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  1. All good DIY - look for HoHo opportunities in Copenhagen and Stockholm - both has many sights - Talinn is small and walkable. Visby, and Skagen are very small towns. Search for options for for each city in this forum.
  2. It should be OK, the trains run on time and it's five minutes from the station to the dock - usually everyone is on board 30 minutes before departure.
  3. Yes, there are trips from Ålesund to Geiranger. Definitely an option if time permits - often an excursion of 8 to 9 hours.
  4. It is not customary in Norway to tip and therefore different than in the US - the price you pay for the excursion already includes a service fee equivalent to the tip and guides are paid in full for their work. It's fine to tip a small amount, but certainly not as much as in the US. Be aware that US$ cannot generally be used in Norway and exchanging currency in Norway is very expensive. Immediately, tips should be in local currency.
  5. Please note. “A final decision and wording are expected by the end of Q1 in 2024.” For Northern Lights consider an itinerary above Arctic Circle.
  6. Yes, you’ll be sailing in and out of the same fjords. You’ll see the scenic fjords from the ship in Eidfjord, Flåm and Oslo. You’ll not sail the fjords in Stavanger - you’ll not see Lysefjord from the ship. Check where the ship is docking in Stavanger- some ships dock far from the city - in Sandnes. Sunrise is 5 am and sunset 9 pm - still daylight when sailing - be on upper deck at sunrise.
  7. Some fjords, but not all fjords and not for all ships. The Heritage fjords to Flåm and Geiranger will be ‘zero emission’ zones . It will still be possible to visit Hellesylt (and Olden) by most Cruise ships. In addition it is expected that LNG powered ship can visit Flåm and Geiranger in a transition period. A final decision and wording are expected by the end of Q1 in 2024. MSC Euribia is LNG powered and she will likely be able to visit Flåm and Geiranger also after 2025.
  8. Ålesund is further north than Hellesylt, but that probably has no bearing on whether you see the Northern Lights. Normally, there is the greatest chance of seeing the Northern Lights north of the Arctic Circle, but absolutely possible if it is a strong light.
  9. Unfortunately, I have no experience with hiking to Pulpit Rock - maybe @kaisatsuhas more insight.
  10. It is absolutely possible - 3 hours by train/bus - train from Copenhagen to Vejle and from there bus to Billund.
  11. Good advice from the two previous posters. It is a long way from Warnemünde to Berlin - easily 3 to 4 hours each way
  12. There are several operators. No one drives to Oceankaj, but it is my opinion that a transfer from Oceankaj is included/additionally purchased. Check Stromma and City Sightseeing. Be sure that it is a shuttle from Oceankaj and not Langelinie.
  13. Caribbean Princess calls at Oceankaj Terminal 3 on July 3. It is 7 km to Kongens Nytorv and 8 km to Tivoli. There is no shuttle - taxi or public bus from terminal 1 to Orientkaj and from there metro to Kongens Nytorv or Rådhuspladsen (Town hall Square) Since the ship already sails at 4 pm, I would skip Tivoli and prioritize Nyhavn and a canal tour (1 hour). If possible the noon guard change at Amalienborg (Royal Castle)
  14. Oslo is very similar to Stockholm and Copenhagen - easy access from airport and good hotels in central Oslo.
  15. Without knowing the date, I don't know which quay - I assume Oceankaj. The cheapest transportation is public bus from Oceankaj to Orientkaj and from there metro to the City centre. Alternative is a taxi. Tivoli will certainly be popular with children - Canal Tour is my personal favorite in Copenhagen. Look for Netto Boats (Netto-bådene). Alternatives are HoHo bus or a castle tour. Copenhagen is very walkable and easy DIY.
  16. When is your cruise? - if outside the summer season there are very few opportunities and many activities are closed in the small towns.
  17. All mentioned are port stops - Hellesylt might be a ‘technical’ stop before Geiranger, but difficult to know when just a list of ports.
  18. You hardly have the opportunity to start your cruise in all these ports, do you? Possibilities are slightly different in relation to your starting point for flights. It is highly advisable to fly in at least a day before the cruise in case of flight delays and cancellations. Kiel, Warnemunde Germany can be a challenge. Airport is either Berlin or Frankfurt. Long transfer. Stockholm Sweden, Copenhagen Denmark - easy access from airport - direct flights from major airports. Bergen Norway - few direct flight options - depends where you’re coming from. Not possible to start a cruise in Skagen Denmark, Hellesylt Norway, Geiranger Norway, Stavanger Norway, Flam Norway, Alesund Norway, Kristiansand Norway
  19. Yes, correctly understood. It is the same landscape in and out morning and evening, but often many activities in the evening.
  20. I can't comment on which cruise lines have good itineraries - and they constantly change itineraries. There are not many that include all three deep fjords to Geiranger, Flam or Olden. Two of the deep fjords are fine - fine coastal towns are Bergen, Stavanger and Ålesund.
  21. This is an arctic cruise - the itinerary does not include any of the deep fjords.
  22. I second gnome12 - option 2. As it is an Arctic cruise to Honningsvåg og Tromsø, the dates also has significance for the midnight sun. Sailing through the fjords is breathtaking - be on the upper deck in the deep fjords already at sunrise. But I would also recommend a visit to viewpoints in Geiranger, Flåm or Loen (Olden).
  23. Your luggage will be checked through to VCE - customs in VCE. 1 1/2 hour for transfer in PHL will be fine. If same route back customs and immigration in PHL.
  24. I use momondo.com to get an overview of options, but most often buy tickets directly from the airline. Regarding the lay-over, I trust that the airlines indicate a correct transfer time. If changing flight in Europe, luggage is checked through to the final destination - flying back to USA customs processing takes place at the first airport - therefore I often choose that the transatlantic flight to the USA is to the final destination if possible.
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