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  1. The short answer to your question is "yes". What you should have asked is whether anyone besides the cruise company knows the number. I am sure that the answer to that one is "no". DON
  2. Totally agree. Have you noticed on your cell phone bill that there is a line for a federal tax to help pay for cell phone infrastructure and for internet infrastructure to help to pay for these structures in rural areas. As you said, they are living in these areas by choice. DON
  3. donaldsc

    Haines, Alaska?

    You are going to be in port for 4 1/2 hours not counting the fact that you have to be back on board before 11:30. Also, there are places that you can visit in Haines but not at that hour. Typical cruise company shenanigans and why even bother. DON
  4. Note to Moderator - how did a post on virtual cruising morph into a discussion of SAT scores?
  5. Has anyone answered "none" yet? DON
  6. They own the ships - they make the rules. If you don 't like their rules - don't cruise. BTW - you sign away most of your rights when you electronically sign your cruise contract anyway. Have you ever carefully read it? DON
  7. I would not go so far but your idea do have some merit. As an example, why should I have to pay for the medical care of a person who decides that they do not have to wear a helmet when they are on a motorcycle and then suffers an accident and is hurt. In the same way, the people who do really dumb stunts and are hurt should be on their dime and not mine. Finally, why should the search and rescue people waste their time and take risk their lives to find and rescue people who are lost in the wilderness when satellite based locating systems are available at a very reasonable cost. In some instances I would approve of denying treatment. DON
  8. The more interesting question is whether vaccines will be required to enter a public building, be required by employers to hold certain or all jobs, enter recreation areas, etc. As far as I am concerned, your freedom not to take public health measures ends if it impacts my health. You can decide not to take the vaccine when it becomes available as long as you do not come within 6 ft of me or my family. DON
  9. There is a wonder very small but interesting book out there called "How to Lie with Statistics" - https://www.amazon.com/How-Lie-Statistics-Darrell-Huff/dp/0393310728/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwwab7BRBAEiwAapqpTMxO0CD0TBVhYMK1d13BYu9SLs8O4a-W2WWylL-TCt504EFK9VtFJBoClyAQAvD_BwE&hvadid=241635027273&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9052936&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=4050307822486114941&hvtargid=kwd-96237380&hydadcr=21906_10171159&keywords=how+to+lie+with+statistics&qid=1600790107&sr=8-1&tag=googhydr-20#customerReviews. Everyone should read it. DON
  10. If you do that, you are out of the bubble. The whole group is going to have to go to Walmart together and will have to stay together and separated from the rest of the other people in the store. Ain't going to happen. DON
  11. Your people watch comment is very apt. One of the very enjoyable part of any city or town visit to us is to spend an hour sitting at a cafe with a cup of coffee or a drink and just watch the people or get an idea of the city. People who try to jam 3 tours in a city on a single day will never understand that. NTW - that is one of the advantages of a DIY land tour - you do not feel that you are rushed. I remember our trip to Barcelona where we went to the same cafe every morning for breakfast. By day 3, the wait person at the cafe knew us. People who only cruise will never enjoy that experience. DON
  12. No private excursions. No cruise. No more to say. DON
  13. I read it and the very 1st point indicates that their response is total BS. They have the crew being checked before they leave for the ship. They have them checked again when the board the ship. They then have them quarantine for 14 days (I think) ON the ship before they can work. I seriously doubt if the crew members will stay in their cabin w/o going out for 14 days. Even if they do stay in their cabin, who is going to clean their cabin - the crew member? They should have them quarantine on shore for 14 days BEFORE they board the ship. DON
  14. Once a vaccine is approved and shown to be safe, I would not step onto a ship unless the person was vaccinated. In fact,. I would go further than that. Nobody should be allowed in any public building without being able to prove that they were vaccinated. I also fully expect that some employers may require that their employees are vaccinated. DON
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