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  1. We were on the Magic in August and had a wonderful time (review here, if you are interested). We found her to be in good condition, even with a little wear around the edges (like carpet in the elevator lobbies). To us, that didn't distract from the friendly crew who said hi to us at every opportunity, or the very clean staterooms and public areas. In August, they were going a great job of keeping everything clean and in working order! dctravel
  2. Sea Day Brunch is great, but we also really like breakfast in the MDR on non-sea days. For us, it makes breakfast a much more relaxing experience!
  3. Generally the answer is yes. On the Magic this summer, some games were being shown in the casino.
  4. Red Frog Pub on the Magic showed college football when we were on her at the end of August. Games were also on in the casino (saw them when we walked through).
  5. I believe so. The Magic had them in cans and on tap in the Red Frog Pub.
  6. It was about a 15 minute taxi ride. I cannot tell you how much it was, however, as it was included in our excursion to the submarine. Sorry!
  7. We do this every time. Individual chips/pretzels, granola bars, and even some bigger bags of Chex mix type stuff for the cabin. We have carried it on and put it in our checked luggage without issue. Even ENT with all the food aboard, we find the snacking items to be lacking. Add to that some food allergies (my son is dairy free), packing our own makes everyone happy!
  8. It is arts and crafts sponsored by Michael’s and run by the fun squad. We had three different crafts (one for each sea day). First were cabin door decorations, second was a art competition about the ship, and the third was cards.
  9. Offered each sea day in the Magic this summer. It was a lot of fun!
  10. I meant GE. Trouble typing on the iPhone, sorry.
  11. Last few times we have disembarked in FLL and in Port Canaveral, the GS machines were not activated and everyone just went through the regular line. If it is a closed circuit cruise (starts and ends in US port), they keep the line moving and don’t seem to check super carefully like at an airport. Might be different for a transatlantic cruise.
  12. The company resortforaday dot com has a few properties in the FLL/MIA area. We have used them multiple times in the Caribbean and it has been great. Just read the fine print so you know what is included and what is not.
  13. Several shuttle services, many recommended in these boards, will also take you to the port from an airport area hotel. You might consider that too, although Uber will certainly be more flexible since it is only your party.
  14. Carnival Pride had one visit to Grenada this year (maybe part of a journeys cruise?). I have heard rumors of going back to St. Croix (went there on the Triumph in 2001), so there are more unusual ports out there. I agree, however, that searching for them can be tricky on the website.
  15. No freezers, but you can rent a medical cooler from guest services to keep things cold. You will have to find out from them how cold they get. A few few notes about medical coolers: 1. They must be plugged in, which takes away the outlet (or one of 2 outlets). If you rent one, you will need a plug extender (make sure it does not have a surge suppressor as those are forbidden on a ship). 2. You rent the cooler from guest services on the ship. They place a hold against your S&S account as a deposit. You get that back when you return it on the last day.
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