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  1. OK, but does justify nearly 5 times the rate of cases and the number of deaths? And we as the leading global economic center should have more resources to deal with this problem than other countries, especially third world countries.
  2. I have left and taken books from the book exchange. When I finish a book and leave it, I hope someone else will take it and enjoy it. It is an exchange. I'm not talking about their library books, but about the ones left in the section specifically marked exchange.
  3. And you also do not get any credit for days misses for leaving early.
  4. That is a total misrepresentation of what I said. I was saying that there are people who cannot for medical reasons wear masks, and we should not be so judgmental of them. Note the first thing she said to me was an apology for not wearing a mask, and then we had a conversation keeping some distance. And this was near the beginning of all this when mask wearing was less common.
  5. Here you go Lenny. Root for Tampa Bay in game 6, so that you have a decisive game 7. After that, you are on your own.
  6. Wasn't that 2 million estimate based on if absolutely nothing was done to mitigate the effects of the virus?
  7. You would think that any steward looking forward to his or her tip for the many days on a world cruise would not do anything to alienate a passenger. Not storing your luggage when you know others are getting that service would not seem to be something a steward would want to do.
  8. Um, Lenny, you predicted that the baseball season would not be completed. And here we are getting ready to watch game 5 of the World Series. And I will be hard to top that game.
  9. 50% has been set as a minimum. That does not mean that none of the vaccines presently being tested will not be better than that.
  10. Yes, for instance I realize some cruise just for the ship and the new shore protocols would not bother them at all. We go for the ports. But, actually, when I used "we" in why would we want to cruise, I was referring more to DW and myself than using we to encompass everyone. I know what I was trying to say, and wonder how I could have said it more accurately.
  11. OK, that's fair. I do read it as cautious optimism which I see as a lot different than what your first posts on the subject of vaccines were. And given Dr. Fauci's comments, I wonder how many people will wait to see if the does take the vaccine, or maybe which one if more than one is approved.
  12. See my reply to the post before yours; the same things apply. Why even go to the ports when you cannot visit anything worthwhile? Are there going to be the same restrictions on people who arrive at a place by airplane or by driving a car? BTW, this reply is to the stuff you wrote in red replying to me.
  13. Your welcome, and thank you for your reply. The questions I have is why would we want to go on a cruise that we cannot experience what we wish in the ports and why would the ports want us if their locals can no longer get any benefit from our onshore spending.
  14. First, thanks for the link. In the past whenever anyone has posted anything hopeful about vaccines, you have always answered with very cautionary posts. Can I assume that since you did not do this for this topic that you are now more hopeful that there will be an effective vaccine soon?
  15. And you know for a fact that the same conditions cannot be negotiated for group B? In St. Petersburg for example, the private tour operators seem to get priority times for many of the regular tourist sites. Maybe they can get Diamonds International to clear the store for them, but do you really think say the Vatican Museum or similar such places will kick everyone else out for tour groups?
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