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  1. The "Weekend Sale" only applies to a limited number of 2019 cruises, so no price breaks on a 2020 sailing. We are booked for the April 2020 sailing in and A1 Veranda on the leading edge of the bump. We paid more than you, but nowhere near the price you were quoted. Strangely enough, although maybe not these days with Celebrity, a similar A1 on the bump is actually more today than your quote for a CC, at $7870. While I never gave it any thought previously, is it possible that otherwise identical Honolulu ---> Vancouver cruises are priced differently than the reverse direction?
  2. So is making my bed in the morning or turning it down at night, but these and a number of other simple tasks are the domain of the steward.
  3. It's upsetting to them because Celebrity views anything less than a 10 to be a failure and treats the employees accordingly. While it's good to have high expectations of one's employees, it's totally unrealistic and unreasonable to expect them all to be perfect. Any graph of the distribution of employee scores would be so negatively skewed as to make the results meaningless.
  4. While HAL doesn't cruise directly to the Galapagos currently, on a number of its South American cruises it offers multi-day, fly-in excursions to the islands. One 6-day adventure includes both the Galapagos and Machu Picchu.
  5. We've sailed twice on the Nieuw Amsterdam, most recently in February 2019, and on the Eclipse 3 times, most recently in March 2018. In each case, we've been very happy with the ship and would embark again on either one without hesitation. The Eclipse, whose maiden voyage was in April 2010, holds 2850 passengers. The slightly smaller Nieuw Amsterdam, which holds 2106 passengers, had her maiden voyage three months later. Based on our latest sailings, both are in excellent condition. There are far too many potential points of comparison to try to go through, and many are pretty subjective. For example, the Nieuw Amsterdam doesn't have the larger production shows like Topper, but does have things like the B.B. King Blues Club. The Eclipse has its lawn, but the Nieuw Amsterdam has a full promenade deck. Given identical itineraries, pricing, cabins, etc., I'd be very hard pressed to make a choice between the two. It would probably come down to something as minor as Café al Bacio versus the Explorations Café. The former used to be my favourite coffee shop on land or at sea, but the crowding is destroying it. The Explorations Café and the wonderful views from the Crows Nest make it hard to beat. All in all, my nod might go to the Nieuw Amsterdam, yet my next two bookings are on the Eclipse and the Equinox.
  6. Probably the same things that draws people not travelling with children to Celebrity.
  7. Yes, you should be ok to board, assuming that you have any required visa(s) along with your passport.
  8. Maybe not, but this is the t-shirt that @dolittle keeps in the closet:
  9. The Nieuw Amsterdam was built in 2010 and refurbished in 2018. A Signature-class ship, as is the Eurodam, she's my favourite HAL ship without even considering the non-smoking issue. We've sailed the newer Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, but don't enjoy these Pinnacle-class ship nearly as much; bigger doesn't always mean better.
  10. The Condé Nast poll doesn't say otherwise, as it addresses lines, not ships. Of course, Cruise Critic did pick the Edge as the best new ship for 2018, a fact I'm sure she has mentioned many, many, many times.
  11. Excellent point. I'd also add that a ranking of ships might be a more useful exercise, as there are as many differences from ship to ship as there are from line to line.
  12. That's simply not correct: For Large Ships, Celebrity is rated 5th, the same position that it held last year, so no slippage there; For Medium Ships, Celebrity moved up from 14th place to 10th, a gain of 4 places; For Small Ships, it moved from 9th to 7th, another gain in the rankings. So, Celebrity remained the same in one category and improved its ranking in two others. Hardly a case of "slipping behind", and not something that LLP will have any difficulty explaining.
  13. Without Option Plus, if your booking is Economy Budget, you have to pay for first bag, max weight of 23 kg. If you are booked Economy Standard or Economy Flex, you get your first bag free, same max weight of 23 kg. With Option Plus, you get a free first bag with all three levels, but with the same max weight of 23 kg. So, from a baggage perspective, Option Plus is only beneficial for Economy Budget passengers who now join the others with a free first bag (23 kg). Economy Standard and Economy Flex also get a free second bag with Option Plus. As for the other potential benefits of Option Plus and whether they are worth it to you, this page has all of the details. Note that there was a change in price depending upon whether your booking was made by October 1st or on or after October 2nd: https://www.airtransat.com/en-GB/my-booking-option-plus#privileges
  14. If your TA sold you an Air Transat Cruise Package, you get the 28kg. If the TA booked the cruise and the flight as separate entities, you'd only get the 25kg allowance.
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