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  1. CruiseNext DoubleUp! Offer Booking Window: August 01, 2019 – March 31, 2020 11:59pm EST Offer Details: Book ANY category stateroom and apply TWO Cruise Reward, CruiseNext, CruiseNext Haven or CruiseNext Lite deposits. Terms and Conditions Offers are applicable to NEW reservations only. Offer is based on priced category. Cruise Reward, CruiseNext, and CruiseNext Haven are valid for sailings 6 nights or longer. CruiseNext Lite deposits are valid for 3-5-night sailings only. CruiseNext Ultimate reservations are eligible for this offer. Currency exchange rates are set at the time of purchase. Government taxes, port expenses & fees, general excise tax (GET), and discretionary on-board service charges and/or gratuities are additional. Cancellation Fees also apply based on the booking/sailing date; therefore, Norwegian Cruise Line strongly recommends the purchase of travel protection on all bookings. Offer is capacity controlled and can be withdrawn at any time. Offer and combinability with other promotional offers is subject to change at any time per Norwegian Cruise Line's discretion. Other restrictions may apply. Not applicable to chartered dates and group types: CMI OP EVENT, CMI OP LG EVENT, INCREG & INCLARGE. Applicable to all offices.
  2. I seen this earlier, scary if you ask me. I am glad we got off our cruises before this happened (Feb. 1) No more cruises booked until Dec. Surely this will all be over by then.
  3. On the Breakaway last month we had a field day with the Walleye Cod fillet. Not one person could explain what it was. I kept saying is it Walleye or is it Cod, even the Maitre 'd stated it is fish. Living on a lake in Erie where there is abundant Walleye, I can definitely say it was NOT Walleye but then again, it wasn't cod either. Not sure what type of fish it was. 😒
  4. YES it can, we did that last month on the Breakaway.
  5. On a b2b you will get the laundry for the first week and then again for the second week. We just did a 10 and 11 day cruise on the Breakaway and received 4 bags total, one bag each for each cruise. Also received Platinum dinners for each cruise, etc. They were booked as two separate cruises so we received Platinum benefits on each cruise.
  6. We had 120 minutes (platinum for two of us total) of wifi for 21 days. Checked email everyday and downloaded several books. Ran out of minutes the last day so for us....nope not a problem. I would say it depends on how addicted to the internet you are.. If you want to scale back I would say 250 minutes is way more than enough.
  7. On the Breakaway last month, we had the worst cabin steward, she said was her first day when she did not clean the cabin even though we had seen her for several days. When asked how many cabins she had to take care of, she told us 27 cabins. At that many cabins with the price of the DSC, she is making pretty good money not making up the cabins and saying "It is my first day" Never seen a towel animal, had to search down towels and TP. Ice, hmm..nope even after asking several times
  8. On the Breakaway last month our cabin steward was not very good at all. No ice, after asking several times, did not turn down cabin after at night a couple of times (I really don't care if my sheets are turned back but we needed clean towels) when I went to find her, her reason was "It is my first day" ... uh no, I seen you yesterday and the day before, 🙄 We would leave the cabin at 7 am and go back at 3pm on most days and the cabin was still not cleaned. The month before on MSC Seaside it was just as bad. It seems to me that the crew has gotten in the frame of mind that they are going to get paid anyway so why bother. I have never adjusted the DSC but I will on my next cruise if the cabin steward has an IDGAD attitude.
  9. .Still never seen it that high, I do not care if it a holiday.
  10. I was just looking at cruises out of Miami for Dec. 2021 and the Pearl is listed but the prices are ridiculous. They want $825 for an insided cabin for 5 nights on the Pearl! Come on NCL, have you lost your mind. The Pearl is a 2006 ship and definitely not worth $825 for a five night cruise for an inside cabin!
  11. Okay, that makes sense! Her supplemental Medicare coverage covers her, not Medicare. That is the way with our supplemental.
  12. Medicare DOES NOT pay out of the country. You might want to check on that and ask her where she got her information. We have secondary insurance that pays for coverage out of the country but Medicare does not. Maybe she has secondary insurance that pays for out of the country and that is what she is talking about.
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