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  1. Was there anything at all during the entire day that you ate that she did not eat. "Textbook food poisoning". Are you an expert on the subject? DON
  2. Try ToursbyLocals. Have used them for lots of excursions and they were all excellent. DON
  3. How important is it that the tour be private. The cruise ships offer larger boat whale watching excursions and also whale watching excursions on boats that hold maybe 10 or 12 people. We have done the latter several times and they work well. DON
  4. Seems like we have had this discussion many times on CC. I would suggest that the OP should review the previous posts to see if they can add something new to the subject before they continue this thread. Most of the threads seem to cover almost everything that can be said on the subject. DON
  5. Just my opinion and I am into photography but it seems to me that you are a bit over doing things. My idea of traveling in scenic areas is to see things and experience the areas and not to see everything from behind the camera viewfinder. DON
  6. I am looking at a B2B on the CroisiEurope La Belle des Oceans ship. It would combine their 8 day Magnificant Murdejar Art from the Andalusian Flatlands to Morocco's Imperial Cities cruise with their 8 day Cruise through the Canary Island Archipelago, eternal Springtime cruise for a total of 16 days. I don't know anything at all about CroisiEurope except that most of their cruises are river boat cruises and these are not riverboats nor is this a riverboat cruise. I can't find out anything at all about these specific cruises except that it is difficult to find any cruise that focuses on these areas. The ships aree about 150 passengers which is a good size. The price at about $500 per day is not bad. One potential problem is that the company and the cruise sounds very French and we all know what the French people can be like. Some people who have done river boat cruises with this company have said that almost everyone on the ship was French. Has anyone out there done any trips with this company and especially trips on their non-riverboat ships. DON
  7. Suppose it is true that you will not get a refund if no whales are seen. This leaves you w 2 choices. 1) Cancel. Then you will have a 100% certainty that you will NOT see whales. 2) Take the tour. You will probably see whales but even if you don't you will have had an enjoyable scenic cruise in the harbor and you might see other stuff. The right choice seems obvious to me. DON
  8. Las Vegas Hard Water Rating. According to Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD)1, Las Vegas has a hardness rating of 278 parts per million or 16 grains per gallon. This level of hardness is considered to be “extremely hard.” In fact, Las Vegas has some of the hardest water in the country! DON
  9. I agree. The showers on Azamara ships are very small. DON
  10. All of the Viking ocean ships are essentially identical so it doesn't matter which one you cruise on. Makes it easier as you can just pick your itinerary. DON
  11. Why don't you verify just to be sure by contacting the tour operator directly. DON
  12. See if you can figure out who is actually doing the tour from the Celebrity tour description and contact them directly., DON
  13. I arbitrarily picked one of the ships in the Princess fleet and had no problem finding out who he is on the internet. DON
  14. NYC water is very good. Southern Florida water tastes of sulphur. DON
  15. As much as I dislike the whole medallion system we have had several pre-medallion instances where we were charged for items and services that were in correct. Getting the errors was always a pain. DON
  16. We have taken all of our grandkids on an AK trip as a coming of age trip when they turned 10 w/o their parents. All of the trips were a joy to grandparents and grandkids. Pictures like this are one of the reasons we do it. We want them to have the opportunity to see stuff like this before they disappear. DON
  17. Has anyone done a real test of this by bringing some home tap water to see if they can tell the difference. I would also suspect that some home tap waters might be really awful so the ship water might be better than the home water. DON
  18. Thanks to everyone for the info. It is all very useful. DON
  19. We are driving in and will be staying in Surry the night before the cruise. After the cruise we will be driving back to the states and not staying in Vancouver. DON
  20. These are my thoughts although I will admit that I am commenting on the basis of ignorance. I have done the drive from Anchorage to Seward several times and have never done the train. I have also done the train from Anchorage to Denali and disliked it intensely. I have done the trains in Skagway several times but only because we were taking the grandkids to AK. The kids enjoyed the Skagway train. To me they were merely blah. On the other hand I have just done the train ride from Bergen Norway to Oslo in the winter which is properly advertised as one of the great train rides in the world and the ride is truly great. My problem w train rides is that when I travel I like to be in control of what is happening which does not happen on the AK train rides. I like to take photographs - not snapshots but photographs. This is not possible on a train which goes past the photo op at 30 mph and does not stop. If I come to a place where there is wildlife I want to be able to stop and look at it with my binoculars or spotting scope or get out the camera AND the tripod and then compose a decent photograph. I have no problem driving and looking at stuff and my wife is happy to tell me that there is a good photo op ahead. She is also happy to drive while I am looking. I do not want to be in the position of not looking outside of the window just as we pass something really great or not being able to get a photo because the damn trees on the side of the track show up in every picture I take. Sightseeing from a train may work for some people. They just don't work for me. DON
  21. We are going to be driving to Vancouver from the states to meet our AK cruise. I want to buy some wine before the cruise. I also want to buy some more Canadian (Ontonagon) wine after the cruise to bring back home w me. Any suggestions for a good wine store will be appreciated. We will have a car. DON
  22. Ditto on the TG series cameras. Quick note on them - THEY DO NOT FLOAT so be sure to get an additional camera strap so they will float. DON
  23. We are going to be driving to Vancouver from the states to meet our AK cruise. I want to buy some wine before the cruise. I also want to buy some more Canadian (Ontonagon) wine after the cruise to bring back home w me. Any suggestions for a good wine store will be appreciated. We will have a car. DON
  24. Many of them come from non-drinking cultures or do not drink alcoholic drinks. What are they going to do with the stuff - trade it for something they want in the crew tip gift exchange. DON
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