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  1. If you upgrade on your own and the airfare is not being offered you most likely will lose it. When we have wanted to upgrade ourselves, we just call and ask them to look at it before we make up our mind. At that point they will tell you for sure. As for biding on an upgrade, you wont lose anything if you win. You keep your original perks, no new ones though
  2. We were on the Escape 3 yrs ago and the first thing our cabin steward asked us was if we wanted the partition opened since we had adjoining cabins with our friends. He opened them and left them open the entire cruise. We were then on the Pearl last year and the steward refused. I think it all depends on your steward. They made them to open but then say you can not. So never hearts to ask. Just do not get upset if they say no
  3. Oh how things have changed. lol
  4. Yes you can remove the insurance at any time without having to cancel the cruise and rebook it. We have done it many times.
  5. Rhonda J - I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you get some answers soon. I know it wont take your pain away but it might help easy your mind. Since you are new here, you might try looking under the roll call for your daughters sailing. Maybe someone there saw or heard something that would help.
  6. Sweet. Just keep everything until after you get back. Make sure you have the original itinerary printed and then the email that the cruise line sent saying the itinerary had changed and to what. We used our final ship bill as proof that we actually took the cruise and we were able to fax all the documents to them once we got back home.
  7. As long as the change was announced prior to the cruise setting sail. Then you are golden
  8. We really enjoy Los Lobos on the Dawn last year. Thought it was better than most of the specialty dining available (not all). It is not your typical Texmex that most people are used to but better
  9. One of the down sides is they could send you the long way around. We had friend that lived 2 hrs outside Dallas. NCL sent them from their town to Atlanta, Georgia to San Francisco to Honolulu. Could have saved about 9 hrs of flight time by sending them to Dallas then to Honolulu direct
  10. We got back from a Pearl cruise about 3 weeks ago and there was a life guard on it as well.
  11. So love this persons outlook on life. It is a great reminder how fortunate we all are to be able to take a cruise/vacation. Thanks for sharing it
  12. Yes, they paid it. We had used our original edocs as proof where we were supposed to go and them email NCL sent out a couple weeks prior. That was proof of change. The only thing else they wanted was proof we went on the cruise so we sent our final on board account bill. Once we got home they emailed us the forms to fill out and sign and we faxed it back. Had 2 checks in the mail about 10 days later for $1250 each. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. As soon as you get home, give them a call. We found Nationwide to be very open and honest about what they will pay. While not the same as yours, last year when the hurricanes destroyed the islands we had a policy that paid $1250.00 pp if our itinerary was changed before we ever set sail. Weeks before we knew things were going to be different so we called and asked them exactly what they were going to need. It was simple, prove that we still took the cruise (our final bill), a copy of our original itinerary and a copy of the new itinerary showing that we were notified before we sailed. So they were very easy to deal with. If your policy allows for late departure then you have the right to claim it.
  14. That is an awesome price. Go for it if you can Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. Would have made mine as well. We are looking at going back in 2020 but earlier in the year so there is a better opportunity for more wildlife. That was our 4th Alaskan cruise and they are always great but more eagles and more whales earlier in the season Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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