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  1. These on-board policies are in flux right now and you can find Cunard's current position on the US site here. As of right now Cunard has not yet mandated passenger vaccination (except for UK-only voyages). Covid testing may be required and if so the cost would be rolled into the fare. On this last point a negative test may not be very effective in regard to a cruise. The other day there was a report of 53 passengers from a New Delhi to Hong Kong flight testing positive for covid during the later's required quarantine period - despite all having a negative test within 72 hours
  2. The launderettes will probably be closed as there is no way more than one person can be in them and maintain social distance. Imagine how the sparks would fly if one person took their time to meticulously fold their clothing while others were outside waiting. As for non-compliance with social distancing and other protocols, in an extreme case one could be confined to their cabin. The "Healthy Gateways" protocols have been discussed here at length. Some want to be back on board so badly that they will tolerate just about anything to make it happen. Others don't see a
  3. If true we're not likely to see the Blue Ensign fly from a Cunard ship anytime soon.
  4. Or, private companies can be used as proxies for such a requirement. One's life can rightly or wrongly be severely restricted by having them be the ones to require vaccination proof in order to use their services or to enter their premises.
  5. In a quick news search, I didn't find any mention of the Brooklyn Terminal since May of last year. Their website has no posted schedule, just links to the corporate sites of the cruise lines that have used it in the past. It's not normally "open" unless the cavernous baggage hall space is booked for some non-cruise event. Perhaps any rumors to it being "closed" until 2022 are referring to event rentals.
  6. Between the PVSA and Canada's border remaining closed that can't happen. On the Pacific side the Alaska tourism industry wants to get around both by temporarily classifying sailings between the states of Washington and Alaska as "foreign voyages". But it's not likely to happen.
  7. I'd sail this year IF the covid restrictions were no longer in effect. I'm not spending money to mask, encounter restricted capacity at venues, and having to dine alone.
  8. FWIW, two US Senators from Alaska have introduced the "Alaska Tourism Recovery Act" that would temporarily classify the transport of passengers between the states of Washington and Alaska as a "foreign voyage". Alaska Tourism Recovery Act Should it go into effect it may not be in time for Alaska cruses to resume this year as these itineraries take months of logistical planning. That, and the extreme greens claim that cruise ships only plunder, pillage, and pollute the ports that they call upon.
  9. Let's also recall that a person could have become infected and tested before the virus replicated to a threshold where it could be detected. No thanks, as long as travel carriers require covid testing I'm choosing not to risk being denied boarding and/or quarantined at the departure/embarkation point. Or the cruise coming to an abrupt end.
  10. Personally I'd feel more comfortable with a vaccination requirement than a covid test requirement. A false positive test would turn a long-awaited vacation into a nightmare.
  11. It might be curious to know if "sold out" is at full capacity or reduced capacity? It may very well be at some reduced capacity as who knows how stringent the covid protocols will still be by the time the voyages finally start.
  12. It's a business. Any business is going to sell their product or service for whatever the market will bear. Some people want to be back on board so badly that they will tolerate the covid protocols and pay whatever the cost may be.
  13. The drydock never happened, so perhaps those requirements have all been extended due to the ships bring laid up. The deck area immediately aft of the Grills on QM2 was most recently the smokers' leper colony. That area would have to be relocated should the restaurants be extended. The last thing I would want to see is QM2's 360 wrap around promenade deck disrupted. (Lack thereof is a major complaint here about the expected design of Cunard's under-construction 4th ship.)
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