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  1. I happen to be Jewish although not very observant. However, I can assure you that an observant Jewish male would not wear a baseball cap because he did not want to be labeled as Jewish. You can be sure that he will always wear a Kippah. While wearing a baseball cap might satisfy the physical requirement of a head covering, it does not satisfy the moral requirement of the covering. I wonder how many synagogues you have visited and especially conservative or orthodox synagogues where men are wearing baseball caps instead of kippot. I am sure that you have observed that the Pope also always wears a head covering. When was the last time you saw him wearing a baseball cap or the Italian equivalent of a baseball cap. DON
  2. Interesting. Many Indian nations regard eagles as sacred and you can not even keep an eagle feather that you find on the ground. However, they are willing to sell the rights for people to feed eagles on their native lands which leads to eagles that are human habituated and also dependent upon being fed by people instead of hunting. Does this sound a bit two faced to you. Wonder how much they would charge for the rights to trap eagles or to shoot them. DON
  3. I have never figured out how they get away with it. Everything that I have read has said that feeding eagles is illegial. DON
  4. But you still end up missing the cruise regardless of whose fault iti. DON
  5. Seeing as you appear to be asking what the nicest cruise line experience ANYWHERE and the best budget experience ANYWHERE, you ca hardly expect a useful answer from anyone. You have to be kidding on your 1st post. However I will bite and give you 2 suggestions - 1) a 120 day world cruise or 2) an extended Antarctica cruise. DON
  6. Might I suggest that you divide long posts into paragraphs. It makes them much easier to read. DON
  7. What ship is this? I consider anything greater than 1000 passengers to be way too large. DON
  8. You could have easily found out by yourself by typing "Princess Elite Benefits" into Google. You will find that Google is your friend. DON
  9. Based on past experiences w Azamara, we all know that the Azamara IT department is staffed w people who flunked out of a correspondence IT training program. They consistently can not seem to create a good on-line experience. Their WEB site is horrible. DON
  11. Good for him. They should have given him a big raise and a promotion. DON
  12. I was not at all suggesting that there was not a problem with the noise. I do not doubt that there is a problem. My point was that the only reason that Azamara responded to the valid complaints was that they came from suite passengers who paid a lot of money for the cabin. If the exact complaints came from lower prices cabins, I am sure that Azamara would just blow off the complainants to tell them that it was just tough. My point was that with Azamara as with other places, they listen to you if you are perceived to be high class and ignored if you are not. DON
  13. I would never start a political or religious discussion at dinner. However, if someone else started it, I probably would not be able to restrain myself. DON
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