd cancel now and take a refund.
  9. When the vaccine first becomes available, I believe that most jurisdictions will establish priority lists for vaccination. The medical profession is an obvious high priority, as are first responders; politicians are sure to be top priority; long term care facilities and nursing homes, given the high number of deaths; and possibly seniors. By time it gets down to everyday folk under 65, there won't be a whole lot left of that initial batch, particularly if a second dose is deemed necessary. I suspect we've all been watching this closely. 😷
  10. Even if their vaccine is approved for distribution in October, which I doubt, I think that it is overly optimistic to believe that it will have an impact on cruising by January. Global availability in meaningful numbers and the resources required to actually administer the vaccine will mean a long delay before there are enough passengers vaccinated to have an impact on cruising.
  11. Not surprising given the cruise lines' renewed activity on some fronts.
  12. I doubt that you'll get any argument here on that score. With very few exceptions, Celebrity communications are limited to marketing, not sharing information of concern to the customer. Countless mass e-mailings for Goop At Sea, but crickets when it comes to updates on refund times. Maybe, but I think it more likely that LLP dictates and controls the communications strategy.
  13. As things currently stand, neither the Eclipse nor any other cruise ship is allowed to enter ports within the Australia/New Zealand bubble. I don't see that changing in the short term, but February is a slim possibility.
  14. Yes, you're right. While my comment holds true for the Solstice class as a whole, the Reflection is an exception.
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