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  1. Beaver1975

    New to Princess, drink prices

    You say it includes espresso drinks. Does it also include espresso and cappuccino.
  2. Beaver1975

    Docking in Roatan

    Thank you for the quick responses.
  3. Beaver1975

    Docking in Roatan

    Where does Princess dock in Roatan? Coxen Hole or Mahogany Bay?
  4. Beaver1975

    New to Princess, drink prices

    Can someone tell me the average drink prices aboard Princess? I am looking for basic drinks such as Rum and Coke and wine by the glass. Also, how much gratuity are added to the drink price? I am trying to weigh the difference between buying the drink package and just buying drinks.
  5. Beaver1975

    Precruise concierge

    Thank you
  6. Beaver1975

    Precruise concierge

    What is the email address for the pre-cruise concierge for the Epic?
  7. Does anyone have an updated list of Epic staff?
  8. Beaver1975

    Falmouth port area

    Thank you. Any personal experiences?
  9. Beaver1975

    Falmouth port area

    Can anyone give a good description of the Falmouth port area and what there is to do?
  10. Beaver1975

    Purchasing a Rolex

    Which port? Cruises go to a number of ports in Jamaica.
  11. Beaver1975

    Cigar smoking on norwegian sun

    Such a useful addition to the discussion.
  12. Beaver1975

    Roatan dock damage

    Does anyone have any updates on the Roatan dock damage? Are ships tendering passengers? Are ships skipping Roatan altogether?
  13. Beaver1975

    Cruise Ship Crash

    Any updates of the the dock? Are ships tendering? Have ships been skipping Roatan?
  14. Beaver1975

    Go cart and Laser Tag Cost

    A buck a lap, no thank you!!
  15. Beaver1975

    Back to back registration

    Thank you all for the quick responses.