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  1. +1 on that comment. All of my suitcases but 1 have 2 wheels which are of a decent size so they roll over stuff. My wife needed a new suitcase and she insisted on a 4 wheel suitcase. I understand that it is nice that you can push it and it will not fall over but that is the only positive. To me, the negatives far out weigh the positives. Tiny wheels that hang up on everything and try using it on uneven surfaces outside of the airport. I will also add that stuff sacks are great for organizing stuff and if you have jackets and largish stuff such as jackets, compression stuff sacks are just wonderful. It is amazing how much you can force into a compression stuff sack - https://www.rei.com/product/766677/sea-to-summit-ultra-sil-compression-sack#product-reviews. I will bet that I could pack almost enough for a longish trip into 2 of these compression sacks. DON
  2. I have not checked it out but how many days do you get to spend in Hawaii and how many days are sea days. You have to really like sea days to take a cruise from the West Coast to Hawaii. DON
  3. That interview is a total nothing. The Vikand rep does not say anything about the product except that it is wonderful but he really does not present any hard evidence or data that it actually works. A pure puff piece of nothingness. When I tried to open up the company WEB site to check them out, my Malware program told me that it was a dangerous and that I should not open it. DON
  4. I am surprised that they did not try to claim that the hill roll down was a preplanned part of the excursion. DON
  5. This response has no relevance to my post. To my knowledge, cancer is not caused by a specific organism but by the body misbehaving and some cells replicating themselves beyond control. So what does this have to do with a disease that is caused by a specific organism which could eliminated or at least eliminated until is mutates by causing the body to attack the organism. If you find a way to eliminate the organism, you eliminate the disease. I am not saying that this search will succeed (see my prior note on HIV) but we might be successful and control Covid. That is unless we allow the anti-vaxers to set the vaccination agenda and you can be sure that to do their best to keep this from happening by trying to convince people from taking the vaccine. I would add that while there is not an overall magic bullet type of cure for cancer and there probably never will be, many specific cancers can be controlled better and patients diagnosed today have a much better life expectancy than if they were diagnosed in earlier years. Consider this data for leukemia. It used to be that if you got leukemia, this was considered to be a death sentence. W are now much better at controlling or curing leukemia - "According to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the five-year survival rates for patients diagnosed with leukemia from 1960-63 was just 14 percent. Fifty years later, it reached 61 percent. For Hodgkin lymphoma, the five-year survival rate has gone from 40 percent to 88 percent. Five-year survival rates for non-Hodgkin lymphoma has also improved from 31 percent to 73 percent since the 1960s." DON
  6. This is a quote from the CDC site on HIV vaccines - "1984 HIV was identified as the cause of AIDS. U.S. HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler declared that an AIDS vaccine will be ready for testing within two years" They do not have a HIV vaccine yet. Just a thought. DON
  7. Based on the rapidity of states prematurely opening and the way that so many people have behaved before and after the states opened, I definitely believe that we have learned something which is supposedly a quote from Albert Einstein - "There are only 2 things that are infinite - the universe and human stupidity and I am not certain about the universe". DON
  8. This is a general comment and not specifically directed to the topic on hand although it is relevant. A number of people in this thread have talked about correlations between one health parameter and another. The correlation coefficient or r value is usually used to determine if there is a relationship between 2 parameters. I found this chart and there are a lot of others on the WEB that we can use to determine if there is a valid relationship between parameter 1 and parameter 2 As a rule of thumb, for absolute value of r: 0.00-0.19: very weak 0.20-0.39: weak 0.40-0.59: moderate 0.60-0.79: strong 0.80-1.00: very strong. There is a problem with this however. A high r value does not always show causality between the 2 parameters. Consider this WEB site - http://tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations. For example, the r value for comparing US spending on science and suicides by hanging is 0.997. The r value for comparing iPhone sales and people who died falling down stairs is 0.994. The correlation coefficient between divorce rate in Maine and per capita consumption of margarine is 0.992. Obviously, these are ridiculous comparisons and there is clearly a known causal relationship between obesity and diabetes but just don't believe people when they say that event A occurred because of the fact the event B occurred. You need to drill down through the data to see if it makes any sense. DON
  9. I was sort of kidding and I realized that as a practical proposal, the idea was ridiculous. However, if you look at the places in the world that have the fewest cases, they are mostly islands or places where they are not really counting cases. The place with the least number of cases is the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon with just once case. Check it out on this site - https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries. DON
  10. Just be prepared to stay for a while. Tristan de Cunha. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/20/travel/tristan-da-cunha.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Travel DON
  11. CODAG???? COGAG??? Please provide a translation for those of us who are ignorant. DON
  12. I was going to say the same thing. People should be entitled to do stupid things as long as they harm only themselves or they don't expect to be rescued. I get really annoyed when I see emergency responders ricking their own lives and going out to rescue people who are lost or hurt in places that they were not supposed to be in. DON
  13. Some people love sea days; some people tolerate sea days; some people hate them. Put me in the 3rd group. DON
  14. How are you going to verify that the people actually watched the video as opposed to turning on the TV and just ignoring what is on? DON
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