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  1. 14 minutes ago, Luvcrusn said:

    DH and I are people who are laid back and easy to please. We always pay gratuities and tip above and beyond them. X must either REALLY reward crew who get perfect 10s or REALLY penalize those who don't to cause the volume of desperate pleas for 10s that the current passengers receive. We find the "begging for 10s" from crew that we've expressed our pleasure to on a consistent  basis throughout the cruise to be extremely uncomfortable. We assure them that we understand the importance of the 10s yet most continue. We also take the time on most of our cruises to fill out mid-cruise comment cards. I know that these are read and the crew members named have taken the time to thank us for our kind words. I have gotten calls from the Hotel Director and Concierge responding to those comments, yet the crew are still just as desperate for the 10 ratings ... 

    We, too, always tip extra in person to the cabin steward and our wait team, as well as any very good bartender we've had.  We also tip extra to the maitre 'd if he/she did something extra for us.

    Begging for the ten rating is on every cruise line, though.  We have been told in the past by certain crew that if they get a certain number of low ratings and bad comments, they are demoted...have not been able to confirm that, however.  The bad comment could be something very minor.

  2. 1 hour ago, Mike981 said:


    Thank you for this, I never heard of it. Do you ask for it at guest services?

    On our Equinox cruise last month we had the card in our cabin we could fill out with feedback.  I had waffles one day that couldn't be chewed or cut with a knife and mentioned that along with all the good things they were doing, raving about our cabin steward and a girl at guest services.  When we arrived for dinner the maitre d' was waiting at our table with our assistant waiter.  He apologized for the waffle and assured me it wouldn't happen again.  Later during our meal, another "suit" came to apologize about it and promised it wouldn't happen again.

    That was about five days into a ten day cruise.  I ordered the waffle the next day and it was perfect that day and every day after!  They can't fix what they don't know about and I will hand out compliments just as readily.  You can complain nicely, you don't have to yell and make a scene.


    Once on a Hawaiian cruise our cabin was above a lounge and we could hear the music all night.  Two nights in a row I called guest services to see if they could turn down the volume, which they did, but it was still too loud to sleep.  I called the third night and asked if we could be moved but were told the ship was full but she would let the hotel director know.  The next day after we got back from our day in Port, we stopped by the desk to see if the hotel director was in.  He came out, took us to his office and apologized saying the ship was full and offered an OBC.  We said we didn't want anything out of it,  we just wanted to be able to sleep.  We were very nice about it.  He gave us dinner in the French restaurant.  The next day we were moved to a suite.  The people in that cabin had an emergency at home and had leave and the hotel director thought of us.  They want everything to be right for you but, like I said, they can't fix it they don't know about it.

  3. On 10/15/2019 at 8:21 AM, 10XCruiser said:

    I will be on the Summit in a few weeks.  Are Capris pants ok for MDR in the evenings for ladies?


    Thanks in advance

    Yes, I always wear them except on formal nights.  If you have a dressy pair, like maybe a satin pair with a jacket, for formal night, that would be perfect!

  4. 6 hours ago, spencerdrivecruiser said:

    ....    It doesn't hurt to give all tens, especially on a b2b because they are humans with feelings and have long memories.  Costs me nothing to be generous with my scoring.

    But if their job performance is falling short, shouldn't their supervisor know?  In other jobs you are warned and eventually let go if you don't perform.  I do take into account that the kitchen may be the origin of slow service, or that large table with many demands, but it's easy to tell if the waiter or cabin steward is the problem as well.

    We, too, usually speak with the maitre 'd or guest services and things are corrected then.  When this happens my score for the survey also changes for the better.  If people don't know what's wrong they can't correct it.

    I am always honest with my comments and scores and if someone or something deserves a six, then that's what you give them.  Why would you work on improving if you do less or subpar work, and continue receiving a ten?

  5. 3 hours ago, Alakegirl said:

    Was your friend on a Celebrity cruises?  We have never known Celebrity to staff dentists on their ships

    I don't remember, it's been about five years ago.  Her filling came out and they replaced it for her.  They were talking about it when they got back.

  6. 27 minutes ago, hcat said:

    We do not have a scanner.

    Not having a  pre scanned passport or photo did not slow us down at all for EDGE check in.  Roving reps did it in seconds.


    The delays we experienced  were  because once scanned in,  we were all seated but not by category. Once boarding  was open,  it was a free for all..  Hope they have it better organized by next month.


