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  1. This is a general response and not one specifically to this post. How are they going to include shopping as part of a bubble tour. Are they going to have shops that are only available to bubble tour groups which will not allow any locals or tourists who are not part of bubble groups into the shops? Are they going to allow anyone into the shops and then deep clean the shops before the bubble groups arrive? The same sort of question applies when a bubble group visits a tourist site. Are they going to keep all the locals out of the museum or cathedral or are they going to kick t
  2. You say that they do not require vaccinations. I would be very unhappy w that. DON
  3. You have said exactly what I have said many times. The best reason to use a good TA from a small agency and not a big box agency is not the perks but that they will take your side and fight for you when the cruise company tries to scr** you over which they often do. DON
  4. Anyone can sue anyone. All you need is a lawyer (they come cheap), a paid filing fee, a platform to announce that you have filed a suit and a publicist to spread the word that you have going to get justice for the people. . The next step is just a bit more difficult - actually winning the case. DON
  5. Port Stanley is the least interesting part of the Falklands. The best parts especially if you are into wildlife are the outer small islands. On my Falklands/S Georgia trip, we did 3 days in the Falklands - one in port Stanley and 2 on four of the other islands with 2 stops each day. I do have to say that the Chilean Fjords were spectacular. Maybe almost as great as Antarctica but of course we did not do any landings and the wildlife was minimal. Finally, I did not share a cabin or toilet/washroom facilities although personally, I would be willing to share toilet/was
  6. Unless you have to be in quarantine, there are a lot worse things that can happen to you than being "stranded" in England for a few days. DON
  7. I may be wrong but don't you have to be a citizen of Israel to take these cruises? DON
  8. Your next trip should be JUST the Falklands and S Georgia. However those trips are hard to find and I don't think that any of the mass market lines do it. You will have to work w a TA that does just Antarctica and Arctic trips for that one. The Falklands / S. Georgia experience is totally different from the Antarctica experience but both of them are great. DON
  9. The 3 times that I was in Ushuaia, there were several travel agencies on the main street that advertised last minute Antarctica cruise. I did not check them out but it appears that the last minute cruises are available. I have no idea what your choices are, how long you may have to wait to get a spot and how much you will save however. You might try to Google the travel agencies if you can find them and see what is available. DON
  10. Don't all of the lines and all of the ships bypass US labor laws. That is why they are registered in places like Liberia. If you want to only sail on ships that follow US labor laws, that leaves you almost no ships to cruise on and precious few places to visit. DON
  11. Not surprising considering how desperate people appear to get on a ship. I do expect that there will be a considerable number of cancellations as the reality of what the new cruising is going to be. DON
  12. Yes. You are missing something. 1. When we did Antarctica, we typically did 2 landings per day. We never felt rushed. 2. Why did you pick Viking? Any cruise that you take on Viking will be expensive but if you insist on a higher level ship to Antarctica it will always be expensive. When you do Antarctica, you are interested in what is outside of the ship and not the facilities inside the ship. We are not allowed to mention TAs on CC but find yourself a TA that specializes only in Arctic and Antarctica cruise and you can find lots of good alternative ships with les
  13. The stuff that they have at the IC isn't really a meal. It is just snacks. DON
  14. I assume that if you do the Antarctica cruise of 13 days, you spend maybe 8 days in Antarctica. If that is true, although I love the Falklands and S. Georgia, you don't get enough time in those places so I would recommend the Viking cruise. When I did my solo visit to the Falklands / S. Georgia cruise w/o my wife, we spent 3 days in the Falklands including 2 on the outer islands where all the interesting wildlife stuff is. Port Stanley is cute but the outer islands are much more spectacular. We also spent I think 8 or 10 days in S. Georgia. Just spending 2 days on S. Georgia j
  15. I should have also added the question - what places do you visit in the Falklands - just port Stanley or also the outer islands. The best wildlife is on the outer islands. DON
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