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  1. I assume that you meant to say "west of Hawaii", unless you feel that current cruises off the coasts of North and South America represent a threat. Also, the current epidemic falls well short of a pandemic. This 2015 article provides an excellent and easy to understand explanation of the differences between outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics. https://research.usask.ca/our-impact/highlights/the-conversation-canada/explainer-whats-the-difference-between-an-outbreak-and-epidemic.php
  2. My first thought is that the other terminals used by Celebrity are within easy walking distance. If you don't want to pull your bags, I'm sure a porter would be happy to do the carrying. Then I remembered some recent posts indicating that you now use a scooter. If it's yours, then you could just scooter over, but if you are renting, I don't know if that would work, unless you have the same unit for both cruises. A taxi is theoretically possible, but I don't know if they would accept such a short ride. You might want to contact Special Needs to see if they have any suggestions.
  3. I believe that we are still waiting for the final verdict on COVID-19's transmission, although it would certainly appear very similar. As for precautions, at this time the recommended steps are again very similar, with one major difference: the availability of vaccinations and drugs for influenza. They aren't perfect, but they make a significant difference.
  4. I can certainly understand not wanting to lose your OBC. You should try to confirm if it's all non-refundable, and consider where else you could spend it. There have been a few recent threads on "where to spend my abc" worth reading. Here's one that includes a comprehensive list from @cruisestitch: Whatever you do for excursions, you should have a wonderful time. Norway is so-o-o-o beautiful.
  5. What is the final payment date for this cruise? Assuming that you are still outside that date, you should be able to cancel and rebook a cabin more to your liking. Depending on whether he went with an NRD or not, you might lose a few dollars, but it might be worth it.
  6. While the unknown may be more scary, we should never ignore the threat from a known and well understood danger. While the CDC rightly speaks about the potential threat posed by COVID-19, the CDC is also concerned that people are overlooking the danger posed by influenza. From the "Transcript for CDC Media Telebriefing: Update on COVID-19" dated February 14: AS WE TALK ABOUT THE POTENTIAL THREAT OF THIS NEW VIRUS, I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE OF THE VERY REAL THREAT OF SEASONAL INFLUENZA. REPORTS OF INFLUENZA LIKE ILLNESS AND TESTING FOR INFLUENZA HAVE INCREASED IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS. WHILE INFLUENZA “B” WAS PREDOMINANT IN DECEMBER, WE HAVE SEEN A SHARP RISE IN INFLUENZA “A” H1N1 RECENTLY. HOSPITAL RATES IN CHILDREN ARE HIGH, ABOUT AS HIGH AS WE SAW DURING THE 2017-18 SEASON WHICH WAS A SEVERE SEASON. SO FAR THIS SEASON, WE ESTIMATE THAT THERE HAVE BEEN AT LEAST 26 MILLION FLU ILLNESSES, 250,000 HOSPITALIZATIONS, AND 14,000 DEATHS FROM FLU
  7. We have a C2 booked for March 2021, and the per person cost is $2000 CAD less than the price for one passenger in the least expensive VO cabin. Very similar itineraries, and while the VO cruise is 1 day longer, I couldn't justify the difference in price.
  8. We did a 2-week HAL Norway cruise last summer and didn't take a single ship's excursion, choosing instead to use the services of the many private vendors with excellent reputations. Just something for you to consider.
  9. Not that I place a lot of stock in what I read on Celebrity's website, but this does seem to suggest that it is 60 days from the time of creation of the actual booking. Reservation & Transfers Q. Can I transfer my reservation to a travel agent if I purchased my cruise directly from Celebrity Cruises? A. Bookings may only be transferred to a Travel Agent up until 60 days from creation if the request is made outside of Final Payment period and the booking is not paid in full. If a booking has a ChoiceAir ticket and the transfer request involves a change in currency we cannot accommodate a transfer. If you would like to transfer your reservation to a travel agent, please complete this form
  10. Based on reading the comments on this board over the last ten years or so, I don't foresee many passengers jumping from Celebrity to Virgin. Up and coming young professionals with more money than available leisure time seem to be the target clientele, but Celebrity appeals to a much broader demographic.
  11. LOL. We too lived in Aylmer and worked in Ottawa for most of our working lives, although we did move to Halifax for a few years before returning to the region and retiring in Orleans.
  12. Indeed we are, almost neighbour.
  13. @bebe08 , this was bugging me, so I looked at it a bit more and found that if I switched to the US version of the site I had no problem. To change sites, go to the website as you normally would, then go to the very bottom of the page. You'll see "CANADA" with an inverted triangle beside it. Click on that for the dropdown menu, and pick UNITED STATES. BTW, welcome to the cruise!
  14. I'm not sure if we are on the same April cruise, but for ours it was also offered and then removed. As you say, lots of good private companies offering tours, or rent a car and make it a DIY outing. We stayed on the Big Island for two weeks a few years ago and did it that way.
  15. I printed mine a while back, but this is what I get today: No, Celebrity, I'm not lost, but I'm less sure about your IT staff!
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