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  1. I am surprised that P&O offer Costa Coffee. Presumably they have to pay for the coffee and use of the brand. I wonder how it compares cost wise with say Lavazza or an unbranded product. Perhaps they feel familiarity of their passengers with the taste and brand of Costa encourages sales.
  2. I do not see why I should insure against P&O not delivering the service I have paid for. Alternatively P&O could be more honest when advertising itineraries. Best wishes, Stephen.
  3. Airlines have an odd system of compensation that I would not like to see for cruises. I believe you have to prove fault but then the compensation is often far greater than the cost of the flight. I do not fly so I could be misunderstanding the scheme. My local railway company is far more sensible. I do not have to prove fault but the compensation is only 25%, 50% or 100% of the ticket price depending on the delay. If a port is often half of a 24 hour day and I paid £100 a day for my cruise then I would be happy with a 50% refund so say £50. I would even accept it as onboard credit. Alternatively cruise companies could be honest with advertising. If the published itinerary made it clear next to Guernsey that this port was likely to be missed I would not expect any compensation. I would prefer honesty to compensation. I have just had a cruise advert for my Iona cruise that suggests I will have ample time to explore the Norwegian countryside during the visit to Hellesylt. My understanding is I will not be able to explore unless I am booked on a P&O excursion. Perhaps I am wrong and my cruise is not being misrepresented.
  4. I agree with you on this. They also rely on goodwill. Some customers are very loyal to P&O and do not to criticise, challenge or go elsewhere. Best wishes, Stephen.
  5. Particularly as ports of call are in a big font next to the cruise details. Not going to ports of call is at the back of the brochure in a much smaller font. Also as cruises are package holidays so companies cannot rely entirely on terms and conditions. I have just received an email booking confirmation for my P and O cruises. It has a link to the P and O terms and conditions. Follow the link and get Page Not Found. I wonder how enforceable that is.
  6. Could you argue that you should receive compensation for a missed port whatever the reason? You paid for a package holiday going to the advertised destinations. You did not receive what was advertised, and what you paid for. I can return a washing machine that does not wash as advertised. I do not have to prove who or if anybody was at fault. Why should the same not apply to a cruise. Also on this board we know certain ports of call are at risk to weather. Guernsey for example. P&O know this and still advertise cruises that call there. Surely that means the have responsibility to make the port or compensate passengers. Alternatively they should have advertised the cruises as Possibly calling at Guernsey. Passenger who then booked would know the risk. Best wishes, Stephen.
  7. I always aim to be at my muster station at the advertised time. I thought the instruction given were to return to your cabin and collect your life jacket when you hear the signal. That would make me about five minutes late.
  8. Thank you. An insight for me. Southampton is not super convenient for me. Bristol would be better for me. Imagine we had a ship that could do 30 knots. The western Mediterranean would be a quick jaunt from Southampton. Most of my warmer weather cruises have involved a train to Barcelona, Marseille or Genoa. Best wishes, Stephen.
  9. Fred Olsen for a while had a similar system of fares. In theory a perk of the Anchor fare was earlier boarding. In practice this did not seem to make much difference. It was after the suites and higher loyalty tier so in reality after almost half of the passengers. Best wishes, Stephen.
  10. You do meet many passengers from Yorkshire and Scotland. Presumably they value the coach service but would prefer a Northern departure port. Best wishes, Stephen
  11. It allows them to meet the needs of different customers. There is a P&O customer who is often retired, books high grade cabins, longer duration cruises, likes to be comfortable, likes quiet, wants to know where they are going to be on the ship (may have mobility requirements), prefers traditional ships dining arrangements, must park with CPS (otherwise their expensive car will be damaged), only cruises P&O (and Cunard) and is not particular concerned by the price. They are probably Caspian level in the Peninsular Club. Select is for them. There is a P&O customer who is possibly a working person, books lower grade cabins, shorter duration cruises, does not spend much time in the cabin, likes to be enjoying themselves with activities and entrainment, would consider a cabin next to the disco a convenient location, like a port every day, prefers eat quickly so often uses the buffet and would book MSC if it was cheaper for the same itinerary. They are probably North Sea level in the Peninsular club. Saver is for them. P&O tries to keep everybody happy. The problem often arrises when the Select booker goes for the Saver fare. They complain about everything but forget they paid significantly less. I met a couple in an apparently small noisy basic inside cabin who had spent three days lying seasick on the bed. To add to their woes the TV was too small, not a good picture and a poor choice of programmes. They had booked a last minute cheap deal. Never again on P&O they said. Best wishes, Stephen
  12. I much prefer La Spezia to Livorno. We have taken the train (about 10 mins I remember) to Riomaggiore which is the first of the Cinque Terre villages. They are just wonderful. Boat trips go from the marina up the same coast Best wishes, Stephen. .
  13. interesting. I wonder what the paperwork will be like moving a distillery in and out of different territorial waters. Best wishes, Stephen.
  14. I am not commenting about 500 versus 1000 rooms, the ports you mentioned or the difficulty in tendering with a scooter. I have no experience of these matters. I will take your word on these points. There is no need to explain them further for me. Thank you, Stephen.
  15. I am only guessing but I would thought the port agent would have a plan for all ships that use their port. They have local knowledge, contacts and staff on the ground. Best wishes, Stephen.
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