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  1. I agree. You did not hear the media blaming politicians who made those decisions. All you heard about were deaths and poor stranded passengers who could not get home.
  2. Good point about the cruise lines also being dependent on their own insurance providers. I don't think anyone had previously brought up that point.
  3. Well NY now has Broadway shows closed. (We were supposed to see Ain't Too Proud to Beg in late March). But I don't know why anyone would want to go to New York City at the moment.
  4. You are right, but the cruise ship problems started early and unfortunately made news stories that made it sound like they were "petri dishes" for the coronavirus. And then there were the stranded passengers who also made the kind of stories that could be sensationalized.
  5. There is a simple answer. They do that because they can do it.
  6. Insurance that covers nothing that might happen to you---just wonderful. But thanks for the heads up. Have these changes also been made to policies bought before this crisis? Many of us buy insurance early so as to cover preexisting conditions.
  7. They are giving the $100 for the purchase of the cruise, not for the $800 value of the stock.
  8. Yes, it's the medical coverage that is important since a major medical bill can wipe anyone out. As for the cost of the cruise itself, that can be looked at as something you were paying anyway. It would not be nice to get nothing for that money, but it would not potentially bankrupt you like a medical bill might.
  9. And once again a dose of real world reality ends utopian ideas. edit---I should have also quoted the rest of the post with your comments in red.
  10. I think it .depends on your state rules re: insurance. I know when I booked our cruise for this summer (which we just cancelled earlier this week), I was told by our TA that according to NY State rules our insurance would be totally refundable if we cancelled because we had a refundable deposit so nothing at risk when we booked and that meant according to our state's laws the insurance would be refundable. I have an e-mail from the insurance company that they are reviewing it, so I will find out.
  11. One of us is right, the other will be proven wrong. Time will tell, and we'll see whose analysis is the one that they use.
  12. You have to balance the cost against the gains to figure out how much it costs Carnival Corporation, or even if it is a gain for them instead of a cost. How many opt for a cruise with the OBC in mind? Since they seem to automatically renew this every year, you have to feel that they feel that there is a net gain.
  13. The OBC costs them relatively nothing, and at the same time provides an incentive to book cruises owned by CCL. They are going to need every incentive available once cruising returns.
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