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  1. Can these gift cards be purchased and used towards the casino? Are they on the website where you also purchase excursions etc.?
  2. We're sailing on Caribbean Princess next month and thinking about buying the four gadget wifi. Is it good enough to download programmes from a British Entertainment channel or sky and then watch them?
  3. Hi First time cruising at Christmas and first time on Princess. It will be me and my 15 year old daughter. I'm interested in what Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is going to be like and what Christmas traditions are followed. We are in the Caribbean and both days are port days when we will be getting off the ship. Christmas day we don't have to get off the ship until around 11.00 a.m. Do they have Christmas crackers (or else I'll bring a couple with me). Do they service Christmas dinner on Christmas day or on Christmas Eve? What time does Santa make an appearance (I know she's old for this but it makes it more festive)? Do they do anything special on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, such as a party or a pantomime? Christmas Day I have a surprise for her in port (dolphin swim) but I'm just wondering what else there is to make it feel special. If anyone has the Patters for a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that would be great to see. It would be good to see the timeline of events and what type of films they show in the evenings on those days.
  4. How close to the beach does the catamaran stop? I'm not a strong swimmer!
  5. Will be on the Caribbean Princess this Christmas/New Year. Do they serve complimentary crisps (potato chips) and nuts in the bars?
  6. Thank you for your replies. I am considering taking the soda package, however, we don't drink that much soda and soft drinks so not sure if it is worth it for us. If we can drink the soda anywhere on the ship does that apply to soda bought onto the ship? In this respect, are we permitted to drink the one bottle of wine that we are allowed to bring on board the ship anywhere on the ship or just in our cabin?
  7. I am booked on a cruise in December. Princess is offering a deal on cans of soda. If I purchase these cans, do I have to drink them in the stateroom or is it shown as a credit on my account so that I can order them in a bar?
  8. what are the minimum bets on the blackjack table.
  9. Thank you for all your replies. It looks like I will be doing some laundry after all - have been spoilt on Holland America! Might surprise my daughter with wifi on the cruise. Confused what is the difference between the Sanctuary and the Thermal Suite? We are doing the Caribbean circle. First time to the Caribbean so very excited. Will check with the Caribbean Boards but is there anything in particular we should not miss. If not using tape for the Christmas decorations, what should I use to hang them up?
  10. Hi, first time on Princess. Have cruised in the past mainly with Holland America, Royal Caribbean and P&O. 1. I am not a great fan of movies under the stars as there are too many distractions, kids playing around the pools etc, does the ship show films anywhere other than the big screen outdoors? 2. I am cruising over Christmas and New Year in the Caribbean. How does the ship celebrate Christmas? My daughter is 15 but still likes the whole Christmas thing. I will bring a present for her but will there be a surprise gift from 'santa' or is she too old? Are we allowed to hang tinsel in the cabins to make it a little bit more festive? 3. On Holland America we were able to text each other on the app so that I always knew where she was on the ship and what time to meet up etc? Does the Medalion have this feature? 4. On Holland America we are able to book the unlimited laundry package for a very good rate which means we can send out laundry every day and it came back the following day washed and ironed. Does Princess have this on their ships? If not, do they do a bag of laundry wash as this will work out cheaper than paying for each individual item. I know there is a self laundry but I don't fancy spending my holiday washing and ironing. If they do a bag wash - how much is each bag? 5. What is their thermal spa like? What facilities does it have and does anyone know the cost? In particular the thermal pool - is that large. On one ship on Holland America it was no bigger than a small hot tub. If you sign up for the spa, other than the thermal pool does it have an adults only pool? 6. I normally use the casino in the evenings. What are the minimum bets on blackjack? Is the casino normally busy on a Caribbean cruise? 7. We have an outside view cabin, is there anywhere quiet on the ship, outdoors, where I can sit in the shade and read a book? 8. Are there many teenagers on a Christmas/New Year cruise that my daughter can hang out with? 9. Which shows are good and worth arriving early for and which ones can I give a miss? 10. We have four sea days, what sort of activities do they have that maybe my daughter and I could spend some time together doing? 11. They have a good deal on wifi at the moment. How good is it to stream Netflix or do facetime (nice for Christmas day to speak to family. 12. Is there anywhere I can see the current 14 day mdr menus so to know when to book the other restaurants. Also anywhere I can see the daily "patters" to see what activities they do. Sorry for all the questions but it would be great to hear back from anyone.
  11. We went a couple of years ago and I loved it. It is an enclosure but the bears looked happy and active and playful. We took a taxi there and back and I think it was less than $10 each way. We also did the Sea Otter excursion and it proved beyond expectations, as well as whales, sea lions otters etc we even saw two bears on the beach - unfortunately we couldn't get too close to the beach in case the boat got tangled up but we stopped for a few minutes and watched them from a distance.
  12. The current promotion, Pack These Values, is ending next week. Does anyone know what the next HAL promotion will be? The only thing the current promotion is of any value to us is the Gratuities Paid. Just wondering whether to hold out for the next promotion or see if the prices go down. The cruise is at the end of July this year.
  13. Is there a shop at the port where you can buy bottles of water and cans of soda to take on board the ship?
  14. Do they show movies in the indoor theatre? I too have difficulty listening to a film on the big outdoor screen and prefer watching the film in an indoor theatre of cinema room.
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