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  1. Don't overthink this...it is not an issue at either door.
  2. We still prefer to deal with an independent travel agent. She can and has done the same for us many times. And unlike the PCC, if our travel agent is out of the office that day, any of the 20 or so other agents in her office can handle this immediately.
  3. Definitely not worth $20. IMHO the free one isn't worth the price either 😉
  4. Meomi Pinot Noir is still available as part of the Sommelier Suite Package available for purchase on board or online prior to your cruise. It is part of the Number 2 package which comes to approx $40 a bottle (unless you can apply a Mariner Discount if you qualify - 25% to 50%). So at $40 a bottle, approx the same as bringing it on board but less trouble.
  5. 8 days ... two of those are weekend ... leaving 6 days. My only advice: RELAX! Many folks have had a problem with the Loyalty Program; they do get fixed in time. It is not worth fretting over! Can't get a booking to work on the internet? The phone is your friend 🙄
  6. Every time for me also...within seconds, it is automatic.
  7. What is a CQ cabin? Never heard of such a designation before.
  8. Thanks Copper. I was getting worried the folks who always say they have no space for formal clothes in their luggage were also going to say they have no space for orange clothes. This multi-purpose suit satisfies both requirements with one suit ... what a space-saver 🙂
  9. Then you can't go to the party
  10. Billboard Onboard performers change regularly as there are now approx 10 HAL ships with that setup, so that is 20 performers with 3-4 month contracts alternating ships and partners. We have had some good duos and some bad duos as well as a few where one performer outshone the other one (as are BB King performers BTW whose groups even change 1 or 2 members within the same cruise sometimes). Just saying Billboard Onboard is good or bad does very little to inform the readers of the real experience. It is like saying that you saw a really bad magician without naming him/her. It does not mean all magic shows are bad. It would be much better and easier to judge if people actually identified the piano entertainers by their real names instead of just the generic Billboard Onboard label. Just a thought ...
  11. That is also what we do through our travel agent at final payment time and get a confirmation of our assigned table. The Nieuw Statendam MDR map is not on halfacts yet, that is the reason I asked here.
  12. Does anyone have a copy of the Main Dining Room map for the Nieuw Statendam? It should be the same as the Koningsdam's, but table numbers may have changed a bit.
  13. Likely not! It is printed on board, probably during the night before embarkation (i.e. last night of the prior cruise).
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