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  1. Number of cruises / cruise days. The required numbers are posted on the Princess website.
  2. Of course it hasn't been cancelled...that would mean handing out refunds and we all know the speed at which cruise lines want to do that 😉 They are all at this time "exploring their options" which is another term for "What the f... do we do now ? "
  3. Have been using it since the start of the pandemic and it hasn't told me anything yet 🙂 I figure, what the hell, HAL has my phone number and they will let me know when they are ready to feed me again!
  4. They should take bets on when we will all get back to cruising 😁 instead of thinking about it !
  5. That was indeed a very nice gesture and truly demonstrates where Mr. Ashford's strength lies, compassion needed to become a well respected individual in the "human resources" field. Unfortunately, that one competency is not one at the top of the list when looking for an individual to manage a cruise line. He set Holland America back many years.
  6. Orlando will soon make sure Azamara has nobody's attention 🙂 According to what our travel agent has heard from numerous clients, Azamara rates very poor in the entertainment domain. I hope they are not relying on Orlando to MAGA, i.e. Make Azamara Great Again!
  7. Not looking to start a polemic, but I do not believe there are any really reliable sources on this issue anywhere in the world right now. Every prediction, assumption, feeling, etc has been wrong since the beginning of the pandemic. Seems that regardless of what anyone says, we will still be in it for a while and nobody can offer anything resembling a solution except the vaccine. Sad, but true.
  8. Exactly, and that has nothing to do with the CDC or the cruise lines. It is entirely up to the country you are visiting, if they even allow you to visit in the first place. On a Mediterranean 15 day-cruise, for example, your fate may well be in the hands of 8 or 9 different countries all with different rules. Good luck with that...
  9. There are so many unanswered questions at this time. Nothing is being stated as a definitive procedure or rule by either the CDC, the cruise lines or port authorities in the different countries. I cannot see anyone stating a restart date until such procedures start to be discussed as the definite way they will be established. Everything is still under study and nobody has any answers ... just a whole lot of maybes and assumptions. May as well get a good chair and a good book, we are still in this state of uncertainty for a long time.
  10. Don't forget also that, if your cruise ends in a foreign country, that country has to agree to let you in !!! They may let you in and quarantine you for 14 days or not let you in at all. And they could even change their entry requirements after your cruise has left and you are stuck on the ship. The CDC has no say in this!
  11. Look at the bright side. All wines in their cellar will have aged one more year...Bonus 🙂
  12. What would the difference be between a Princess tour and a "bubble" tour? How, when and where would you form a "bubble"? If you could be part of a different "bubble" in every port, it would defeat the intent. Too many unknowns to predict at this date; we will have to wait and see when they finally announce the new procedures.
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