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  1. I just returned from my Canada/New England cruise yesterday. Absolutely loved Halifax and highly recommend Mel from Down East Tours. It was the best excursion we've ever done and since it was private, we were able to customize it to what we wanted to see. I actually found Mel to be slightly cheaper than the cruise line. Plus, all your money is going to the local economy and not the cruise line. https://www.downeasttours.ca/
  2. Just returned Sunday from the Legend out of Baltimore and had FTTF. There is a separate line for FTTF, Suites, and Diamonds...it's the first line as you approach the building. From the time we got in line to the time we boarded was maybe 30 minutes. We got there around 11am when they opened the parking lot. The Legend gets in around 8:30/9am and they don't open the parking lot until the previous cruisers get leave the lot.
  3. Thanks for this info! I'll be going to the Bahamas in 11 days and couldn't find anything about what was included at no extra cost with T-Mobile.
  4. @YVRteacherhas a great review of the Jewel's NB itinerary with dailies.
  5. Received the following email from Carnival for my Legend cruise next month. Is Carnival quietly changing the rules on bringing wine onboard? FAQ’s still say you can bring a bottle but water must be in cartons. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. When I was on the Jewel this past May, it was $139pp. Passes came available to purchase 3 weeks before sailing.
  7. Park as close to the water/ship as you can...the first 2 rows is best if there is a snowstorm. Was due to return to port when snowstorm Jonas hit and since we were in the 2nd row by the water, a lot of the snow had been blown away from the car. The further back you went, the deeper the snow and the lot was not plowed.
  8. Thank you for the information! Will definitely be heading over to Guest Adventures when we board.
  9. I'll be on the Legend in February and have a cabana reserved for our stop at Princess Cay. When do we get assigned our cabana?
  10. Looking forward to your review! It was great meeting you and your dad back in May on the Jewel!
  11. I have an upcoming Carnival cruise and you can now use your OBC to purchase items before boarding!
  12. I was able to do a paid "upgrade" for my seats from economy to first class on a domestic flight earlier this week on United. However, United wouldn't allow me to purchase an upgrade until I checked in for the flight.
  13. I found it to be simple until my luggage didn’t arrive. I had a feeling it wouldn’t since my flight from Chicago to Seattle was delayed to the point that I had minutes to make my connection. The Alaska Airlines employee at the luggage counter had the paperwork ready to go for me to sign. He was given a heads up and said it would be on the next flight 3hrs later. They delivered my luggage to the hotel by 10pm that night. I had to go to a side room for customs to turn in my paperwork allowing the airline to take my luggage. But from what I could tell, if I had my luggage, it would have been a quick 30 seconds. I arrived at 1:45 in the afternoon and I was out of the airport by 3pm. They’ll ask you why you’re entering Canada and ask you about the cruise.
  14. It was spectacular! Saw a bunch of calving at Glacier Bay and Hubbard glacier. Mountains were still covered with snow. Didn’t see much wildlife but heard orca’s were seen from the ship one evening. Ship was only at 30% and ports weren’t crowded. @YVRteacher is doing a live review over on the NCL board. She is currently on a b2b on the Jewel and giving great info about everything. Highly recommend Jayleen’s whale watching tour in Juneau. My mom and I ended up being her only guests that day. She took us by Mendenhall and it was amazing to see it from water. She grew up in Juneau and knows the different whales.
  15. Just got home from a northbound cruise. Masks must be worn on flights arriving into Vancouver, even if coming from the states. As stated already, they are required in YVR. They are also required in the cruise ship terminal.
  16. Highly recommend the streetcar! They give great information about some of people buried there. Was very informative and entertaining.
  17. LMKakaThing2

    Haines Ferry?

    Was just in Skagway on Friday. We were informed the Haines ferries aren’t running as often. They’re only running 3 or 4 days a week now.
  18. Are you on NCL? Just got home from the May 2nd cruise.
  19. Just got home today from a northbound cruise that left Vancouver last Monday. Filled it out for my Saturday flight and again for my Monday departure. They checked it numerous times when boarding the flight but not in Vancouver. They never asked for it when boarding the ship last Monday. Don’t worry about filling out the customs declaration. When you land, you scan your passport and it’s a quick 30 second questionaire.
  20. No we didn’t. They had 5 or 6 busses lined up when we docked and more parked up on the hill waiting for an open parking spot. When we headed back to the ship, they had 3 busses waiting to take passengers back to the ship. After experiencing Ward Cove, I would do it again. They had plenty of busses and it was like getting a free excursion because you got to see a different part of town.
  21. I booked directly with George Inlet Lodge and it honestly was a huge disappointment based on what I had read. We only had 6 in our tour and it honestly felt rushed. It was supposed to be 2.5 hours and was maybe 1.5 hours. They were aware of some mobility issues ahead of time but didn’t have a step to help get into the van that you had to literally climb into. It was about a 3 foot step into the van with 1 hand grab in the worst location. Even those of us with no mobility problems struggled to get in. We were told they would have a step when we got back to the van but they didn’t. They did have a vehicle that took those with mobility issues down to the dining room. We asked if it was the same experience as the cruise ship excursion and were told it was…it wasn’t. Cruise excursion gives you pasta and chicken as well. They came around 4 times with crab but if you weren’t done with the one on your plate, you weren’t given another serving. We could have all eaten more, but instead dessert was given out. No sides were given and by time the second serving came around, the butter had solidified. Definitely wouldn’t do again. You can get more Dungeness crab at Tracy’s crab shack in Juneau for the same price.
  22. I think they have a schedule they stick to. They know how long you have for the “feast” portion of the tour.
  23. It’s all you can eat in a 45 minute period. Just got back to the ship from the feast.
  24. Currently docked at Ward Cove and they’ve had buses running all day. Drop off and pick up was at berth 2.
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