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  1. Just an FYI. Last-minute Passport Application Appointments Can No Longer Be Booked Online (msn.com) Doesn't really specify if this includes renewals but looks like a fairly large backlog according to the brief article. Be well. Bob
  2. Geez, I just went to the start of the original post and looked at the menus posted. To me, it appears as the more recent menus (2018-2019) menus are simply rewritten without the All American, British, Asian, etc. options / suggested complete order(s) provided on earlier breakfast menus of past years. No worries. Order whatever “floats your boat”, aka, provides you with only the best morning energy nutrients for you to make it thru another ‘exhausting cruise ship’ early AM activity schedule(s) Fortunately, nutrients in the Lido will become available around 1100 hours
  3. Just ‘routine’ leftovers used by the wonderful chef's aboard. For example, following Gala nights, crab, lobster, other featured items that were defrosted (and not ordered) would be used for DR breakfast specials (and in the Lido until the ingredients were used up) in omelets, Benedict’s, etc. Specials would also include sausages with eggs of choice (prepared to preference), waffles and pancakes with off menu fresh fruit sauces, etc. It made perfect sense to me. And all the specials (BTW, I didn’t order specials all the time depending on the offering). If I recall, most we’re ver
  4. Last time we were aboard a HAL ship (Amsterdam 2020 WC) we used the Lido on port days pretty much and DR for sea days. We had the same table for 2, same waiters that we had at night and a daily special was offered. Further, one could at that time (and many cruises prior to that cruise) order off menu. Pretty much anything available in the Lido was available. One could order a fresh omelet with whatever ingredients, sauces, sour cream, etc. one desired for example. The MDR always seemed to have fresher, hotter coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, etc. Hopefully things in the DR will n
  5. No worries. Ask for the “daily special” if so inclined. We’ve never ‘gone hungry’ at breakfast time, regardless of choices. Be well. Bob
  6. Ahoy! I did contact CS regarding the new policy when it was first announced. My concern(s) at the time we’re fluids used for night time leg cramping for DW (e.g. electrolyte drinks, tonic water, etc.) that we used to bring aboard for longer cruises, etc. at embarkation. I did receive the following ‘boiler plate’ reply: Thank you for your email to Guest Relations at Holland America Line. First and foremost, we apologize for our delayed response. We’re sorry for any discontent with our beverage policy, whereby guests are not allowed to bring alcoholic and
  7. World's largest yacht unveiled: Somnio will be a floating condo for the super-rich | Daily Mail Online Now I need to set up a "Go Fund Me" page. 😀 Be well. Bob
  8. The Chef's Table dinners were great on Princess ships. One needed to sign up on embarkation due to the popularity and limited seating (decorative kitchen appetizers with aprons and champagne, a kitchen tour, and then being led to the smaller DR with great wines and food pairing explanations, etc.) plus great service. No such "opportunity" on HAL ships, to date. HAL's Cellar Master Dinner's & theme nights (i.e. Mystery Dinners, etc.) are good but no comparison IMHO. HAL's Visiting Chef's dinners are also fine on the longer cruises and worth exploring. We'll see how the post Co
  9. Key sentence: “The cruise ship operator is additionally advised that foreign-jurisdictions may have their own requirements.” Be well. Bob
  10. To answer your question, lots of good information and opinions on the CC boards (including this posting). Nothing intimidating about a WC, aka + 120 day cruise with both hot and, perhaps, colder weather. Just an ‘old rule of thumb’ : Pack half of what you think you’ll need clothing-wise and take 2X the cash you might have budgeted. Certainly take whatever medications and favorite toiletries you might need since wasting time with foreign pharmacies, etc. takes up the limited times in port but ya gotta take care of the ‘necessities’ also. No such thing as
  11. To answer your query: 1. Yup. Mandatory vaccination or, perhaps, a medical exemption letter (daily / 48 / 72 hours testing might be required for this option & should be IMO) for upcoming cruising in the near future. 2. Limited ship passenger capacities, as mentioned, on re-starts. 3. HAL has yet to announce protocols but I assume they will follow other cruise lines & CDC guidelines. I can hardly wait. 4. International flights on many airlines currently require 48-72 hour testing & documentation depending on destination. Me thinks, things will
  12. Just ‘food’ for thought. 2 -3 nights St. Maarten upon arrival, # 2 BTB Star Clipper Line Leeward & Treasure cruises (14 days total) and then a 7 day HAL cruise followed by a disembark port for 2-4 days prior to flying back home? Heck, make it happen, no? Be well. Bob
  13. Good to see Iceland is opening up. Be well. Bob
  14. Another 'handy' site for vaccinations worldwide. Need only to sign in with e-mail (yea, you'll probably get Blomberg junk mail which you can probably block in the future). An FYI only if interested in getting the world into the 75% herd immunity threshold: More Than 359 Million Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker (bloomberg.com) You may have to copy and paste link into your browser Be well. Bob
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