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  1. This app does pretty much all of that. It also works pretty well. We've been using it all week for deck maps, planning activities, making reservations, messaging each other and looking at menus. We also used it for check in and it had our set sail pass in it.
  2. You definitely want to create an account for him as well. I actually logged in with my account on my wifes phone at first and messaging didn't work. You don't need to completely remove the app though. To logout, from the home page click on the person icon at the top (the one on the right). From there, tap the gear next to your name and then scroll down and tap Sign out. This should let you sign in with another account. I actually think you can create an account right from the app. Also, I don't know why my screenshots are all different sizes in the previous post. I just uploaded them all from Tapatalk.
  3. We're on right now. We had it on day 2 and tonight (day 6). It was a tight fit getting ready for dinner after leaving Labadee.
  4. The messaging happens completely within the Royal Caribbean app. It requires you to be connected to either the ships free WiFi or Voom. Even if you do the free WiFi, you need to open your browser to login. Once in the app, messaging is launched from the Beta Messaging icon in the top corner. When I loaded it, my wife was already listed and you could add other people with some of their information. If someone shows as offline it means that they aren't connected to the ship WiFi so they can't be reached. Other than that it works like pretty normal messaging. Here are some screenshots. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  5. I'm using Android on the Allure right now and swiping does work after you are on board. It didn't work for me before boarding. I'm guessing it's because the schedule is tentative before boarding. Also, the messaging has notifications on Android at least. My wife and I have used it a few times. I have the internet package on my device, she doesn't but messaging has worked well and we receive a notification on our phones when messages come in.
  6. I took my kids on a 7 night cruise last January with Kids Sail Free and actually found that there weren't many kids on board. I expected more but the kids club was usually pretty dead and the kids pool area wasn't very full either. I've always heard that the sail is typically offered to try and fill in some of the 4 passenger rooms on weeks where they don't normally fill. There were definitely kids on the cruise with us but it didn't seem like there were more than normal. We are doing another cruise this January with the same sale so we'll see how it goes.
  7. The 2 for 1 show's seem to be a ripoff. If you just look at the ticket office for most of the shows, the tickets are cheaper than they are if you go through the MyVegas discount. They actually jack the prices up before applying the 2 for 1. The free tickets are a great deal though. I've seen Ka and Love 3x each for free and gotten a couple of free buffets as well. Also used a free 2 night stay at Vdara. Someday I hope to get a free cruise but haven't been lucky enough to see one available yet.
  8. I sent an e-mail this morning so I haven't received a response yet. I figured I'd post here as well though since it doesn't look like I'm the only person experiencing this error.
  9. This Bad Request error is driving me crazy. I find that I have to clear my cookies and restart my browser at least once per day but it keeps coming back. I'm using the latest Chrome version on Windows 10.
  10. I'm trying to do check-in via the app and when I go to take my photo the camera is stretched out vertically. It makes my head look nearly half as wide as it should. Anyone else experience this?
  11. We used them as well but to take us to Ocho Rios to Mystic Mountain and Blue Hole. It was a long drive but a great day.
  12. I used the Cyber Monday sale on Monday to get a free upgrade to a balcony from an inside cabin on the Allure. I just got the Upgrade e-mail as if I was still an inside cabin. The minimum bid to upgrade to a balcony was $200pp.
  13. You can only use MyVegas rewards on cruises booked through RC. You can't use it when using a travel agent. Once you attach a MyVegas reward to it, it becomes a Royal Caribbean Crown Royale Casino booking and any changes you make to the reservation have to go through the casino department.
  14. It's just 1 per booking. I used the 10% off for January cruise and it applied easily. This is the e-mail that they sent me when it was applied: Thank You for contacting Royal Caribbean Club Royale myVegas Reward Program. I have applied the myVegas Reward 10% discount to your booking *******. I have sent an updated invoice of the new pricing for your reservation. Remember, no other myVegas Reward can be applied to this reservation. Only one reward per booking is allowed.
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