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  1. When we have booked SCUBA through the cruise line, they have had us come to the excursion desk with our C-Cards and log book before we get our excursion tickets. Once we meet with the dive shop, they always want both documents, as well. We did have a time when we had not dived for 18 months, and the ship would not allow us to purchase the excursion. We are both Rescue Divers with 250+ dives, we contacted a couple of dive shops on islands and arranged our own dives. We keep our log books up to date, so we have good records.
  2. Thanks! Were able to book for week of Oct 20th!
  3. Marked up a BIT? On myNCL Matua Sauv. Blanc is $44.10.... Just bought it locally for $5.67.... If we don't take the beverage package, we always carry on local wine and pay the 'corkage'. We just add it to the price of the wine. We get to drink cool local wine for less than the very ordinary wine on the ship......
  4. Would love to hear info on the terminal and boarding process at San Pedro. We have had great boarding experiences (Southampton), and not so great (Miami), and are curious as to what we will see when boarding Bliss in a few weeks.
  5. We have done about 6 B2Bs. Tslk to your steward a couple days before the end of cruise 1, and ask how to handle it. The steward will talk to the steward for the new cabin. If you are lucky, the people in that cabin will leave early. We put things for our drawers into our suitcase and leave things on hangers. Your steward wi!l help move things to the new cabin. Even if it hasn't been cleaned, you can put your suitcase in the new room and move the clothes on hangers. Depending on the port, you may or not have to disembark, but not matter what, you will not have to take your stuff off the ship. It ix easier than you think!!!
  6. It was the best of the 10 or so we have fone. The new regulations in the Baltic made it mkre interesting.
  7. On the Spirit this summer, we did the Platinum tour twice, and the garbage room was the highlight! I know you are on Spirit again this year - go on the tour!!
  8. Thanks. I was not sure if the TA would get a commission or not.
  9. Is there any benefit to the TA from me transferring to him?
  10. If you book on the ship, is the reservation then transferred to a random PCC at NCL? We always use a TA, but are thinking of booking B2B2B cruises while we are on the Bliss next month, if we can get upgrades in the category.
  11. We booked a BF last week, and were just assigned a BA on deck 12.
  12. We booked sailaway, and got our cabin assignment for both of our b2b cruises. We have 11620 and 11630. On the deckplan, these cabins have a diamond symbol, which says "queen bed". Had anyone been in either of those cabins? Are they different than the normal bed configuration? We don't care, but are curious! ***** Just realised that the deck plan I was looking at was not ncl, but cruisedeckplans, so nevermind!!!!!****""
  13. No kidding. With the 20%, it makes the cheap wine $24.60.... We are going to the grocery in Southampton to buy wine. Even with the $15 corkage, we can pick out own wines. Getting on Spirit in a little over a week.
  14. I saw this newer one in another thread from a couple days ago.
  15. Thank you!! Looks like a nice walk.
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