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  1. Roy, I like your idea of a zoom meeting. It would be fun to meet and chat with other cruise fans, especially since we are all landlocked at the moment! Denise
  2. We were on the Joy. Hubby was playing at a machine and I went and sat at the next one to let him know I was going to head to the room as I had "played" all I was going to that evening. He handed me $ 5.00 and I put it in this old, dull, not flashy at all machine (don't even recall the name) It was a penny machine and on the second spin I started getting free spins, it wasn't paying much but lots of free spins kept getting added, then it starts adding more free spins. Ended up with 456 free spins and cashed out $ 300.00! Always wonder why I didn't play max bet! (Only bet the minimum)
  3. Good Morning everyone! We have a sunny, but very blustery day here! We are having wind warning for the area. The cat is enjoying it as she is sitting in the window watching the leaves blow by! Sending good thoughts to you Roy, I understand disagreements with siblings. My sister and I are polar opposites on politics, we agree to disagree and we do not bring the topic up when we visit! (still not sure how she and I grew up in the same family! LOL) Mason jar day...........I have a bunch I "inherited" all my Grandmothers jars when she passed as I was the
  4. durangoscots, I am so sorry to hear of your families loss. Thoughts and prayers for your family. Denise
  5. Well I managed to not shop today LOL I hate to shop so it wasn't hard to stay away from the stores! Didn't even check the internet for deals! Spent the morning with Dad, (he has dementia) so his wife could go to an appointment. He talked a bit today which was nice, as the dementia has increased, he just doesn't talk much. Sure wish he could still talk, I miss that. We were fortunate that we took a cruise to Alaska with Dad and his wife 6 years ago, we had such a good time on the cruise. He loved it. Spent the afternoon with 2 of the Grandsons cleaning the barn and
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have a nice sunny, but cool fall day. Turkey is in the roaster and dressing (stuffing) is in the crockpot. Sides are ready to slide in the oven at the appropriate time. Prepared way more food then we need for Hubby, son and I, but hard to change routine! I figure I won't have to cook for several days! We will facetime with the Grands later today. Will be a quiet day. I hope everyone has a good day. Denise
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Just finally getting a chance to take a break and look at the daily. Worked today and then came home and did some pre dinner prep for tomorrow. Sure having a time cutting back! When you cook by pot size it is hard to make less, too many years of cooking for a crowd and there will be just 3 of us! Will have plenty of left overs for our folks. I love Sangria, red or white styles. Since I am the only one here who would drink it I will wait until I have a chance to share with a group! Parfait Day, interesting I worked at a Dairy Queen in hig
  8. Anybody else check out the webcams every day? I have been and then reminiscence about past cruises and future cruises. We had been planning a road trip up to Alaska and over into Canada but plans are on hold for now. Stay Safe Denise
  9. Thank you for the daily! Our daughter is a teacher, we need more dedicated teachers. She is working so hard trying to meet her students needs, social distancing, masks and online options. We have been having the Grandsons here when the school was shutdown. Quite interesting to get the younger 4 online in some manner (computer, chrome book and zoom) at the same time! Fortunately the 2 sixteen year old grandsons can help with "tech" support when we need it. Thanksgiving will be quiet this year as the girls and their boys will be staying home. (they live in the near
  10. Good Morning Everyone! Thank you all for posting, reading your comments makes me feel like we have gathered for conversation and coffee with friends! The deviled eggs sound like a good idea for making for dinner. Thank you for sharing the "strangler" humming bird, it was a good laugh when I read it out loud to hubby. Take care, I am off to do my twice yearly Costco run, really don't like going there so make a big list and only go twice a year! Stay safe, wear your masks! Denise
  11. Good Morning All, We can relate here to the Black Cat Day! Miss Princess is a long haired shiny black with just a small patch of white on her chest. She showed up in the middle of a snowstorm 3 years ago, as starving thin kitten............she knew a good door to come too, she stayed! We have been looking back at our travel pictures as a year ago we did some road trips and had planned to do a cruise and couple of road trips..............but Covid happened so now we are reminiscing on our past cruises and road trips. Nice fall day here, will be chasing the grands ou
  12. Me three! The grands often play "Freeze Tag" when they are here, so maybe a game of tag this afternoon when they arrive? Love the hot air balloon pictures that were shared. Several years ago we went to Reno (and then happened to find out it was the weekend for hot air balloons) Circus Circus casino/hotel had a "rooftop, sunrise" breakfast where we had chairs, heaters and blankets to sit and watch the sunrise balloon flight, it was chilly as it was held in September, but it was fun to watch. I would go again if we get a chance. Sure missing cruising, added some more c
  13. We sailed on both in 2019. Enjoyed both, but much preferred the Joy. I was trying to figure out why and other then we just liked the Joy much more. Maybe it was crew? Itinerary? I would sail on the Joy again in a heartbeat! (I realize not much "concrete" information from me!) Either one would be a pleasant cruise.
  14. Copper wonderful sunset/sunrise picture, loved the colors! Horizon Chaser what talent, those leave transfers are beautiful! Nice fall day here, worked outside finishing the rest of the barn weatherization for winter................finding this body just doesn't get as much done, or as fast as I think it should!! Love the fall pictures everyone shares. Stay safe, Denise
  15. Good Morning Everyone! Today I can relate to all three days. My son in law is a great school custodian at the school my daughter teaches at! They are both really working hard to keep the building clean and with the hybrid classes. Our vehicles have real "imaginative" names "Brown truck and Red truck" and "cruiser" LOL. Appreciate our farm animals though we are scaled down to just rabbits, chickens and ducks now. Area has grown and we have been absorbed into the city with an agricultural clause, so we can keep a few small animals but no large livestock. We liv
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