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  1. I think so, all the Canadian cruises out of Boston were cancelled a while ago. We were booked on the November 5th cruise to Bermuda from Boston and we received the same letter, it is cancelled. We were booked on the same cruise last November, and it was cancelled, so we moved it forward one year. We are trying to decide about moving it to 2022. Like many of you we have had a couple of cruises each year cancelled, so disappointing.
  2. Thanks for posting these old films they were wonderful. I have had to cancel a cruise today we had planned for September. We will be waiting for a vaccine for Covid-19 before going again probably not till next year. It has been disappointing not to be looking forward to our trip, the films helped thanks again.
  3. We are on the Gem to Bermuda from Boston in May, and are sitting tight for now. We made our final payment months ago, but we are expecting we will have to cancel while hoping things will tun around. We figure we have a least a month before we have to make our decision. The State Dept. recommendation not to cruise seems here to stay for a while. As most know here in Boston at a conference, 70 people out of 200 from around the world were infected in two days, and went home most unknowingly spreading it. We are retired and just staying home as much as possible.
  4. Nick from the US, is on the Serenade. He told us he started his career at Disneyland as Prince Charming.
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