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  1. With the board postings about Covid testing requirements before cruising, I went to look at our March 7th cruise booking. I didn't see any testing notifications, but I did notice that the online check-in isn't available until February 25th for a March 7th cruise. How odd! Usually check in (when you select boarding times, etc.) is months before, not a little over a week! What's up with that?
  2. Check your fares against the current Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion! I just got Early Saver Price Protection approval for $120 drop on EACH of my two currently booked cruises!
  3. What was weird on our March 2020 cruise was that there was NO self-service on any buffet...except at Guys! Everyone was still serving their own toppings there.
  4. Let's talk about something other than cancellation predictions! Do you think Carnival will spend this off time considering a new dining room menu? A new Chef's Table menu? I'd love to see a change! I really enjoyed the changes they made a few years ago to the dining room menu, but then they seemed to slip back into the same old menu items again. It's like they kept a few of the new ones, but went back to the old standbys. We like to eat in the dining room, but I'm just tired of the same menu choices. (This is just my opinion--no need to tell me I can eat somewhere else
  5. You misunderstood me--there was double the amount of space necessary on lifeboats because the ship was only half full. For example, the lifeboat stated it held (for example) 100 people, the little tag said it was slated to be used by 50 that cruise. The numbers were hand-written in wax pencil on the placard on the wall. We were on the Legend. (Posted numbers were 50% capacity of the total possible in the lifeboat. The ship was in compliance--way OVER the number of lifeboat spots available compared to the number of people on the ship.)
  6. We were on a ship when the shut down happened in March. We took the onboard credit to still sail over spring break. We took a walk on the deck with lifeboats and counted how many people were listed on each of the signs next to lifeboats (I'd never noticed those numbers written on the signs before!) Posted life boat counts were only about 50% of possible capacity. It was an awesome cruise! No lines, no overcrowding! I would love being on one of those first cruises with limited capacity!
  7. 2006 29 Carnival Cruises, 1 RC, 3 (?) NCL 174 days on Carnival
  8. So, based on replies...I don't see the need for a PVP. I just called Carnival when our 2 bookings were cancelled due to Covid. I had no issues transferring to another cruise. It sounds like everyone is doing the work finding the cruise anyway. We don't do the casino--so those perks aren't an issue. I'm happy with the cabins we have available online. We've cruised in a group of 12+ and I just booked them all myself--no issues. Preferences/information? I just give them my VIFP number and they have all our information. It's really not a big issue. I appreciate your insights so I coul
  9. So, we've never used a PVP. I always just book it myself on the Carnival website and monitored Early Saver price drops myself. For those that use a PVP, what are the reasons why? Am I missing some benefit by not using a PVP? Thanks!
  10. So, random somewhat-related question. If cruiselines require a rapid Covid-19 test within X number of days/hours before sailing (like some countries do before flying in), how do you get access to that? I don't know that getting a test without any symptoms is currently that easy in my area. Maybe I'm misinformed, but just curious about availability.
  11. I agree...that's what I've been assuming, but I was just curious. I appreciate your response!
  12. We are booked for a December 2020 cruise on the Legend, and to make a long story short... I emailed one of the resorts about potential of a day pass. This was there response: "I am afraid as of latest Government decision, the cruise business will not resume in Cayman until January of 2021." So, I know Carnival can change itineraries per the cruise contract. We sail in less than 100 days. I'm curious about decisions from other ports we are scheduled to visit. How far out do you think Carnival will inform booked guests of itinerary changes? (I know it's possible the crui
  13. I predict a souvenir piece of metal from scrapped ships. We cruise a couple times a year, and never got the blue tooth speakers, nightlight, or croc visors. It's really a guessing game, I guess, as it depends on the ship and what they have to get rid of. Here's a start on the list: 1. Tervis Tumblers (I think we have at least 8 of those--the clear ones with the logo inside and then the ship picture ones) 2. Coffee mugs 3. Baseball caps 4. Blanket 5. insulated beach bag 6. backpack bag 7. duffle bag 8. game set (checkers, othell
  14. Just because the sailing is still showing up in your Cruise Manager doesn't mean much. My San Juan cruise is still showing up, and that's been cancelled for awhile. I've even applied the FCC from it already on another booking.
  15. We are looking at a partial transit cruise. So, with a partial transit, does the ship never dock nearby? You just go through the locks and then head out back to sea?
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