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  1. i am a 5 star mariner with hal's gold medal for more than 500 real cruisedays on a hal ship. and i dont disagree
  2. confidential or not confidential was not my subject. all i said is that i assume that mr mercer must have known something about the sale of the amsterdam. even if it was a confidential information. i have not implied that he was supposed to inform the passengers. subject closed.
  3. interesting to hear that he was "shocked" - i m sure the decision to sell the amsterdam was not made after our cruise ended in perth, such contract negotiations take months. and as a senior member of the company i am sure mr mercer had been informed about a "pending sale". there is always a big difference beteeen that what people say (and what the "fans" want to hear) and what people actually know.......
  4. it is being published in many maritime websites.....maasdam and veendam are sold as a pair, so are amsterdam and rotterdam. buyers for amsterdam and rotterdam - fred olsen cruise lines
  5. tui cruises germany ("mein schiff") will start 3 and 4-day cruises without port visits with 2 of their ships from the end of july. ships will only allow 60 % of the normal number of passengers. no info about bookings as yet.
  6. ......and return via istanbul - say hello to erdi-pasha
  7. yes, very correct. and how many years are we going to chatter about the man ??? i say again - why dont we just leave him alone and let him do whatever he likes to do......even if some people dont understand that.......
  8. a great stop for the boys......
  9. another flying dutchman...or flying mermaid...
  10. hahahahaha.....and johnny depp at the wheel......
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