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  1. Just read on IG, from a guest, that they are going to sail to MIA. No suspected cases.
  2. The Port Authority of NY and NJ runs MANY things, EWR, LGA, JFK and SWF airports, the PATH trains, PABT bus terminal, bridges and tunnels, the World Trade Center and more. I would think that any potential issues with the ports/piers are minimal.
  3. With extra pax AND seemingly incessant and worsening traffic, I'd take a later train. AND do NOT, if possible, take the train up the same day. It's WAY too easy for there to be a bleep show on the rails. Just this week, in one day, within about 2 hours, there were 2 trespasser fatalities on the tracks near NY Penn which caused a LOT of chaos and delays that were in the 2 hour range. If you DO come in the same day, take a train an hour earlier than you plan. Yes Amtrak is GENERALLY on time. Acela trains get priority over their regular NEC trains and the local, commuter rails. But, one windy day and downed wires and you're SOL. Do yourself a favor, and follow Amtrak, Amtrak Alerts, Amtrak NEC and even New Jersey Transit on twitter. They're pretty good with posting delays or other issues. Last time I was up there a couple weeks ago, the station was a hot mess. And yes, you DO want a Red Cap. It's money well spent.
  4. In that case, you should be good. Use the chat function when you get the check in notice! 😉
  5. That's one of those things that will be a case by case basis. With Coronavirus, Royal MIGHT be a bit more lenient on their policies. Technically the answer is no, but if you really want to, give them a call and ask. You'll need to get to resolutions and likely keep pushing. I'd put your chances at better than 50% in your favor considering the current situation. Under normal circumstances, they'd make you cancel and pay the penalties.
  6. If the hotel wasn't sold out the night before, chances are good that they'll let you in early. I've stayed there often and I can't think of a time when I haven't been able to check in well before the appointed time. I do use the app to check in, and note early check in on my reservation. It may help that I am Titanium Lifetime and that I stay there quite a bit, but, being an airport hotel, people come and go at all hours and the housekeepers start around 8 AM during the week and they turn the rooms fast. You can wait in the lobby, it's quite comfy.
  7. I like MJS Shuttle....nice buses, reasonable cost. http://gomjstrans.com/MJS_Trans/Home.html
  8. The Red Caps at NY Penn and Newark Penn (as suggested by 138east) work for Amtrak and are generally NOT thrilled with helping non-Amtrak guests with their stuff (especially at Newark, if you can even find one. On one occasion, I was switching from Amtrak to NJT and a red cap assisted but he was NOT happy about it at all and he got a decent tip) I'm sure that for a healthy tip, they'd assist BUT if you're taking LIRR, you're going to have to haul your stuff to the Amtrak area to even find one. Honestly, if you're not comfortable schlepping luggage, I'd drive or see if you could get a local-to-you car service (maybe Carmel Limo? Or Dial 7? ) If you figure in stress, aggravation and the overcrowded, stinky mess known as NY Penn, you'll find that driving is the best, most cost effective choice. (I place a 'value' on my mental and physical well-being the older I get. And last time I was at NYP a month or so ago, the stench was overwhelming and I was REALLY not comfortable being there at all.)
  9. I LOVED the Drury Court. If you contact them via email, they may be able to offer you a better rate. I did not get included breakfast but you can do that and it's quite good. I'd stay there again in an instant.
  10. Well...it's not the most exciting place! You can check bags 4 hours ahead. Might be worth investing in a lounge pass.
  11. You're welcome. Also, keep checking the NJT website too, and their various twitter accounts as they'll post delays, etc. (There is a main NJ Transit one, plus one for each of the lines and IIRC a few of them stop at Newark Penn--I only ever take the Northeast Corridor line)
  12. Likely 30-60 minutes after arrival. No way I would even attempt that. Traffic, construction (still) and the hell hole that is EWR. I have CLEAR (which is ONLY currently at United's terminal) and TSA Precheck and I wouldn't try it. AA changed it, look at their schedule, find another one and call them and have them change you to a preferable time.
  13. Look for the middle doors in the cars if it's a double deck train. That's where it's all one level and while the seats are priority for disabled or elderly, most people with luggage will sit there. If it's a single deck train, good luck. Try to sit near the end of the cars. The NJT trains can get packed, even on weekends. Newark is almost the last station so be prepared. I suggest asking Mr. Google for images of NJ Transit trains (there are hundreds) and have a look around. It's a crap shoot as to what equipment will be running on any given day. Hope that helps. I haul too much luggage on NJT trains all the time and tend to look for the aforementioned seating areas. Again, it's priority for disabled and elderly but anyone can sit there. Just be mindful that you may have to stand if someone needs the seat though IME people who are in wheelchairs tend to need the bridge plate so they board where the conductors are located.
  14. I am there now. Well I came back to NV 20 minutes ago. Paid 40 bucks on Black Friday. I'd go maybe up to 60 or so. More than that, I'd find pals and get a cabana. It's reallllllly nice! Comfy chairs, nice, but coolish pool, fabulous service and the lunch was the BEST meal I've had all weekend! Get the lobster. You CAN get surf & turf per the restaurant manager if you ask. Lunch is served, but there is a self serve salad bar. They will make a reservation for your lunch when you arrive. They could use more restrooms, though perhaps there are some in the beach club that I missed.
  15. What do you want to do while you're there and are you sailing from NJ or NYC? And what airport are you flying into? Transportation costs need to be figured in as well. There are more Marriott properties in NYC than I can count. I'm a huge Marriott fan but I'd been staying at Ink48 (ex-Kimpton/IHG as of 2/1/20) so I haven't stayed in any of them recently. The Marquis is always cool, right on Times Square and it can be a zoo, but it's fun to stay there. Essex House is another option as is the Lexington. Just a few ideas. Again, it depends on what you want to do and how much time you'll have. Transportation to and from is something to consider. It took me almost 30 minutes by Lyft to get from Ink48 to Penn Station last week due to traffic, and it's about 2 miles.
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