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  1. Scottbee, thanks so much! That makes it a lot more clear!! Appreciate the translation!! 😄
  2. I guess I don't grasp the sticky and the links very well....or I'm just a bit dense. Anyway, I already have my transfer booked but a friend has asked about getting to Southampton (a hotel TBA) from LHR by train, preferably train only, with minimal connections. I used Mr. Google and thetrainline dot com seems to suggest that there are no direct routes, all have some sort of connection and several have a bus substitution on a portion of the journey, at least for the date I'm using. (A Sunday in November) Also it appears that several trains stop at/near the airport and not at Central Station. Would it be better to get to Waterloo or Victoria and then head to Southampton? Sorry, I feel like I'm really missing something. Trying to avoid, as much as possible, the use of buses. I appreciate any clarification you can provide! Thanks
  3. Princess' MedallionNet is fantastic..... I had zero issues the whole week I sailed Regal Princess. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks everyone!
  4. I know that Cunard is/was improving internet on their ships and I think I read a few months ago that QM2's was updated? Can anyone add any recent feedback on that, and/pr any additional information on what types of WIFI packages are offered? Thanks for any assistance!! I'm sailing in 2 weeks.
  5. Sorry, but if others are looking for the hotel, having the correct name is good. Wasn't intended to be nasty, just pointing out facts......and that brand has a specific target market. A LOT of people don't like it - they tend to be a lot more communal in design and louder than other hotels. ALSO, they're cheaper as the brand is targeted to younger travelers with smaller budgets. Again, wasn't trying to be mean, just letting everyone know the correct name of the brand and what it's like. I am a Marriott stockholder and have lifetime top tier status and worked for them for many years back in the day so I guess I'm somewhat OCD about this company and their brands.
  6. Yes and yes. Extra leg room even!! They're changing my ticket now. For some reason, even though the fare's the same, and I have a full fare, exchangeable ticket, their system cannot understand! Gotta love twitter!! Thanks a bunch!!
  7. Ok thanks!! I'll change my original NE ticket to later coach! I bought a changeable ticket! I'll see whatever of Southampton I can in the AM and enjoy my great rate at the Holiday Inn. On more question, about how early should I arrive for the Nat Exp coach? Would 30-45 minutes be sufficient? Enough time to use the loo and get a snack? Thanks for all your assistance. I leave a week from Monday so I'll stop bugging everyone! 😂😂😂
  8. See that's what I'm thinking......I'm pretty good at finding cheaper eats so that's not an issue. And I suppose I could snag a takeaway sandwich too.... My other option (talk me out of it please??) is to hang out in London all day, stay by LHR and take the coach in the AM. That's ridiculous, right??? I think my best bet is to have the hotel hold my bags (that's no issue, since they're holding my suitcase that I am shipping anyway, it'll arrive a couple days before me..I hope😁 Taking a later coach and then just crashing in Southampton makes more sense.
  9. Very helpful, thanks....... Now of course, I am thinking of staying an extra night in London to give myself some additional time there but hotel rates are quite high, bummer. I'll keep looking. .....will probably stick with the HI. I am Spire Elite in their frequent guest program so hopefully that will get me a nicer room
  10. Incidentally, I'm still not 100% sure where I'll stay. I decided to skip the Premier Inn since the reviews regarding WIFI were really bad and that's important to me. As of now, I'll be at the Holiday Inn though I am still entertaining Room2 (appealing as I can do laundry before the cruise) and White Star Tavern but the rates just went up so that's probably not going to happen. Other properties are over budget, which, for 1 night with me arriving around 16:00 is under 100 GBP.....well under. 😄😄
  11. FYI, the correct name for that hotel brand is MOXY, not Moxoy. It's somewhat geared towards millennials. The whole concept is sort of designed for being Instagram-worthy...not sure that makes a difference....just a heads up.
  12. Uber or Lyft, around 35 bucks and 20 minutes or so depending on traffic.
  13. One of my 3 gala evenings is just listed as Gala. The Black & White and masquerade are listed as such. I have a black & gold dress so that'll have to do for Gala if they expect red and/or gold. I'm done shopping now and have already started packing! 👗
  14. Very helpful thanks. I'm taking the bus from Victoria Coach station but I appreciate your taking the time to review the trip!
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