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  1. The article did say he was 19; maybe someday he will grow up. I think we all probably did crazy things as a teenager and in our 20s.
  2. Hypothetical question. Let's assume you are correct that the US Coast Guard would have a problem with his fitness to be a captain. What if a ship on which he was the captain was sailing to a US port (for instance a transatlantic)? Would they be able to ban him from doing this, or would the fact that he was certified by the accepted Italian standards protect him?
  3. All of this is important, and I appreciate your passion. But, does it really protect us? I'm sure the captain of the Costa ship who soiled the reputation of captains everywhere was subject to the strictest rules. However, when common sense goes out the window and ego prevails, what good are all the protections in the world. And I do realize that he is an exception to what real captains are.
  4. I found this in another forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/notifications/options/ It allows you to reset your default away from automatic immediate e-mail response (which you used to have to set for a thread for it to be activated),
  5. And it's happening again. The two threads I responded to earlier this session have instant notification although I did nothing to request that. And it must have also happened this morning since I also have notifications that I did not request. I guess the next thing to do (after I make sure instant notification is not activated for this thread) is to stop reading e-mail from cruisecritic and report them as spam. Also every thread I ever posted to now says instant notification; luckily most are old so I do not have to go through every one. And BTW, I was the one who posted to ask a cruise question, and since I learned how to change the instant notification to do not notify, I hardly consider it an erroneous post.
  6. And now because I posted to this thread and one other thread, they both have instant notification although I did nothing to follow them and had to change them. I hope posting again with this response will not make me have to change again. Is cruisecritic trying to turn people off and have them stop posting?
  7. Same here, except it only stopped temporarily and is now happening again. Every thread I ever posted to is marked for notification. Luckily most are so old that I will not bother changing them. But, if cruisecritic keeps this up maybe I'll just report them as spam and then delete from my spam folder.
  8. Agree. We had a lot of OBC on our last HAL cruise. I had to go to the excursion desk as soon as it was open. Funny thing was one of the excursions that we were going to book was no longer available, but not because it was sold out. It just no longer existed. I had to keep checking with DW at the pool to see what interested her in what was left.
  9. Are you the moderator? It seems to me that they did not move this topic out of ask a cruise question, so I think it is safe to say that it belongs here.
  10. It seems like you embrace the philosophy of the song by the late Warren Zevon---I'll Sleep When I Die.
  11. I would have had 30 by now. I went back to the thread and there are another 11 posts since I turned the notification off.
  12. I actually counted 19 notifications, not the 11 I said in my original post. It turned out it was only the one thread that I responded to this morning that needed to be changed. I still do not know what I did to make the notifications alive. But, now that I see that it has happened to others, I guess I may have not done anything. I did get the notification to the first reply to this thread, but that reply quoted me, so it was one I wanted.
  13. I must have accidentally subscribed to a thread having received 11 e-mail notifications since this morning. How do I go about unsubscribing?
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