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  1. My vote for Fredericksburg Castle. Kronborg and Frederiksborg ar both Castles - Frederiksborg is more interesting inside - also a nice park. Next to Kronborg there is a Maritime Museum of Denmark. Roskilde is Viking Ship museum and the Cathedral. it’s easy to take the train from Copenhagen to either Hillerød for Frederiksborg Castle. Helsingør for Kronborg Castle or Roskilde.
  2. While some cruise lines still have St. Petersburg included in its Baltic cruises in 2023, it is my expectation that the situation in Ukraine will not improve and that there will still be sanctions against Russia next year and therefore no cruises to St. Petersburg. Some cruise lines have already reduced the number of Baltic cruises for 2023.
  3. I'm sorry, but the information that is available so far about the free shuttle bus is very limited - there is no timetable and the time the offer runs is limited. The free Shuttle bus only runs to the nearest metro station 'Orientkaj' - from there metro to the city. My suggestion is to use public bus transport - same price for metro + bus (DKK 24) cash or DOT Ticket App. There is no bus at late night - latest bus atmidnight. Metro runs around the clock. Public bus 164 time table Mandag - Fredag = weekday, - Lørdag = Saturday, - Søn - og helligdage = Sundsy and Holidays.
  4. It will probably not be introduced until the end of 2023 at the earliest - postponed several times. More information here.
  5. Viking all over Scandinavia including Iceland and Greenland - you’ll find museums in Haugesund, Oslo and for Copenhagen in Roskilde. Do not know if museums in Gothenburg. Geiranger has great viewpoints, Olden glaciers and Flåm the Train Bergen a nice walkable city and a great fish market. Apart from Bergen the cities in Norway are very small - plan for excursions.
  6. Oceankaj Hotel is close to Central Station, however with luggage I'll also prefer taxi (correct Uber not available). Taxi accept credit card or Apple Pay - check before start (either contactless or Chip/pin) Taxi price dos wary by weekday, weekend, public holiday or evening. Prices include tips From Oceankaj DKK 300 to 350 To airport DKK 250 to 300 Easy walking from your hotel 30 minutes walk through city to Amalienborg An option is Tivoli Food Hall (next to Tivoli garden - no admittance fee) - many other options - also try Torvehallerne Either Netto Bådene (Netto Boats) or Stromma - exact same itinerary and length - Netto Bådene is not as expensive as Stromma - I'm always using Netto Bådene. Maybe also consider Harbor Busses (public transportation) Easy to take the train from Central Station to Roskilde - main attractions are the Viking Ship Museum and the Cathedral - walking distance from the station- Almost everyone speak English, very few German - even many who do not speak Danish This year a mess - security has been understaffed - hope it will be better next year - however check status at cph.dk and plan accordingly. In general a lot of information in this topic - and also other topics in this forum
  7. Remember that tips are included in the price.
  8. The listing is a bit misleading- a mix of fjords and ports the ports are: Haugesund, Tromsø, Honningsvåg, Trondheim, and Geiranger. North Cape is an excursion from Honningsvåg. The first four ports are coastal cities - Tromsø and Honningsvåg above the Arctic Circle - you’ll have midnight sun from 10th to 13th The three fjords listed June 15 are the fjords you’re cruising into/out from Geiranger - you’re cruising the same fjords in the morning and when leaving in the evening. I prefer to view the fjords in the morning - you must be at upper decks from 04:30 am Hope it helps.
  9. For sure the first cruise including Geiranger, Bergen and Stavanger At the first cruise Hellesylt is a short technical stop for excursions to Geiranger. At the second you need to arrange for excursions from Hellesylt to Geiranger - either by bus or boat. Måløy is a new cruise port - a very tiny town.
  10. This is in fact a very nice itinerary but for a Norwegian Fjords cruise you need to do your research and plan excursions in advance - some of the ports a quite small and sights are not easily accessible without an excursion/bus ride - and they are not available at the pier (maybe except for Geiranger).
  11. Do not expect St. Petersburg to be included due to the war in Ukraine (sanctions against Russia). Hence many cruise lines has reduced activities in Baltic. Departure ports can be Copenhagen or Stockholm.
  12. as by njkruzer take a taxi when luggage - its a 1 km (15 minutes) walk from Central station to Hotel. price dos wary by weekday, weekend, public holiday or evening. from airport to hotel DKK 250 to 300 From hotel to Oceankaj terminal DKK 300 to 350
  13. it’s three quite similar cruises - Second and third are equal - first is least interesting - highlights are: Deep fjord sailings into (prioritized) Geiranger (view points ), Flåm (railway) and Olden (glacier) Coastal cities (Prioritized) Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund First: June 3 - 10 P & O Iona: Stavanger, Alesund, cruising Innvikfjorden & Nordjord to Olden Second: May 27- Jun 3 Holland America Rotterdam: Oslo, Stavanager, cruising Sognefjord, into Flam Third: Apr 29 - May 6 Holland America Rotterdam: Bergen, cruising Geirangerfjord into Geiranger, , Alesund, Look at either Geiranger or Flåm and decide for ‘two’ or ‘three’ - however early May might be too early - based on timing I’ll chose ‘two’.
  14. Most likely the day at sea when crossing the North Sea from England to Haugesund. Possille the night from Flåm to Sandres and again the passage from Sandres to Aalborg. This summer August has been very calm.
  15. In August there is a great chance for calm waters, but I have experienced rough seas in August as well. Without knowing the itinerary, it is difficult to identify the waters with the greatest risk of high seas. There are open stretches with a risk of rough seas. From England to Norway the North Sea is passed, along the coast of Norway sailing partly in sheltered fjords but also on the open sea - the Stadthavet south of Ålesund can also be turbulent. From Norway to Denmark (Aalborg) the Skagerak is passed. The North Sea is again passed back to England
  16. Did you try Google? https://valdis.is/ - two locations in Reykjavik.
  17. Yes, nice itinerary. Assuming June/July when midnight sun
  18. Not impressed either - Not the most impressive deep fjords or ports. Oslo will be the highlight of the cruise - apart from start/end in Copenhagen.
  19. https://en.dethanseatiskehotel.no/I’ll suggest The Hanseatiske Hotel - located at Bryggen Wharf.
  20. Find a private driver and plan the day Also this link with some ideas
  21. Do not know why private message is not available a CC - anyway, I have added my email to my signature - please send an email once you read this message - then I’ll delete my email again
  22. They are all ‘official’ taxi Companies - they are available at the airport - Price DKK 280 /$40. I’m always using Dantaxi but these three companies are reliable - you can download a app if you want to get a taxi in the city - use credit card with chip and pin.
  23. In Copenhagen I Can suggest Isobar, Havnegade 51 (Nyhavn) - Sit in front of the shop and enjoy your ice cream and the view of the Opera and Knippelsbro - it doesn't get much better than that. Confecture Copenhagen, Overgaden Oven Vandet 40a - Also the most delicious handmade chocolate. The shop is right next to Christianshavn's canal, so it is almost obvious to enjoy the ice cream by the canal.
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