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  1. Thanks. Crystal said maybe not all crew vaccinated depending on what country they come from. But we feel safe having received the Pfizer vaccine. We booked the July 17 cruise.
  2. We are hoping to get on the July 17 Nassau sailing. I understand that all passengers would be required to be fully vaccinated. I could not find any information regarding the crew - my assumption is that all crew will also be required to have had their vaccination. Am I correct?
  3. Crystal Serenity will start sailing in Bermuda beginning July 17. They require passengers be vaccinated for Covid-19. **Sorry they are starting in the Bahamas, not Bermuda***
  4. We received our refund the next day October 22. They credited our VISA card. Still want to try Regent, maybe in 2023!
  5. Received our refund on October 19th, thanks.
  6. Thank you for your reply. My biggest issue is that Regent cancelled our cruise weeks after collecting our final payment - just a little fishy! I firmly believe their ploy was to have us use our payment to book a future cruise, but none of their future cruises fit what we were looking for. Now we wait!
  7. Don't believe Regent! They collected our final payment on August 7, 2020 and then cancelled our cruise on August 26, 2020. We are certain that Regent knew that they were cancelling our January cruise when they asked for our final payment. We hesitated in making our final payment as we thought the January 2021 cruise would cancel, but we were assured that we would be refunded our final payment if the cruise cancelled. As of today October 20, still no refund. We firmly believe this was a sales tactic by Regent collecting our final payment, then cancelling our cruise, with their goal of selling u
  8. Don't hold your breath - maybe by year's end?
  9. Not impressed with Regent! Sticking with Crystal Cruises!
  10. You are lucky! Our cruise in January cruise cancelled in August and we still have not received refund. Never sailed on Regent and probably never will in the future! Sticking with Crystal and Viking!
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