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  1. Actually it is ~900 miles. Not that close. DON
  2. I had found that cruise. The problem is that it is only 11 days of which 3 of the days are spent in Athens. I had hoped to do my 14+ day cruise on the ship followed by several day pre or post as a DIY land Greece tour. Also the cost of flying from the US to Greece for just an 11 day tour is prohibitive. We had actually booked a B2B Azamara cruise in Greece pre-Covid that was perfect for us but was of course cancelled. Thanks for the suggestion however. Response to CruiseMom's post. I will have to check on Seabourne. Again - thanks a lot. I realize that I am sounding very fussy but I know exactly what sort of cruise I am looking for. If I can't find it, I will find something else to do. DON
  3. I am looking for a Greek cruise with very specific requirements. I have checked a whole bunch of cruise sites with limited success. In fact, the only one that I have been able to find is a B2B Clipper cruise which would be OK 1. Want a cruise that would be from Athens to Athens and that basically do just the Greek Islands although a few stops in Turkey would be OK. Don't want one of the cruise that start and/or stop in places such as Venice or in other Italian ports which a lot of them do. My primary interest is the Greek Islands. 2. Want a small ship so that we can get into smaller ports. Luxury would be OK but is not necessary. 3. Want a total trip length of at least 14 days although a B2B that totals 14 days or more would be OK. If a B2B, don't want too much port duplication. 4. Plan to cruise in 2022 Covid permitting. The fact that I don't want to start or stop in Venice or visit Italian ports and I want a longer cruise seems to be my main problem. Any thoughts? DON
  4. Definitely unequivocally not appealing. I agree w the person who said that spending time in a hotel watching the washer going around as opposed to being outside anywhere makes no sense. DON
  5. On one of our AK trips which was our driving trip, we got from place to place by ferry. I think that we spent 3 days in Ketchikan. Just my opinion and obviously not possible for most people but the best way to really see the coastal towns in AK is by ferry. DON
  6. So you are only in Ketchikan for 6 hours. Actually 5 hours when you count getting off and reboard times. That is a real bummer. DON
  7. Also, why were these pictures posted at all?
  8. Ignoring possible positional problems, a lot will depend upon the equipment on the ship. Different ships have different abilities to give you a good internet signal. DON
  9. One could make the same comment for even the 1 day or half day stops at the other places that cruise ships stop at in AK. When we did our extended land trip in AK, we did a lot of the ferry based stops by Alaska Marine Highway ferries so we were forced sometimes to spend 2 or 3 days in a place. Although most people to not have the luxury of time that we had, spending several days at a place is a much better way of seeing AK. DON
  10. When the cruise companies decide to start treating me fairly, I may or more likely probably will not feel charitable to them. DON
  11. donaldsc

    Afloat somewhere!.jpg

    The paint schemeand the appearance of this ship has to be the ugliest ship ever launched.
  12. Isn't there an option to go directly to one of the local passport offices and get immediate response. DON
  13. I read the latest NYC water report. Looks pretty good to me. What problems do you have w it. DON
  14. I can't see where asking the questions you mentioned is so intrusive. After all they are not asking for your SSN. bank account or credit card numbers or anything else that has potential financial or privacy implications. DON
  15. Interesting tidbit about AK. Little Diomede Island and Big Diomede Islands in AK are 2 miles apart but it takes 15 days to get from one island to the other. This interesting article tells why - https://www.intheknow.com/post/diomede-islands-alaska-russia-travel-ice-bridge/ DON
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