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  1. Another deck 11 Aqua to AK.... zero vibration...I've experienced this horribly on DCL ships in an aft room. No debris from Ocean View...but..and the only negative comment I have....when they hosed down the floor up there, all of that water poured down on our balcony. Made for wet chairs. Usually occured between lunch and dinner and again after dinner. I'll take a wake view whenever possible!
  2. I don't really see that it matters that much. Just back, and we had an aft room. It's only for that reason that we spent a lot of time on our balcony. Otherwise, we probably would not have been in our room much. Sometimes port side was better and at other times starboard.
  3. Curious to hear if and/or how far the ship makes into Endicot Arm. The Dailies will be much appreciated!!!!
  4. Hey Bill....we have not finalized our plans for Symphony yet....we are 50/50 at this point....we subsequently booked Alaska to celebrate us both turning 50...and crossing it off our bucket list...
  5. I'm on the week before you. I booked it during the sale awhile back, and these comments have me thinking. I have read some trip reports over the past several years when the ship was unable to get very far into the arm, and the small boat excursion still ran and was the only way they got to see the glacier. I'm inclined to keep it at this point....it's all a roll of the dice to some point. I'd rather stake my chances as high as possible as the glacier is on the top of my list.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to post this! We are doing nearly everything you did with the exception of Kethican next June. For the small boat glacier tour...what time did you return to the ship? What time did you meet beforehand? Did you see any wildlife? For skagway, did you have any challenges meeting them on time?
  7. We just used SAS again last weekend. Will continue to do so and recommend them.
  8. The weather in each port was amazing! Locals noting it was unusually warm to hot. This was also thanks to the storm. Departure day had amazing weather, but the first sea day was fog....fog....and more fog....all day long. Then fog every night...all night long. Was my first experience with fog on a cruise. Last sea day and evening had some rough seas. I've never had a problem with rough seas....but some did. I loved Anthem, so for me, I'd book it again without hesitation. Most made the best of it with the amazing port weather helping to take the edge off the disappointment of missing Bermuda. I spoke to others who said they wouldn't take the risk again.
  9. I'm glad you noted this. First time I've read this and always wondered... knew they couldn't be stone crabs on a buffet. First DCL cruise had snow crab at lunch one day and haven't seen them since. I've read recent accounts of it again, and I'll be on lookout every lunch. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
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