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  1. March 16, 2020 Crown Princess Cancelled March 10 Filed for refund March 12 Refund June 18 Finally got it, many phone calls, and responses all over the place
  2. Thinking I may to go the credit card dispute route, was hoping to avoid that.
  3. Just got off phone with Princess rep. Cancelled Crown Princess 3 /16/2020 cruise on 3/ 6 /2020, filed claim on 3/13 /2020 for option 2. Have talked to them several times, was once told I would get refund in a couple of weeks. that was almost 4 weeks ago. this rep. told me they have not even started processing my refund and has no idea when they would start processing much less sending refund.
  4. WOW so asking a question is taking it personally , I guess I do not understand what a forum is for.
  5. Not stressing by any stretch but just asking what they really mean. sorry if you think I am over reacting, but not that. just asking, I guess that offended your
  6. But that is what they said they were doing, just can't trust what they say. Also, I call yesterday, person said my cruise was being worked on, then after a hesitation said well it may be a while. so what that does that mean.
  7. Apparently not going by cruise date, mine was Crown 3/ 15 and have not seen anything. Submitted request on 3/13
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