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  1. I have not stayed in a Cat 1. The only negative feedback that I have heard is that the forward Cat 1 cabins might experience a bit of early morning noise when the decks (their ceilings) are scrubbed first thing in the morning. The aft deck Cat 1 cabins seem to escape this problem.
  2. The earliest sailing dates have been updated with effect from 25th March, as follows Royal Clipper saildates are cancelled until 3rd July 2021 Star Flyer saildates are cancelled until 10th July 2021 Star Clipper saildates remain cancelled until 11th September 2021. The Star Clipper website emphasises the uncertainty of these dates.
  3. My wife and I did the back-to-back Costa Rica sailings in January 2012. The itineraries then were pretty similar to the recently advertised ones. I see from my diary that we split our time fairly evenly between beach and tours. We chose several of the tours to wild-life sanctuaries and had a good (but long coach drive) tour into Nicaragua, which was a fascinating contrast to much better developed, more affluent Costa Rica. The highlight was the wild-life, both ashore and at sea. Dolphins (porpoises?) were ubiquitous, whales were seen on several occasions, turtles etc....and an all-
  4. Here in the UK, the 2022/23 Winter Preview brochure has recently arrived by email and Star Clipper doesn't appear in the brochure, just Star Flyer and Royal Clipper. Does anyone know what is happening to Star Clipper?
  5. I haven't stayed at The Accra so can't comment on it. We've made our own pre and post cruise hotel bookings on Barbados and the hotels have arranged our transport to (and from) the ship. We have stayed at The Tamarind, the Coral Reef Club and at Cobblers Cove at various times. All three were very decent hotels as far as I was concerned. They are all on the west coast, a short taxi ride north of the harbour at Bridgetown.
  6. My apologies; try tradewindvoyages.com This will display an on-line form which, if you complete it, results in them emailing you the brochure.
  7. Tradewind.com has announced that the ship is to be called Golden Horizon. Embryonic brochure available via the website, showing possible routes / voyages.
  8. 1. The couple of times I've sailed on one of the Star Clippers fleet out of St Maarten, it has been from the main cruise terminal. 2. There is a 15% service fee included in the stated price of the drinks - it is not added on separately to the price of the drinks. I have sailed on Star Clippers over a dozen times and have not seen a cash tip given to the bar tenders - possibly this has been done discretely. I suspect that most people on board only carry cash when they go ashore as there is nothing you need to spend cash on when on the ship. US Dollars are accepted anywhere in the Ca
  9. Many thanks CircusGirl; I will take a closer look at your suggestions.
  10. It's more than 10 years since I did the Singapore / Phuket route, so I won't comment on shore excursions. Our experience was that we needed very little local currency - enough for a few cold drinks, perhaps a souvenir and perhaps a beach-bar lunch. And a tip for the tour guide if you take a ship-organised tour. Evening meals are open seating. You can sit where, and with whom, you wish. There tends to be a large scale movement to the restaurant from the bar at 7.30 pm when the bell rings but a number of people choose to eat later. The head waiter will help you find a tab
  11. My wife and I are on the Ko Samui round trip cruise at the end of October (staying on board for the onward cruise to Singapore). We will be arriving in Ko Samui a few days before the cruise begins; has anyone any suggestions for a comfortable (four or five star) hotel on a beach on Ko Samui please?
  12. Really enjoyed the Bali to Singapore 'repositioning' cruise on Star Clipper back in 2017 and am now considering the Borneo cruise. Has anyone on this forum been on that cruise? Any comments on the trip and the ports and islands visited would be helpful and much appreciated.
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