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  1. Are you also of the opinion that over 200,000 families are over-reacting to the loss of a loved one? Very sad ...
  2. Hello Jacqui, could you please add us for the following: August 22, 2021 - 24-day Nieuw Statendam - Jewels of the Baltic & Iberian Adventure Hopefully, the world will be a better place by then! 😷
  3. But it is REALITY! And it will continue to be so until such time as both the government and the people face up to it, accept their respective responsibilities and start playing by the rules.
  4. I think the "foreign" port issue might prove to be a very moot point in that it is much more likely that Fort Lauderdale will still be closed by then. Nobody will be going anywhere!
  5. Buy a few books, grab a good chair, you are not going anywhere anytime soon!
  6. But the entertainment is so much better at Walmart 😉
  7. I am not asking to start a controversy but because I am curious to know. What does a flagship do and who cares?
  8. Still better than "Dead" or "Departed" 😉
  9. I feel a refreshing wave of optimism coming to HAL ... let's hope this will benefit long-time HAL cruisers as well as develop a new following.
  10. Congratulations and best of luck. Nice of HAL to appoint someone with Guest Services experience. I look forward to Mr. Antorcha and Mr. Kruse working together to both bring back some of the HAL traditions beloved by so many and introduce innovations to improve the HAL experience even more.
  11. There is a major difference between living the last day of your life enjoying life to the fullest or living the last day of your life playing Russian Roulette. It is your choice ... good luck!
  12. Just wake me up when it is over and let me know when and where I can board the ship ...
  13. Mario is also one of our favourites. Very personable and very present everywhere on the ship. His interaction with Captain Rens Van Eerten remains unmatched.
  14. They also dressed them up in the ugliest grey suits available that took away all individuality and personality. The bar staff and MDR waiters are better dressed than the CDs 😉 Come to think of it, so are the room stewards and tender drivers!
  15. Right now, HAL will gladly welcome anyone who is willing to part with some money! Doesn't matter what color, age, political stripe, nationality, height or weight ... just bring us your $$$
  16. Why are people acting like 5-year old kids on Christmas Eve regarding the return of cruising? The assumptions, wild guesses and illogical predictions are totally useless. Breathe in, breathe out, buy a few good books, grab your favorite chair and relax. The cruise lines, I am positive, will let us know when they are ready for us 😏
  17. Absolutely. I do not personally know the man and wish him no ill-will, but it was very obvious from the day he was appointed that he did not possess the skills or competencies required for the position he was granted. He was in way over his head, so to speak 😉.
  18. You do have to admit they they sort of look like the same thing 😏 Very confusing for the poor waiters...LOL
  19. They have been saying that just to get rid of people. Hopefully, that is not your case! Hang in there!
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