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  1. I have no problem with them struggling to pay for a funeral, as it has come as an unexpected expense. My problem is with the apparent lack of insurance (either because they could not afford insurance or decided not to have insurance). I'm assuming that if they had insurance the cost of the funeral would have been covered or part covered by the insurance.
  2. Kim would have been in mourning, so maybe she did not read the contract.
  3. Yes RCI do increase the base price of a cruise to cover your free drink package.
  4. Anello may never accept what he has done because he has blocked out the incident. Once he blocked out how/why Chloe fell he needed to come up with a version to tell the police and family. For Anello this new version, of events, has become what really happened and not what actually happened.
  5. Not all booking are refundable deposit. Some cruise lines offer US citizens both refundable and non-refundable deposit cruises. Mim Lloyd will need to check if she wants a refundable deposit cruise.
  6. I know where Chloe's mother was, at the time of the accident, GS but does anyone know where her father and brothers were? I'm just curious as in post #845 mitsugirly reports that the court papers state that 'Anello came up to the H2O Zone to look after Chloe'
  7. Have you thought that some of the friends and family may have doubts about the family's version of events? By reading this thread the ones with doubts may find some comfort knowing that others doubt the family's version of events
  8. I agree with you. The parents do have the right to sue Royal but the question is should they? Chloe's death was a tragic stupid accident. I understand that the parents are trying to prevent another child dying the same way as Chloe but what about their own other children? What message are they sending out to their other children? "Hey kids it's ok to do something stupid because we will find someone to sue, as they should have known you would have done something stupid" I don't think this is the case. I think the family cannot come to terms with the fact that GF did something so stupid. The family may not be able to come to terms with the stupidity of the GF actions until after his court case.
  9. I think its great you are taking a solo cruise but please don't be too mad at your family. Try and take some comfort that are concerned about you. Some people don't have families to worry about them.
  10. Forgive what might sound like a stupid question, but are lawyers and police offices in the US that poorly paid that they can not afford to bury their own child or can not afford insurance for their cruise (which might have covered some of Chloe's funeral costs)? Btw I have no idea what the cost of living is in the US ( it's been awhile since I was last in the US) so please don't flame me for what might seem an insensitive question
  11. Is there an accessible cabin available. Because it sounds like he will need the disabled bathroom.
  12. The grandfather may believe he is innocent because he has mentally blocked out what actually happened.
  13. What I don't understand is why the grandfather did an interview, particularly whilst he is awaiting trial. This seems a bad move to me. Is this normal in the US or did the grandfather get really bad legal advice, about giving an interview?
  14. If you want any chance of a partial refund forget about the naked man, just complain about the plantation.
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