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  1. DeSantis? They may be waiting to see the outcome of litigation instead of making the formal declaration now and then possibly having to walk it back.
  2. Quite a speculative article, but your concern is understandable.
  3. According to the official Australian Government website, the ban on cruise ships has been extended to June 17, 2021. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/cruise-ships-and-maritime
  4. The delivery of bags to airline doesn't include flights to Canada, unfortunately. As for self disembarkation, unless there is a real slowdown in processing passengers, an early time will suffice and save you from having to lug your bags off the ship.
  5. On that we all agree. It was unfortunate that you chose to include the comment "(no more doctors from the University of Mongolia, etc.)" in your post, especially as the doctor with whom you had issues was from Spain.
  6. The only target that you apparently hit with any accuracy is the pool.🙄
  7. It would be far better for Celebrity and for its passengers to have a single set of health and safety protocols. While that might not be achievable in the short term, it makes sense that adjustments arising from changes from the CDC be incorporated in the protocols for Sint Maarten. IMO, there's no problem with rationale for the changes, but Celebrity has achieved a failing grade in communication.
  8. LOL. You do love shooting from the hip, firing off responses without fully reading the post you are replying to. Maybe it's a reading comprehension issue. To reiterate, if a cruise sails with any significant number of unvaccinated passengers, there's a good chance that a number of those passengers might come down with COVID. That in turn might lead to the cruise being shortened, aborted or otherwise modified. It has nothing to do with vaccinated people getting infected but everything to do with unvaccinated people getting infected.
  9. For many of us, that is a very big issue. If vaccinations are not mandatory, there's a very good chance that a cruise for which we paid good money will be aborted. You may not care who else is vaccinated, and choose to be a DeSantis cheerleader, but without mandatory vaccinations for all, we won't be boarding any cruises sailing from Florida.
  10. That has been our experience too. All foreign born and all highly competent. Thank you, I wasn't aware of the specific requirements but assumed that there would be stringent standards.
  11. I think that his statement that "Cruise lines have been operating in other parts of the world where there's no access to vaccine” pretty much sums up his grasp of the situation.
  12. Are you saying that there have been incidents of medical malpractice arising from Celebrity's use of doctors whose medical degrees were acquired from institutes in Mongolia? Or is it simply your distrust of all foreign doctors?
  13. That's two Beyond reveals with no points. I've no interest in goop or the other topics, so I'll give it a pass.
  14. COVID-19 may be under control within the US, but the global pandemic is far from under control.
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