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  1. Won't be a problem. I cancelled my previous cruise booked on board and immediately booked through a TA to get an upgrade from Veranda to Aqua class for the same price.
  2. No Need to tip, they are just doing their Job and are paid above our minimum wage.
  3. Same price on Exlipse. Well worth the upgrade in my opinion, a couple of Martini's and better Wine with your Meal and also Evian and Pellegrino water.
  4. Arrived into Vancouver airport today and took a taxi to downtown Vancouver. Fixed rate should have been $32. Driver tried to charge me $45. When I queried the higher charge, he said it was because he turned the air con on. Never heard of this before anywhere in the world when I've been travelling. Paid him $40 in the end as that was what I was going to pay including his tip. Was he trying to rip me off? 1st impression of Canada not good if he Was!
  5. It Looks like you have been given a poor exchange rate for the OBC they give you. If you would have requested the refund to your Credit Card it would have been in £ so you would have got the full purchase price in £ back. if you booked through the UK site, then all your purchases are in £, so there is no exchange rate to worry about.
  6. There is a sale on now. Check your cruise planner Currently 10% off the upgrade. (may not be on all sailings)
  7. Did you get 2 bottles of wine each?
  8. I put Celebrity Eclipse for my ESTA.
  9. As it has only appeared in the cruise planner this week, you may be the first one to be able to give feedback. Happy cruising🛳️
  10. Looking in my cruise planner, there is a new option for the drinks package. Premium + It is actually cheaper than the Premium package, but there are no details of the package. Anyone seen this on-board yet?
  11. If you're booking online they will be in the currency of the country you have booked. If booking when on the ship, it will be charged to your account in USD.
  12. But you have had cover also for Medical bills and Evacuation from the ship. I doubt if Celebrity would "work something out" if something happened to you on your cruise. I look on the insurance as part of the cost of the Holiday, same as Tips. If I Can't afford everything, I dont book.
  13. As Norway is not in the EU, there will be No VAT to pay.
  14. I'm in Aqua on my September cruise, will I get a bottle in my Cabin? Didn't see this on the list of Benefits.
  15. The $11 may include gratuity if sailing from UK or Australia.
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