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  1. Looks like the new water slides block the view from the backside of the Suite Sun Deck. Also looks like they rise above the suite sun deck. We spend most our time on the non- bar side of the suite sun deck. How do the new water slides impact view and noise? Fantastic photo's I am sending the link to all the kids so they can plan for Thanksgiving 2021
  2. Last year on Oasis in an OS we had two in the cabin when we opened the door. The third didn't show for 90 minutes then I noticed it sitting down the hallway with a few other bags.
  3. We were on the Allure in an OS just above these cabins when they were still the RFS. I was trying to figure out where they took the square footage from as the RFS is about the same size as our OS. One day I yelled below to the people in the RFS and we swapped cabin tours. Personally, I liked the OS better as the RFS took a huge chunk out of the dinning area for the second bedroom and made the living area feel small. Of course it was only the DW and I so we didn't need to sleep eight. I'm not sure of the cost but if it were me I would get an OS with a connecting cabin. I can do without the hot tub on my deck.
  4. Depends on how bad off I am. Mexico has some very fine doctors (trained in the US) and hospitals (certified to US standards).
  5. I did it. CPR on a "dead" lady. She was bright blue, no pulse, and not breathing. In my mind that's dead. My partner and I gave her CPR until paramedics got there and shocked her eight times to restore her heart beat. That was 2001 and she's still alive. One of my most rewarding experiences in 34 years of police work. I still have the hand drawn thank you card that says, "thank you for saving my Grandma."
  6. I watched the USCG practice that maneuver several times in Long Beach harbor lifting from a harbor police boat, at night no less. It made for a great evening as we had cocktails on the fantail of Queen Mary.
  7. Read the fine print it's not just the pax option it's on advice of medical staff. My evac policies have all required admittance to a hospital, stabilized, and then approval by insurance with consultation by medical staff. Based on condition the evac can be as little as commercial flight with an EMT.
  8. Very, it's a huge citation not to mention civil liability. I think you can request an Uber with car seats. Can they use booster seats at six? We have traveled with young granddaughters and have usually just used a car service that will provide car seats. They were younger than six.
  9. Three trips on Oasis class and did Chef's table each time. We were offered discounts upon embarkation while hanging out in the SL waiting for our cabin. Seems it was about 20% off on certain nights. One night we booked the entire table and got a really good discount.
  10. Doesn't CHOPS have a portobello mushroom steak? It's been a few years since we ate there. But seems a recall seeing a really nice looking huge portobello.
  11. I would do dinner at the top of the Space Needle and visit Pike's Market.
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