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  1. Define "better" in order to get a reasonable answer. What might be "better" for me might not be "better" for you. For example, almost any place in the world would be better for me than the Caribbean. DON
  2. No. Why do some people feel that they are owed compensation for every minor problem that life tosses them? DON
  3. It would be interesting to know how much the casinos actually contribute to the profit margins by cruise line. I know that Azamara is removing the casinos because they do not fit their cruising model. Of course we will never ever get that information. DON
  4. Might I suggest that you use paragraphs to make your post easier to read. DON
  5. You complained to the cruise director about being cheated in a trivia game. Seems like a bit of an over response to me. DON
  6. Glacier Bay is a National Park. There is usually a good reason for a place to be a National Park. DON
  7. I will add to this that I have bought 3 fairly expensive complicated Citizen watches on cruises that were free. I had use-it-or-lose-it OBC so I bought watches. I would never however actually pay for a watch on board. Same thing applies for photo equipment. Never buy photo equipment on board unless it is free. One time again I had lots of used OBC. I texted a friend who was in the market for a new camera and told him what they had. I also told him that I would sell him what I bought for 25% off the lowest price he could find on land. Both of us won on that deal. DON
  8. Bottom line - because they can get it. When people stop paying their outrageous prices, the prices will come down. DON
  9. I think that White Night is very much overrated. Limited food selection. Impossible to find seats. Not great ambience. We never go to them. DON
  10. I guess that you are right. Sorry. Just another new policy with no implementation rules. DON
  11. Try typing "taxi fare seatac to pier 91" into Google. DON
  12. That happens all the time in the US because of legal issues or because the prosecution messed up. Not right but not usual. DON
  13. Easy way to get to Cuba. Fly to Canada. Then fly to Cuba. Then take a land tour. People have been doing that for years. DON
  14. The President has just cancelled all cruises to Cuba effective almost immediately. DON
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