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  1. I don't care what group or interest it is - any group of 600 people on a ship will be intrusive and will end up taking ship venues. Problem is that it is hard to keep track of them. DON
  2. Also w 10 people at a table they can't all talk to each other anyway w/o shouting. Just go w 2 tables and switch people around. DON
  3. I believe that the ports should and hopefully will eventually do with all the cruise ports what many of the National Parks have done - ration the number of visitors. Once that number of has been reached admit no more visitors. The people who insist in cruising on the Genormous of the Seas type ships should just go out to sea somewhere and anchor or cruise slowly in circles so that the people who feel that they have to cruise on these ships can stay at sea and do whatever they wish. The private islands in the Caribbean already partly serve this function fairly well. Genormous of the Seas type ships just do not belong in places like AK at all. DON
  4. Completely disagree. That will just ruin the more interesting smaller towns. Just keep the numbers down. Way down. That is the only solution. DON
  5. What I think is interesting is that people visit AK on a 7 or maybe even 10 day tour. They visit the same 3 or 4 ports. They never get more than 20 or 40 miles from the coast and never get part the southern ports and say that they have seen Alaska. We did 3 1/2 months driving Alaska and got far away from the coast there was still many places in AK that we did not get to. We did not get to the Aleutian Peninsula. We did not get to Nome. We did not get to some of the more isolated National Parks. We did not get into the fly in places. As of June 2024, over 1.4 million people visit Alaska each year, but some estimates say the number is closer to 2 million or 2.7 million. Tourism is a major contributor to Alaska's economy, generating $3.9 billion in direct spending in 2022–2023 and a total economic impact of $5.6 billion. Visitors typically spend 8.5 nights in the state. No wonder the 3 or 4 ports that most visitors visit are over crowded. DON
  6. This is not an answer to your shuttle question but a comment about the Alaska State Museum. It is wonderful. We spent almost half a day there. If your folk are into Alaska heritage type museums there is a hidden gem museum in Ketchikan - http://www.ketchikanmuseums.org/exhibits/totem-heritage-exhibits. It isn't quite in the center of town so you need to use the tourist shuttle to get there which drops you off at the front door of the museum but it is worth a visit. DON
  7. I will bet that you can find their phone # on Google. Try calling them. DON
  8. I do not know if shoes have been discussed on this thread. However on formal night I wear black dress socks w my black birkenstocks and they become my formal night shoes. Saves taking a pair of shoes that I will never wear any other time on the ship. Also if women can wear sparkly sandals I can wear dress birks. DON
  9. I am not sure if this meets your needs but here goes. We did an AK cruise w our 2 granddaughters aged 11 and 14. We booked 1 cabin for me and granddaughter A and a 2nd cabin for my wife and granddaughter B. When we got on board we switched. My wife and I in cabin 1 and granddaughters A and B in cabin 2. There were no problems and the kids were well behaved. Also we have no idea what time they went to sleep aand we did not want to know. DON
  10. My plan is to use CC for tax planning and then go to the IRS and supporting sites to help me get answers to cruise questions. I have not yet figured out which one of those are my go to medical sites. LOL!!! DON
  11. If you want to go to Totem Bight which is highly recommended check out Google Maps. DON
  12. I would guess that you are 180 degrees wrong. They would be more likely to open your luggage because they will figure that you are trying to hide something. I remember reading a while back that traffic cops watch put for cars that are driving very slowly and carefully because they feel that these people are trying to make sure that they will not be stopped by the cops. S ame deal w the luggage. DON
  13. Just type "cruises in port" into Google. DON
  14. My daughter has celiacs disease. Princess has always handled her absolute GF requirements very well even to having a GF toaster in the back at the buffet. DON
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