    I know that most folks prefer this plan but we prefer  checking in and getting our cards  from a human being who can  abswer questions, confirm info including our credit card etc... , and without having to visit our stateroom .  But all gives way to technology...


    We'll see if it has improved in a few weeks

    We didn't prescan anything for our recent Equinox cruise either, even though my printer has a scanner.   I entered passport numbers and credit card info into the on-line pre check-in.  At the terminal, like you, they scanned our printed boarding pass, and took our pic (we didn't even go to the counters where the agents are).  We sat anywhere we wanted and waited about 30 minutes or so and they took handicapped passengers first, then boarded by loyalty group.  They checked everyone and there was a couple in front of us trying to get in with Elites and they made them wait out of line for their group.  Didn't have the "free for all" and it was all very quick and organized; this was in FLL.  My only complaint is that you can't hear the announcements because everyone is talking and the announcements are not very loud.   We liked the fact that we could take our carry-ons to the cabin and then grab lunch without having to lug them around even though we still had to wait until 1:00 to actually use the cabin.

  7. 3 hours ago, helen haywood said:


    Well, there are a few differences in Reflection from Equinox.  On Reflection the Sky Lounge is half the size as suites were added on her port side.  Reflection replaced the glass blowing area with the Lawn Club Grille and added The Porch on that deck as well.  Reflection reconfigured the Sunset Bar to an oval in the middle of the area with stools all around and moved the staircase to Oceanview to behind the bar.  Also tiered seating areas there.  The pool is on the same deck as Oceanview on Reflection.


    Cabins are the same on both ships although Reflection has more cabins.

    Lol, I was speaking in general, layout, etc.  I didn't mean exactly alike.

  8. Recently off the Equinox and I saw all kinds of tees, some offensive (which is subjective and differs from person to person) but most weren't.  The best one I saw was a picture of a cruise ship with the slogan, "It's NOT a boat!" I loved that because I want to scream every time I hear someone call it boat!

  9. On 9/28/2019 at 11:45 AM, Tarpeian Rock said:

    Stateroom outlets: We know power strips aren't allowed, but with the number of chargers most of us travel with now, we're wondering as to the number of US standard 110 outlets in a typical verandah stateroom. 

    Just off the Equinox recently.  Here is a pic of an adapter I got via Amazon and used.  The only problem is you can't use the middle outlet once one of the plugs is used.  I loved the USB ports for our phone chargers.

    IMG_3223.jpg  This adapter has a night light that I love.


    On 9/28/2019 at 11:45 AM, Tarpeian Rock said:

    Water: Have been puzzled by the number of threads on bottled water, both still and premium. Water can be "safe" but unpleasant to drink (looking at you, Disney World). Is the ship's water palatable or problematic?

    They say it's safe, but we take a couple of bottles of water with us anyway.  There is also bottles of water in your cabin you can purchase.  The water I get in the MDR and the buffet have always tasted ok to me.


    Beverages in the Buffet: Is there any beverage service (beer, wine, soda) in the Oceanview, or is it only self serve water / coffee / juice?

    On the Equinox there is a bar as you enter the buffet.  There are also "waiters" who come around asking if you want something from the bar.


    We've done 14 or so cruises on other lines, but this is our first on Celebrity. Thanks! 

    I think you will like Celebrity.  We've sailed Carnival, RCI, Princess, HAL, and we love Celebrity.  It's comparable to RCI and Princess.


  10. 9 minutes ago, Smmessineo said:

    I love the Equinox! My last 3 cruises were on it. My next 3 cruises are on Reflection, Constellation and Apex. The other day I was thinking "oh, man I'm going to miss the Equinox. I should've done a glassblowing class, I should've  had one more cigar on the shady side of the Sunset Bar last month" .

    Beautiful ship, great staff ! 

    But I'm sure the other ships are great too, each in their own way .

    The Equinox is the same as the Reflection.  I'm not sure about the glassblowing, though, don't remember it on Reflection.

  11. The price for each item is listed on the ticket that goes with your bag.  Each Elite person in your cabin gets one bag of laundry free, so if two people are in the cabin and both are Elite, then both get a bag free.  You have to write "Loyalty" on your ticket.


    Also, as someone else mentioned, I would not send anything that is really good.  They use very hot water and colors do fade.  They do not press with the free laundry, so it comes back folded in your bag, but not always wrinkle free. 

