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  1. So, this PCC solicited your business and then said she was too busy to deal with your request. Sounds like someone you should no longer deal with. I'd call or e-mail various travel agents and see what kind of quotes you can get.
  2. Yes, I realize that. I was directly answering a question in response to a post I had made. And I specifically mentioned that the ship was docked in Rosyth overnight because I knew that made a difference.
  3. On the Princess British Isles cruise we sailed on there was an overnight in the port of Rosyth for Edinburgh, so we definitely had time for both. We did miss the last train back (after having bought round trip tickets), and had to take a cab back.
  4. I don't know how much of it was the 3 day sale, but my TA seemed overwhelmed with business today. We booked a 3 for free and the $200 off the airfare on the 3 day sale.
  5. And in the same August timeframe as the Tattoo, you also have the fringe festival in Edinburgh. Between the two of them it is truly an extraordinary experience.
  6. OP back, yes it is $200 off per person, and I too am very happy as I booked our cruise earlier today. Incredibly inexpensive fares to Europe especially after the $200 off. DW even asked is that really the round trip fare, not just the outbound fare.
  7. Hank, I booked a cruise earlier today with a TA we have used with good results. And while booking EZ air with him, I definitely lost control. But, it was not the TA that caused the loss of control; it was DW. She said the least expensive flight leaves too late, and anyway I don't care I want us to book with British Airways. (Her late father after being a RAF flyboy in WWII emigrated to the USA, went to work for British Airways (actually it was BOAC then), and worked his way up to the head of their computer operations. And as I told my TA, she's the boss.
  8. and it should not be difficult to find the number of posters on the roll call. But, it says 1 member while there are several.
  9. Are you sure of that? I just found this that says it expires on 9/19. https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/3-for-free-sale/
  10. So, the EZ air would be good for that one extra day, but not longer? Is that correct?
  11. OK, I knew I had seen something was expiring.
  12. OK, thanks, I thought I had received an e-mail that said it was over in 72 hours.
  13. We're looking at a cruise with the Princess 3 for free offer which includes pre-paid gratuities. The only real disadvantage I see is that if the price were lower because the gratuities had to be paid later, it might result in the charge for insurance being less.
  14. I guess I should be glad that I was even able to find the roll call. I went to the cruise line and then the ship. There was 1,2,3 and where you could get the last. I looked at 1, and decided to go to 3. It was still not up to the date I wanted (just short of it). That's when I realized there was a last, and clicked on that, and was past it. But, from there I saw I was on 5, and there was obviously a 4 where I found the roll call.
  15. I see that the 3 for free offer is ending in a couple of days. Our TA just put a 4 day hold on a Princess cruise for me. (DW and I discussed what we wanted to do for a cruise next summer. The TA and I discussed it and agreed what seemed to fit what we wanted best, but before making a final booking she and I have to discuss it and agree.) My question is do all the perks from the 3 for free still hold if it runs out before the hold, but we book before the hold runs out. ( I realize I should have asked the TA.)
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