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  1. We (re)booked our cruisetour for July 2022. Will be heading up from Whittier via coach to Denali Princess lodge, then McKinley Princess Lodge the next day. Train back to Anchorage. Have a several logistics questions... - Approx. when does the bus arrive @ Denali Princess Lodge? Where does it stop along the way? - When does the bus leaves from Denali to McKinley Wilderness lodge? We want to 1. Get our Nat'l Parks passport stamped at the visitor's center and 2. Hike to Horseshoe lake (family tradition). - The bus to McKinley Princess Wilderness lodge leaves in the aft
  2. LCW

    Princess Cruisetour

    Thanks Budget Queen! just what I wanted to know. Looking forward to someone else driving for a change! Sick of DC traffic.
  3. LCW

    Princess Cruisetour

    Yes, we do. We will be taking a hike to Horseshoe Lake when we reach Denali - something I did with my parents a couple times when we lived in Anchorage and a bit of a family tradition. The McKinley Lodge stay gives us a chance, however remote, at seeing the mountain, and maybe some fishing or horseback riding. And I enjoy the train ride. This is our one trip to Alaska with our daughter, I doubt we'll ever be back. And I don't want the hassle of driving myself.
  4. LCW

    Princess Cruisetour

    We have a post-cruise tour through Princess, 1st day in Denali Lodge, 2nd in McKinley lodge, Train back for 3rd night in Anchorage. Since it's an 8 hour trip to Denali Lodge (bus) wondering where they stop along the way, and if they stop more than once? Also wondering what time the bus leaves the ship?
  5. Our 2nd cruise to Alaska, daughter's 1st. Want to do ziplining, but not sure which is better? Skagway has 10 zips vs J's 7, but is $10 more pp. Thoughts?
  6. Taking our 13 yr old daughter next year. Would like to do both the who and Totem Bight (or Saxman village), but haven't found a tour that has both other than the ship's (Princess). In port 6:30am-3pm. I prefer not to book with the ship if possible. Can anybody point me toward a vendor that offers this?
  7. While at the Denali Princess Lodge, we are planning on doing the hike at Horseshoe Lake....This is something my family did a few times when I was a kid, and is basically a family tradition. That is the main reason we're coming to Denali, to let my daughter see the place she's seen in all the pictures at Grandma's. But we will be catching the train back to Anchorage from the McKinley Lodge. So, we arrive in the mid-afternoon and will leave early afternoon by train the next day. The Cruisline has up-charges on excursions - like the trail ride. So looking at things we can do from
  8. We are transported by bus to Denali Princess Wilderness lodge, where we'll be overnight, leaving early afternoon the next day to go to McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge late afternoon, and the next day early afternoon we'll transfer to the train back to Anchorage.
  9. We are on a Princess "on your own" cruise tour, meaning they do the transportation but there are no set activities. We are staying overnight at Denali Princess Wilderness lodge and one night at McKinley Wilderness Lodge (Talkeetna). Looking for tours like ziplining or horseback riding. Planning on doing the short hike to Horseshoe lake on my own.
  10. We're a year out... but some of the cruise line offered excursions are already booking up. In Europe, I usually booked excursions myself, rather than thru the ship. Wondering if there is a possibility to do that here, or if we really need to go through the ship? Specifically, looking at the wilderness trail ride, back bear ATV adventure, ZIP Line adventure.
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