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  1. Also mentioned in this thread :
  2. It may have changed for this year or next, but the Morettti last year was served from Blade 8 liter mini kegs machines. It was very good 😁 We looked at the drinks package last year, but it didn't make sense for us. My wife isn't a drinker and you had to buy the package for both occupants of the cabin. Given the relatively low cost of drinks onboard (which was a pleasant surprise when compared to drinks on some other cruises we have been on in the past) it wouldn't have saved anything anyway even if we could have just purchased one drinks package.
  3. On the formal night on Bolette last year, only the restaurant required formal dress. No problems with smart casual in the self service buffet, the auditorium or any of the bars. Not sure about the speciality restaurants though. We didn't take formal wear and didn't feel looked down upon at any time on the formal evening. There were quite a few passengers who hadn't bothered to go formal.
  4. Have they checked any existing cards (Credit and Debit) on the MoneySavingExpert website to see what the charges would be? https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/travel-credit-cards/ If they only plan to spend relatively small amounts when ashore, then using the "best" of their existing cards may not cost a fortune and would save them having to sort out a Travel card at short notice.
  5. We dined most nights in the restaurant on our 5 night cruise on Bolette last autumn (and very good it was too). Jeans and a short sleeved or long sleeved shirt would be fine. We skipped the formal night as we couldn't be bothered packing our "sunday best" attire. The buffet wouldn't be an issue either for jeans, etc.
  6. Just a quick comment on the drinks package. We cruised with Fred last year and my wife isn't a big drinker. Because you can't book just one drinks package across two passengers, we decided to pay as you go. I thought the the drinks prices were very reasonable ( I drink mainly beers and lagers) and we ended up spending a lot less than we would have done if we took the package deal.
  7. No complaints from us during our Scandinavian City Break Cruise on Bolette, departing 21st September. Passenger numbers were clearly low, but the service was faultless. No queuing for anything and plenty of space in the bars, restaurants and theatre. Our only gripe really was a very long wait for a taxi when we arrived back at Dover, which I guess is outside of Fred's control. Hard to compare Bolette to any of Fred's other ships as we had never sailed with Fred before , but we were impressed with the cleanliness, space and decor onboard. The food was excellent and the entertainments team did a great job with the main theatre shows, daytime activities and they put on a wide variety of musical entertainment through the evenings in the various bars and lounges. Every member of staff we interacted with was polite and friendly. If we can pick up another last minute bargain booking this year we will definitely sail with Fred again.
  8. Well having just returned from our Scandinavian City Break cruise on Bolette, I can't fault her or the staff. We were in an outside cabin, number 185* on deck 1. The cabin was spacious with plenty of wardrobe and drawer space. There was no disturbing noise or vibration and even the roof mounted air conditioning outlet was very quiet. The ship is in beautiful condition and spotlessly clean in all areas. It was obvious that a lot of money had been spent on the refurbishment following the acquisition from HAL. Food choice and quality, entertainment, lounges and other facilities were excellent. I thought the drinks prices were very reasonable. The gratuity policy at £5 per person per day was not out of order in my opinion, especially given the service we received across the whole ship. All the staff were so cheerful and obliging. Nothing was too much trouble. The boarding and disembarkation process also went very smoothly. The only hiccup we had is that the £25 per person on board spending offer had not been added to our account. But after a quick discussion with the customer services team on day 2, this was quickly resolved. This was our first cruise as a couple without our children or my parents and we decided that the Fred Olsen way of doing things suited us perfectly. I don't think it would be great for families with young or teenage children as the entertainment and activities are orientated around those of us who are getting a little long in the tooth! We booked a last minute deal and at £499 each, for 6 nights cruising, I think it was an absolute bargain. As with previous cruises, we prefer to do our homework in advance on the ports of call and then do our own thing on arrival. So I can't comment on any of the tours organised by Fred. I do hope FO can weather the current challenges in the industry as we will certainly look to book again next year if there are any more last minute offers to be had.
  9. A quick update following our visit to Copenhagen and thanks again to hallasm and others for the useful information. We spent a very pleasant 6 hours or so walking around Copenhagen after deciding not to bother with the various overpriced ship's tours. In the end I used the GPSmycity Android phone App with a free three day trial! It had 5 separate self guided walking tours for Copenhagen (and ones for Oslo and Gothenburg which we also visited). We walked over 8 miles on the day, taking in many of the beautiful sights of the city and absolutely loved it. The only disappointment was Tivoli Gardens. Although we are not theme park ride lovers, we had hoped to see more formal gardens which wasn't the case. Unfortunately we had to be back on board for 3:30pm so missed the evening lights and fireworks. But at least we can say we have been there, even though I would rather have spent the 311 DKK on an extra café stop during our walk. Copenhagen is definitely on our "must visit again" list.
  10. I think we have pretty much decided to visit Tivoli during our day in Copenhagen. Only decision now, (given that the 25th September is the last summer opening day) is if we should book tickets in advance or just turn up at the ticket booths? Should we expect a long queue line? My only hesitancy in booking tickets in advance is if we get distracted on our walk into town from the port and see other things that catch our interest.
  11. Thanks for the update. We will definitely walk to the city. It will be good to get some exercise after too much cruise food!!!
  12. We'll let you have our thoughts on noise once we return from our Scandinavian City Break cruise later this month. We are also on Deck 1.
  13. My wife and I will be in Copenhagen at the end of September for one day on a Fred Olsen cruise. Both in our late 50's. Very open minded on what to see and do. Should we just head to Tivoli Gardens and make a day of it with the crowds, or spend our time wandering around soaking up the sights? We are both interested in culture and architecture but also enjoy a good theme park!! Happy to do our own thing independently of any expensive organised excursions from the cruise company. Any suggestions from hardened travellers and locals would be greatly appreciated.
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