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  1. Hi loved your post. I thought it was very thoughtfully. I had never thought about the service elevators. I have often wondered if an elevator is the best place for the the stowaway piano player.
  2. Give the Windjammer a try if you want to see a particular show.
  3. Sorry this happened to you but how is this RCI's fault. Yes a warning would be nice but is it RCI's responsibility to post the warning as the pier terminal has its own staff, which is suppose to take care of the luggage. Unless you think one of the RCI crew stole your case
  4. Me too and also on 18th & 25th October sailings
  5. Thank you for flagging up the story. What I don't understand is how can the family sue for loss of inheritance? If the gentleman had survived he may not have been able to return to work.
  6. We are new D+. Where can we eat lunch on embarkation day, other than the WJ and DL?
  7. People are probably not judging you. They are just checking to see if they know you and want to chat with you. Some people tend to stand out and that is why they are not asked for their card. Whenever I enter the lounge with my wheelchair bound son I rarely get asked for my card, after the first initial viewing, but if I enter the same lounge on my own I often get asked for the card. Congrats for turning D+, 1 son turned D+, after the last cruise, at the age of 29 and the wheelchair bound son will turn D+ after the next cruise, in 9 days time, at the age of 28.
  8. Can I point out that Thorben-Hendrik did not start this thread, cruisecookie did. The thread started by Thorben-Hendrik, the one with the pics is:
  9. Why sail with RCI if you feel they always fall below your standards? I'm looking forward to sailing on the Explorer in 12 days time. I have never sailed on her and the 1st cruise I've taken since turning D+
  10. With that age range you have got yourself a decent quiz team. Don't try to win, just take part over a couple of drinks and enjoy the friendly banter when you discover you ignored the right answer.😉
  11. We have found that once you say no, a couple of times, the photographers tend to leave us alone the rest of the cruise
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