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  1. Geez ... now we'll all need new uniforms
  2. The amount of OBC is irrelevant to your earning Mariner Points. It is the $$$ actually spent onboard and some pre-boarding purchases (excursions, spa treatments, drink cards, etc.) that count. Whether you pay those with OBC, credit card or cash does not matter.
  3. We most always tip tour guides regardless of the location if they provide good service EXCEPT those that specifically ask or beg for a tip. I am a firm believer that anyone who asks or begs for a tip is disrespectful of his/her clients and simply does not deserve a tip.
  4. There was indeed a Chef's Table on HAL and, while it was very nice, it was no where near the level of the Chef's Table on Princess that "scubacruiser" is referring to. The Princess dinner includes a visit to the galley with the Executive Chef and Maitre d' before dinner where they serve 5 or 6 different appetizers with matching Champagne (i.e. not the 1st prize for trivia variety :-)) They then have a special table set up in the MDR for a 5-course dinner with excellent matching wines and the main course prepared table-side. The food, preparation and service are equal to a 3-star Michelin restaurant...Outstanding! The guests are given an autographed Princess cookbook, a group photo and an individual couple photo with the Chef and Maitre d'. It's a wonderful event.
  5. We have also done it a few times (wonderful experience) and there is nothing similar to it on HAL.
  6. My wife will gladly tell you it is a very rare occasion that I have nothing to say about something ... This is one of them
  7. That sums it up quite well. A lot of people come on to Cruise Critic not to seek out information and guidance but to get other folks to approve their choice of clothes, food, accommodation, cabin size, etc so they can then feel better about themselves.
  8. No, but they have, for the most part, studied hospital management which qualifies them. Putting Orlando Ashford, a renowned and well respected human resources expert, in charge of cruise line operations is quite different. Someone with hotel management education and experience would have been a much wiser choice.
  9. I heard they only hired him for the Thanksgiving cruises Now here's an idea ... dueling turkey basters in Billboard Onboard
  10. That's it ... Now they have pushed us over the edge ... Can anyone recommend a good quality cruise line for our next cruise ?
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