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  1. Did you try Google? https://valdis.is/ - two locations in Reykjavik.
  2. Yes, nice itinerary. Assuming June/July when midnight sun
  3. Not impressed either - Not the most impressive deep fjords or ports. Oslo will be the highlight of the cruise - apart from start/end in Copenhagen.
  4. https://en.dethanseatiskehotel.no/I’ll suggest The Hanseatiske Hotel - located at Bryggen Wharf.
  5. Find a private driver and plan the day Also this link with some ideas
  6. Do not know why private message is not available a CC - anyway, I have added my email to my signature - please send an email once you read this message - then I’ll delete my email again
  7. They are all ‘official’ taxi Companies - they are available at the airport - Price DKK 280 /$40. I’m always using Dantaxi but these three companies are reliable - you can download a app if you want to get a taxi in the city - use credit card with chip and pin.
  8. In Copenhagen I Can suggest Isobar, Havnegade 51 (Nyhavn) - Sit in front of the shop and enjoy your ice cream and the view of the Opera and Knippelsbro - it doesn't get much better than that. Confecture Copenhagen, Overgaden Oven Vandet 40a - Also the most delicious handmade chocolate. The shop is right next to Christianshavn's canal, so it is almost obvious to enjoy the ice cream by the canal.
  9. I’m not an expert in US phone numbers or US credit card - but it is my understanding that you can configure the DanTaxi app with any foreign number - recommend using the app - and all major credit cards with chip and four digit pin are accepted. But alway make sure that credit cards are accepted before starting the tour. If using app you can add you credit card to the app and pay using the app.
  10. Then you should try pickled herring (marineret sild). Smoked salmon is very common for breakfast. For lunch I can recommend open sandwiches (smørrebrød) with Smoked herring, eel or mackerel. Try Torvehallernes Smørrebrød, Tivoli Food Hall or some of the more expensive restaurants for lunch: Slotskælderen hos Gitte Kik, Fortunstræde 4; Aamanns Deli, Øster Farimagsgade 10; Restaurant Schønnemann, Hauser Plads 16 or Restaurant Kronborg, Brolæggerstræde 12 - just few examples.
  11. Thank you for your words. I'm just trying to repay the help and inspiration I've received over the past 15 years at CC when I was going on a cruise. However, it might be interesting to meet for a drink and discuss cruises in the past and in the future. My most recent cruise was TA from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona March 2020 arriving in Barcelona the day Corona closed Europe (by the way in California for 3 weeks before the cruise) - next a river cruise on the Rhine.
  12. Lunch or dinner? Smoked fish is normally for lunch - restaurants for dinner see post #4
  13. This also applies to cruise guests who have been on many Caribbean cruises and want to try something new - for example the Norwegian fjords and pack a 'standard suitcase' and then are surprised that it is cold and raining. I have met several who have had a bad experience because they did not know what awaited them in the cold north.
  14. Likely because of the 20 km hike - when possible to bike it will also be possible to hike. Note September is in the rainy season - be prepared for heavy rain.
  15. Not that many options. Previously, the cruise ships had a short technical stop in Hellesylt to drop off guests for excursions before the ship continued to Geiranger. It seems that some cruise lines have started to save money and drop the trip to Geiranger. Possibilities are the ship's excursions or the ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger. Normally a very reliable service, but of course problems and or delays can occur. link to some options
  16. Thanks for the update. I am happy to hear that you managed to find a supplier.
  17. As is the case in Norway, Denmark is also a large fishing nation. Some examples of good fish restaurants in Copenhagen Havfruen, Nyhavn 39 Fishmarket, Hovedvagtsgade 2, Fiskebaren, Flæsketorvet 100 Krogs Fish Restaurant, Gammel Strand 38 And a little challenge - either for breakfast or lunch - try marinated herring (spegesild/marineret sild) - other good fish for lunch/open sandwich (smørrebrød) are fried herring, mackerel or fried plaice fillet. Might be something for Tivoli - have a look at ‘Fru Nimb’, ‘Søcafeen’ . Also visit ‘Tivoli Food Hall’ (No entrance fee).
  18. Thanks for posting details of this trip. I have just booked a Uniworld Rhine and Moselle cruise from Strasbourg to Frankfurt in October with a few days in Strasbourg before the cruise. Currently a little low water level in the German rivers so I follow the water level - there are several web pages - this one with an easy overview. The itinerary:
  19. Grønnegade is very close to your hotel - two minutes walk.
  20. Tivoli Hotel is probably not the most centrally located hotel, - 1.5 miles from the Town Hall Square and two miles from Nyhavn. Anyway, a nice hotel.
  21. As I recall it, In the application form, you are asked if you are only travelling to the USA for a transit. If you answer "Yes", you do not need to fill in the details of an accommodation in the USA. If address still required use address of the port agent.
  22. Looks like cruise ships are replacing Stavanger with Haugesund. The topic is discussed here:
  23. Yes, you can have food delivered in Copenhagen. I don't quite understand the question of linking 'Uber/Lyft' and 'DoorDash' in relation to presence in Denmark. 'DoorDash' has just acquired an existing company 'Wolt' and is about to establish itself in Denmark. Still operating under the name 'Wolt'. Uber operated in Copenhagen for a few years but would/could not comply with Danish legislation regarding taxi transport. Hence, Uber does not operate in Copenhagen today.
  24. Go to Grønnegade. For Copenhagen there are two options: Grønnegade 43 which is in the Kongens Nytorv area and Nørreport (Nørre Voldgade 106) which is at Nørreport Station.
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