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  1. We have sailed on the Grandeur only 3 times, but each time, we feel like we came back home. We also sailed on her when they celebrated her 20th anniversary of being launched with a huge party. If memory holds she was launched Dec 1996 and the celebration was Dec 2016. Hope she survives, but it just doesn't look promising. Cheers Len
  2. We were with John and Lala on the Allure, March 1-March 13, 2020 for a TA. The Allure was supposed to go into dry dock right after our cruise, so nothing was scheduled for her until May, but I wonder if that ever happened? We disembarked in Barcelona March 13 and they closed the country down on March 14 leaving many for a mad scramble to 'get out of town'. We were already scheduled to leave on the 15 and we did, but for the night before, you couldn't even get anything to eat in all Barcelona unless you got something from your hotel. I guess we were one of the last cruises that sailed be
  3. Thanks so much. Cheers Len
  4. We have sailed MSC a couple of times. Last time we did, we did the Fantastica experience, but me getting old, my memory needs a jolt as to what the major differences are between the two. Last time, we got coupons for free Gelati everyday and like 12 free drink coupons, ( we were on an 11 day cruise)are these things still available? I understand Bella is cheaper and is probably a basic, no frills experience. So, if I pay the difference to to Fantastica experience, what am I really getting for the money these days? Cheers Len
  5. WE sailed the Allure, TA this past March, her last sailing before the virus. We were able to make reservations 90 days out. Several of the 'minor' type shows had openings even on the day of the show, like the ice show and the comedy show. Cheers Len
  6. USAF 1966-1969 3 years Ramstein AFB Germany 3 Month TDY Da Nang AFB Viet Nam Glad to meet all of you Cheers Len
  7. We have a TA booked Nov 6 on the Explorer leaving Rome. We also have a 7 day NCL cruise booked prior to the Explorer. We will not cancel until final payment, which will, at least, give us the opportunity to see how the world is going. We just got off a TA on the Allure, March 13 where no one was sick, but getting out of Barcelona was a nightmare. We are glad we were able to get out when we did so we will not go thru anything like that again. We are old, but better safe than sorry and there will be many cruises in the future. I disagree with the poster who said cruises w
  8. Where do I sign up-- for ALL of them Cheers Len
  9. Late to this thread and if others mentioned this some 50 pages back, I apologize. We were also on this cruise, though not in such lavish accommodations. We had a lowly inside cabin, but that didn't stop us from having a great cruise. Anyway, we are one of the few who didn't buy internet for the cruise, we never do, preferring to just lay the sea days away without needed to 'be connected'. So, when the preverbal hit the fan on Thursday, RCCL was great in giving us 2 free hours of internet to try and get things in order. Since I am IT devoid, the agent who was assigned to help idiots
  10. Appreciate the kind thoughts. All we can do now is sit and wait and hope all is well, and catch up on those TV shows and movies we always meant to watch but never had the time. LOL Cheers Len
  11. Your statement might be correct, but you could have been a bit more polite about it. Just no need to be crass. A polite reply goes a lot further than some stodgy remark. Cheers Len
  12. Thanks for the all the replies. This helps a great deal. Cheers Len
  13. We are sailing on the Allure, this Sunday, Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona. I think we are more worried about the plane rides than the cruise. Planes recirculate the same air, so you breath what everyone else does. Cheers Len
  14. We are sailing on the Allure this Sunday and we have reserved a 6:30 slot for MTD. We have never sailed on the Allure, but on most RCCL ships, downstairs is for set seating and upstairs for MTD. From my understanding the Allure's dining room has 3 levels (??). Is there one specifically used for MTD? WE have reserved a table thru our roll call and we are scheduled to meet, but since there is so many floors, we were just curious where most people go for MTD? Cheers Len
  15. Without a reservation, you might have to wait, maybe 5 minutes, maybe 1/2 an hour, depending on how full the dining room is. People with reservations are usually taken before those that just show up. We have done it both ways, and we usually want to share a table, so we never really have had a long wait, but we see people with those beepers all the time, outside the MDR, waiting for a table. Cheers Len
  16. Thanks for the replies. Cheers Len
  17. Those of us who have cruises booked with Royal have receive their emails about banning certain people from boarding ship and doing health screenings. We are sailing on the Allure, Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona on Sunday and was wondering what type of screenings they MIGHT be doing/ Has anyone who has boarded a ship since these precautions have come out, been 'screened' for anything and how are they doing it. On reading others boards, it seems as if it's business as usual with nothing really changed regarding boarding. Has anyone experienced anything different as regarding health screenings?
  18. Ha----- I got tired just watching you. Thanks Cheers Len
  19. Without having to go thru 20 pages of this thread, so if this was asked already and answered, I do apologize. We have a cruise booked out of Bayonne mid May. We live on Long Island NY and we are asking what would be the best way to get to the terminal. We don't mind driving, but what are the charges for parking at the terminal and are there other options, like parking say a mile away and shuttling over. We were thinking about maybe doing the train, but we know nothing about NJ Transit. We have a good access to the LIRR into Penn Station, but what happens after that. We are two
  20. Our present cabin is also on deck 9, right near the elevator. Thanks for the tip though, as we have never been on a ship this size and I do walk with a cane. Cheers Len
  21. On relooking at the ships deck plans, we ended up submitting a bid on ''Neighborhood' inside with a view of the park. seems all of them are on Deck 9, basically mid ship. All the others are balconies. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. Cheers Len
  22. We just do not liker all the way aft as my DW is a very light sleeper and she says she hears the engines all the time. Happy wife, happy life, so prefer mid ship, especially if we are lower. Cheers Len
  23. Thanks for all who responded with those helpful suggestions. I guess it wasn't so much the question of what I would get for any upgrade I might want to bid on, but more the location. As I said, I just do not want to be all the way forward or aft while crossing the Atlantic. I purposely picked the cabin we are in for that reason. If I read the rules, if I submit a bid and it is accepted and they put me in a different cabin and location, I have no choice but to accept it even if I hate the location. Is that correct? Cheers Len
  24. I would also tell you to forget any notion of doing a ship's tour. The private tour companies get you a 72 hour visa and you will tour, at the most, with 16 or so people instead of 60. They will cater any tour to what you might want. You also have to understand that the private tour companies will go out of their way to make you happy and come back to CC with a great recommendation. Most ship's excursions couldn't care less if you recommend them or not. A private tour company can and will change your itinerary according to the weather, traffic and any other things that might arise, but t
  25. We are sailing the Allure, TA on March 1. We have booked an inside cabin, mid ship, I believe on deck 9. Now we received the 'bid on an upgraded cabin' for this cruise. Since this is our first time on the Allure, we really know nothing about the cabins. Price wise we still would like to stay in an inside cabin, but they offered several cheap upgrades. Like what is a 'Neighborhood view' inside. That is available for like $20 PP more? And, I guess, my main question is, if you do this upgrade, can they assign you a cabin anywhere on the ship, like right up front or all the way aft and on an
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