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  1. The countries requiring Quarantine are trying to prevent you from travelling, if you can't get the time off including the quarantine, you shouldn't travel. In Singapore, anyone arriving from anywhere MUST Quarantine for 14 days in either their own house or a Goverment specified hotel @ Sin$1000 per week, plus must have a test when you arrive (another $100) and at the end of the 14 days (Another $100). They also fit you with an Electronic Ankle Tag to ensure you do not leave the Quantine.
  2. This advice has been there since March. It just showed on the Gov-UK website thay it was updated yesterday, but nothing has changed. The press are just looking for any stories at the moment.
  3. The FCO are still advising no cruising for UK residents. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/cruise-ship-travel This means, in the Very Unlikely event that any cruise lines start up from one of the countries on the UK list of Holiday destinations, you would still not be covered by any Insurance if you boarded a cruise ship.
  4. New Zealand. Would love to drive a camper van around and explore both Islands.
  5. I think i'd give it a couple of weeks to see if the death rates continue to fall with the massive rise in cases over there.
  6. Here in the UK, we can get Insurance that will cover Covid-19 medical bills abroad as long as it is not against goverment advice for travel. Currently, all foreign non-essential travel is banned, so you would not be covered. That may change in the next few days if they open up Air corridors to some low infection countries. No Insurance will cover for cancellaion due to Covid-19. As much as I love to travel, I am staying home this year and I am also trying to shift my LA cruise from April 2021 to 2022 as I just don't have the confidence this will be all over by April next year.
  7. If It was the CDC stopping cruise lines starting up again, why have they not started up in other regions of the world where CDC has no input?
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I can move my April 2021 cruise out of LA to May 2022.
  9. We were in 1550 last year. Great location, no noise from above at all (I think the hair salon was above). Straight up the stairs into the Spa and Persian Garden. Our first experience on Celebrity and loved the dining in Blu. It was our first time having breakfast outside of the Buffet on all our cruises and really enjoyed being waited on.
  10. As far as i am aware, new policies in the UK will cover for Medical bills if you catch Covid 19 when abroad. they will not cover cancellations. The cruise lines will refund your fare if they deny you boarding, or at least that's what they done this year. They may pass the responsibility onto you in the future.
  11. In the UK, Any new insurance will cover your Medical bills and repatriation if you catch Covid-19 while on holiday as long as the destination is not any list of prohibited travel destinations when you travel. At the moment, the UK government has advised against all but essential travel abroad, but as things change, if it is not on the banned list, you will be covered. They will not give any cancellation cover for Covid-19.
  12. My Royal Cruise next year is sailing from San Pedro according to my paperwork.
  13. what date was the cruise in 2013?
  14. Just as stupid as anyone who books a cruise that they know will almost certainly not sail. There are some people who will book purely with the aim of getting a 125% FCC. and then apply that to a future cruise. not a bad way of getting extra cash, but Risky.
  15. Read your contract. Not sure how they defy "significant". One port change is definately allowed (Happened to me once).
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