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  1. Am I the only one who misses the good old days of Cruise Critic when we used to discuss the more serious issues? I can't wait to get back to those soul searching discussions instead of what seems to be popular now ... When am I getting my refund? When can I cruise again? Will HAL survive? Why are HAL phone lines so busy? When can I go to Alaska?
  2. Buy a good book or two, find a good chair, you will not be cruising anytime soon 🙄
  3. Sure, take the folks affected by the Coronavirus in Seattle, Washington and bring them to visit the people affected by the Coronavirus in Alaska. Sounds like a plan to me 😏
  4. We all have no idea how long we will be without cruising. The majority of cruise lines suspended cruises when there were about 2800 Coronavirus cases in the US. Intelligent, logical and reasonable people would think that it would only be safe to start cruising when the number of confirmed cases at least drops back below that number. The US is now closing in on 40,000 document cases. Buy a few good books and grab a chair, you will not be cruising tomorrow
  5. A few years ago, we had lunch with one of HAL's most respected Hotel Managers at the time (not on a world cruise). Of course, we talked about cruising and, at one point, he was very honest and said to me: "Look around the dining room; you can see that 40% of these folks should not be travelling by cruise ship considering their overall condition." I was a bit shocked at the time but now realize that, sadly, he might have underestimated that figure. A lot of people on that world cruise ship are now in big trouble. We can only hope that HAL will do everything possible to help them.
  6. Have you spoken to their families? I think a little compassion might be more in line with your chosen vocation. Amen!
  7. I fully understand that but there would be no need for additional funding if there was not a sense of emergency to protect the citizens.
  8. You may want to reconsider inviting people down to Florida ... "Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order Monday evening to declare a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus in Florida."
  9. It's at times like this that you wish that HAL had some type of brand ambassador or spokesperson ... oh wait a minute, they do have both ... 😏
  10. May 15 is still 2 months away. The situation may and probably will change many times before then and making a decision today might be premature for both cruisers and the cruise line. We both need to make alternative plans, just in case, but put them aside for a while until we are closer to actual travel date. At the speed that the virus seems to be travelling east (China - Korea - Iran - Italy ... ???) it is highly possible that travelling to Italy in mid-May might not be a problem. As anyone thought, however, that at this speed of expansion, the virus will become much worse in America and it will be Italy that will no longer let in planes coming from America? In May, Italy may well be very safe while America is a hot spot virus-wise.
  11. You can purchase HAL's insurance up to final payment date. After that, it is too late!
  12. This reminds me of the time I once took a very general photo of the Billboard Onboard area, and during her break, one of the piano players very rudely told me that I had no right taking her picture without getting her permission first. I very politely informed her that she should get another job!
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