  12. 2 minutes ago, Luvcrusn said:

    Agreed, it's our favorite ship.  We haven't sailed on her since December,  2017, which was before they started rolling out the new boarding system where cards were waiting at the room on Revolutionized ships and before the scan-your-passport-upload-a-photo thing started.

    We sailed on her November of last year and they had not upgraded to the new system then.  I would think it would be soon, though since the Equinox has done it.  I really liked how quick embarkation was and loved that we could put our carry-ons in our cabin right away and leave.  Still had to wait until 1:00 before actually using the room, though, but you didn't have lug your carry-on around!

  13. Here are a few I took on our recent Equinox cruise:




    Grand Mariner Souffle:



    Prime Rib in MDR:



    Spring Roll app:



    Squash Soup in MDR:






    Spa Cafe:



    Squash Soup:



  14. 3 minutes ago, Luvcrusn said:

    Our next cruise is on Reflection  so I'll be curious to see. We've had some discussion about whether or not the new system of the room cards waiting at the room will be in place or not. Calls to Captains Club say no as do posts by those currently on board. Either way, we'll do our check-in the day it opens,  have our handy-dandy Xpress passes printed and on our phones, will happily accept our welcome aboard bubbly and be onto our next adventure. 

    If you have not been on the Reflection before, you will like it. 

  15. 8 minutes ago, zitsky said:

    I see that arrivals are scheduled.  If you are early, do you wait?

    We didn't have to wait too long, maybe about 30-45 minutes or so.  We are Elite so we were the third group to board I think after the handicapped passengers.  We like to arrive early so we can have lunch and then have plenty of time explore the ship and find restaurants, certain venues, etc., if it's a ship we haven't been on before.  Also, if you happen to be in a port where the ship leaves in the evening, you are able to get off and explore that port if you want to.  We've done this in San Juan.  This also gives me time to get great pics of the ship without a lot of people.  It's just our preference to get on board early.  I know not everyone likes to wait and that's okay.  BTW, we were on board having lunch around 11:15ish.

  16. We were on the Equinox last month and loved it.  I have no complaints and get tired of people complaining about minor stuff.  We loved the entertainment and felt it was much better than some other ships we've been on.  We ate all of our dinners and most breakfasts in the MDR.  The food was comparable to any other ship's we've been on.  The buffet was always good.  We had some issues, but were always polite with any complaining we did.


    I thought the service was good and we had the best wait team we've had in a while.  I just have no complaints and don't understand why some people are so negative and complain about everything.  Maybe I just don't get out as much as they do or go to as many upscale events or restaurants, but I think anything is what you make it.  We've had issues, but didn't let them ruin our cruise/vacation, etc.


    Here is a link to my Equinox review (with pics) if you'd like to read it. 



  17. 12 minutes ago, davekathy said:

    That's what we did (no scanning of pictures or passports) and had the same exact results Terre experienced. Very quick. Of course we were at the embarkation center early with no lines. 


    1 minute ago, K.T.B. said:


    According to the app, only these ships are currently supported:


    Constellation, Edge, Equinox, Millennium, Reflection, and Summit.

    We were on Equinox and did not scan anything, just entered the numbers on line in precheck in.  They just took our pic upon arrival, didn't even go to the desk for the pic. We did not download the app. 

  18. 1 minute ago, zitsky said:


    Ok. So you did not scan pics or passport before?  Just filled out the checkin forms?

    No, we didn't do that.  I did all of the online check in before hand entering our passport numbers, credit card, etc.  Normally even doing that we would have go to the desk and give them our credit cards and passports, but not this time.  We also didn't have to stop at customs on disembarkation because of facial recognition and we had nothing to declare.

    This may be something new with just the Equinox for now, but everything was so quick.

  19. It does make it quicker at the terminal.  We just got back from the Equinox a few weeks ago and we didn't even have to go to the desk.  They took our pics and we were on our way.  Cards were at our door.  Took maybe three minutes.

  20. OP, I just read all of the posts and I'm sorry that some people can be so mean in their comments.  I've dealt with that in the past and have stayed away from the boards more than I liked.  I've learned to ignore them and decided they don't deserve a response.  I think also that some people don't get that a person can read a different tone into their words than they do, after all we can't "hear" the way they, themselves are reading it.  That's why they are offended that you were offended.  With that being said, it's obvious when someone is being mean.

    I think that's why some of us who have been with CC from the beginning are leaving.  It's a shame because there is still a lot of good info here.  I hope this will not keep you away as most people are nice and try to be helpful.

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