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  1. I am still alive and kicking. I don't get much chance to visit Cruise Critic these days. Yes, I've been very busy. After 4 years in a large university church the Bishop, {SARC} in his infinite wisdom {/SARC}, decided to move me to a church that is beginning to experience massive growth in the huge population explosion north and east of Dallas County. I just began in this new church today and it's going to be a real time-gobbler. It's very different from where I was, but it's also good to have a new and different challenge. I love churches with lots of young families and kids, and that's what I've gotten. I hope to be around as I begin thinking about and planning for my next cruise. Not sure when that will be ... I have very little free time right now, but I'm still supposed to take 5-weeks of vacation a year! When, I can't imagine, but I'll find the time. Blessings,
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