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  1. We went a couple of years ago and I loved it. It is an enclosure but the bears looked happy and active and playful. We took a taxi there and back and I think it was less than $10 each way. We also did the Sea Otter excursion and it proved beyond expectations, as well as whales, sea lions otters etc we even saw two bears on the beach - unfortunately we couldn't get too close to the beach in case the boat got tangled up but we stopped for a few minutes and watched them from a distance.
  2. The current promotion, Pack These Values, is ending next week. Does anyone know what the next HAL promotion will be? The only thing the current promotion is of any value to us is the Gratuities Paid. Just wondering whether to hold out for the next promotion or see if the prices go down. The cruise is at the end of July this year.
  3. Is there a shop at the port where you can buy bottles of water and cans of soda to take on board the ship?
  4. Do they show movies in the indoor theatre? I too have difficulty listening to a film on the big outdoor screen and prefer watching the film in an indoor theatre of cinema room.
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