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  1. We had E444 an obstructed balcony on Sky TA and it was totally covered. Could not see down into the water but great view of the ocean.
  2. Henson show was funny but also didnt think it quite qualified as a production show.. Thought most of the flyons were pretty good but overall we were kind of disappointed with entertainment as well. We are booked on Enchantment and Rock Opera and 5 Skys also on that ship. Would have thought they would have something different.
  3. That is considered the third production show. It is shown in the Vista Lounge. We were kind of disappointed in 5 Skys. Nice special effects and staging but not thrilled with story or music
  4. We just did Sky TA. Crooners which was the piano bar is gone and they did have a guy playing outside Crown Grill. Very noisy area and piano guy only played no singing. They had only one daily lecturer often they have two. Found stuff to do.
  5. Friend told us the scuttlebutt is a passenger came on with it and passed it around
  6. Have been on about 8 Princess ships in the past 5 years and they have all had it at least once.
  7. No great desire to see it next month on the Sky but will see it and hopefully we will like it
  8. Have had two elite cruises now. First time got thru quick but three hours later went to Int Cafe for coffee and swap had not been made so could not get coffee. Second time the guy took my info and served me.
  9. It can take several hours to remove the bar setup and post coffee cards on your account. Always call as soon as we get on hoping the setup not out yet but to no avail. Wish you could arrange this ahead of time
  10. I would have adjusted his tip accordingly.
  11. 1 bottle of wine per passengers and one mini bar setup unless it is also sold as two 7 day cruises. Menus should be different each day but some entres will be repeated.
  12. I have no clue how many P and D's there were back than but remember a bunch have moved on to other cruise lines or just stopped cruising. Overall they do not give much for loyalty so would hate to see this taken away but would rather they use a bit of imagination in picking gifts.
  13. Usually or manage so we owe them a small amount. That is why we get a statement of account every couple of days. Since most of our cruises have free grats these days and we get free coffee cards now that we are elite have to manage our account a bit more creatively than in the past.
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