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  1. His last several videos were the same. I’ll pay attention to what he says when he has solid information on cruise resumption. Otherwise, the videos continue to be nothing but speculation.
  2. I’m not loyal to any cruise line but I like RCCL because of the oasis class ships. I like the choices of activities and if I simply want to chill, then I’ll retreat to my balcony with a book and a drink. For me, it’s all about the ships, its size and activities to the point that I don’t get off the ship at popular ports in the Caribbean. As I mentioned, there’s no loyalty so I’m also looking at Virgin’s Scarlet Lady as a future option.
  3. Same! I also don’t care for food from the U.K. I find so many of their food to be very bland.
  4. The one thing I will spend money on is specialty dining. After cruising for more than a decade, I have realized that I don’t like eating in the main dining room because I don’t care for the large amount of people and the noise. The specialty restaurants offer more of the things I enjoy when dining: quiet atmosphere, smaller venue and generally, the food is better (not all the time).
  5. If they make it mandatory, then yes I will get it. My biggest concern is what the ships will do if there is a similar outbreak despite the availability of a vaccine. My biggest angst is being quarantined out at sea like the cruisers and crew of the Diamond and Grand Princess. I love cruising but I’m not interested in an extended vacation.
  6. I would go with Harmony because of Cococay. Falmouth was an absolute disappointment as a port. Every time we stop at Falmouth, we don’t bother getting off the ship. I still remember the first time getting off the ship at Falmouth and the first store I saw was Diamonds International, followed by 20 other jewelry stores in the same area.
  7. For 11 people in two cabanas? That’s $1.81 tip per person for the entire day.
  8. I’ll pass because the professor lacks practical experience and knowledge. He knows how to turn a coconut into a transistor radio but can’t fix a hole at the bottom of a boat.
  9. St Thomas I needed to go to Walgreens for a family member. At the port, I requested a taxi and was told the Jeep taxi which holds about 30 people will take me there. So I get on one. The Jeep went around the entire island and at the end of it, the driver told me I was on a driving tour of the island. I told him I asked the guy at the port for a taxi to go to Walgreens. He said he wasn’t going there. I ended paying for the tour. Back at the port, I asked another port attendant that I needed a taxi to take me to Walgreens and because I was pissed at that point, I said I wasn’t getting in a Jeep. She didn’t argue. I got a sedan that took me to the store and the driver waited for me to take me back to the port. Lesson learned: communicate with the driver on your intentions or you’ll end up paying for an unwanted excursion like I did.
  10. We were booked for Harmony in November (Port Canaveral) this year but decided to lift and shift to November 2021. Our initial plans were to fly in to Orlando and spend a couple of days in Disney prior to sailing. That's all been shot to h*^# as we have no desire to fly for the rest of the year.
  11. Any of the 5 star resorts in Hawaii. I stayed in one in Maui and they kissed my a$s so much, I'm numb from the experience.
  12. Wait until the first week of August. That's when we'll all learn if the cruise lines are given the green light to sail out of Florida.
  13. The last time I wore a jacket was at the French Laundry restaurant only because they require it. The only time I wore a suit on a cruise was on Navigator. I didn’t enjoy having to wear multiple layers of clothing because I get hot easy and if I have to take off my jacket when I sit down to eat just so I can be comfortable, then there’s no reason to wear one. So I just go with a Hawaiian shirt and jeans that look like khakis and avoid the MDR during formal nights.
  14. Come back to this thread in August when the lines start sailing again. If they do start sailing, someone will post their onboard experience on YouTube. You’ll get your answer then.
  15. Same. But, I tend to be a generous tipper when it comes to our cabin steward since I see them on a daily basis. On the last night, I’ll hand our steward an envelope with cash and thank them for their hard work. I would do the same for the wait staff but for the last couple of cruises, my preference for specialty dining has increased where I don’t go to the MDR anymore.
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