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  1. In the US, legal CBD products are primarily created from hemp. Unlike marijuana, which contains large amounts of THC, the high inducing compound in cannabis, hemp contains only trace amounts. The article to which you refer probably referred to a product derived from marijuana and not hemp.
  2. Based on your two posts, I can only conclude that you have absolutely no idea what CBD is.
  3. From Celebrity's website: Medical Marijana and CBD Products: We do not allow guests who possess medical marijuana permits to bring marijuana on board any of our ships. It is only legal to use medical marijuana in the jurisdiction (state/county/city etc.) where it was prescribed. It's a federal offense to possess it when leaving and entering the U.S. and many foreign countries. CBD products are considered prohibited items and are not allowed onboard.
  4. No, no public laundry facilities.
  5. This May 2018 article from National Geographic entitled Why People Live Near Active Volcanoes provides an interesting perspective on the issue: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2018/05/active-volcano-kilauea-hawaii-agung-mayon-community-culture/?cmpid=org=ngp::mc=crm-email::src=ngp::cmp=editorial::add=Compass_20191214&rid=241F8588B53E2154CCD27C09ADFF2933
  6. The OP is booked on the Summit embarking February 1st. As the cruise starts and finishes in Puerto Rico, I hope that this is an unrelated question.
  7. @TurboFlex, it appears that you haven't visited the roll call for this cruise, where there is a great deal of related information. Come and join us:
  8. You could also have put a hold on it online and then booked it the following day with your TA.
  9. For every cruise I've looked at, the BB's price is identical to Celebrity's, as are any promotional perks. There's no advantage either way from that perspective. However, if you book with the BB or transfer a booking to them, you will also receive a cash card representing approximately 8% of the cruise fare, and depending on your BB membership type, an additional 2% cash back as part of your annual pay out. So, no OBC from the BB if you are sailing with Celebrity (other than whatever promo perks you get from Celebrity), whereas with HAL, the BB gives you OBC instead of the cash card.
  10. Excellent! I'll add that to my list of Cruise Critic Christmas poems. I started in 2009 with this one:
  11. Any comments on the ship, the service, the crew, etc. would clearly be outdated and of little benefit to readers almost three years after the fact. On the other hand, I always enjoy good quality photo coverage of a cruise. By that, I mean of the places visited, as I'm not really interested in shots of the pool deck or of the dessert you had one night. Give it a try, see what type of comments you receive, and consider it a practise run for the review you'll do this coming April!
  12. There's an easy fix if you use Google as your search engine. If you want results from within only one site, include in your search the term "site:" followed directly by the site URL you wish to use. For example, try the following: lanyard site:cruisecritic.com celebrity You might still get a hit on a post on the HAL (or other) board if someone talks about a celebrity wearing a lanyard, but these should be few and far between.
  13. I generally do just as you have done, searched the ship's name and month of embarkation. For example, an arbitrary search on "cruise reflection January 2020" turned up this link: http://www.cruise-eta.com/events/upcoming/ You won't necessarily get a hit on all groups, particularly small or private ones with no presence on the Internet, but I've hit quite a few that way. HAL is my other favourite cruise line, and contributors to the Cruise Critic board, currently @VMax1700, make it really easy to find this type of information. They have a thread entitled [month, year] Update: HAL Dry Docks, Charters & Groups. It's updated monthly and is a very useful tool.
  14. We always book with a Big Box TA from the outset, but transferring an existing booking to them has no inherent problems, and you can still use Choice Air. Yes, you'd have to go to them for price drops, but that's no different than having to go to Celebrity. Either way, you'll need to pick up the phone and request a refare. I've done it with the BB TA without difficulty.
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