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  1. If you don't choose the Conn. one, you can call your travel agent and have them upgrade you to the Tundra Wilderness Tour for a charge. It was well worth it to go farther into the park. Whatever you choose - enjoy.
  2. Thanks, just wait and see for now.
  3. Thanks Maple & Diesel.... looks like I need to do more research.
  4. Does anyone know if you can do this hike on your own from the Princess lodge - or do you have to take their tour. Thanks.
  5. Perfect - I didn't want to have to exchange $ for only one use. Thanks
  6. Thanks for lots of great advice. Do you know if the funicular takes credit cards, or USD... do you need exact change? Thanks
  7. Thanks... glad you put so much time in to others!
  8. We are staying at the Chrome Hotel (215 Rene-Levesque Est). Is it possible to take a bus from the airport there... I know there is a station a block or two away? Also, my mom is 84 so lugging luggage too far might be an issue. And if you can take a bus, can you use the 3day pass from the airport? Many thanks in advance, Andrea.
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