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  1. So who is going to cruise? Some will not if everyone is not vaccinated. Some will not if they are required to be vaccinated. Some will not if they are required to wear masks. Some will not if only bubble excursions are allowed.
  2. I agree, but I do wonder if the truth is closer to one than the other. IMHO, the cruise lines should have been doing more to see how they could meet the protocols or see if they could suggest more practical alternatives as opposed to having the CLIA call for letters to the CDC.
  3. Sorry, if I offended you. It seems to me you want an impossible standard. Nothing is perfect; there will never be no risk. And it does seem that you are ambivalent; you say it has to be that way, but you will not cruise when it is that way.
  4. Thinking about this some more, I wonder how many of these "safety protocols" are merely theater, much like what we all go through at airports. An airport example, taking off your shoes---In 2015 we flew from Newark to Paris (landing on our wedding anniversary) and Paris to Amsterdam, and finally back to Newark. I had previously broken my left ankle and was wearing a walking boot. In Newark, I pointed out to the security people that the walking boot had a lot of metal. They all wanted to be the one who just walked me through, no problem. In Amsterdam the response was the opposite---
  5. It is not uncommon. One finds it happening often when the original post is a first post by the poster (though that is not the case in this thread).
  6. Thank you for seeing the logic of my earlier post about the fallacy of the bubble excursions. Cruise line excursions are also a profit center. I wonder if the cruise lines will try to keep this concept well after there is even any excuse to keep it.
  7. I hope you do get that information and you are able to share it with the rest of us who read these boards. There seem to be two sets of thoughts. Some see the CDC as unyielding and obstinate, while others see the cruise lines as lobbying instead of seriously trying to address the requirements laid out by the CDC.
  8. If you want to prevent them from knowing, I guess you will have to wrap tin foil around your medallion.🤣
  9. Going by your first paragraph, I guess we should all go back to living in caves. Do you still wipe down your mail in case your postal carrier or someone in the delivery chain had Covid? Do you wipe down every item brought home from the grocery store? I already pointed out how the bubble won't really work in any practical sense. And it destroys any real reason to visit a port. I see you at least partially agree with this as you say that you will not cruise until you can freely explore ports.
  10. One of the pleasures of going on a cruise is meeting people. Generally cruise passengers are very friendly. And one can learn from hearing the travel experiences of others. I guess that is another cruise experience that is about to be lost.
  11. I'm not quite sure I am understanding. Are those different experiences different levels of rewards for having previously traveled on MSC? Is MSC the line that matches your status from other lines, or am I confusing them with another cruise line?
  12. Same excursions, but different prices as Princess (and all the other cruise lines) mark it up and also squeeze out of the local supplier much of the fee. Actually, possibly a little different in a negative way as they take out possible flexibility
  13. OK, let me try to give an answer to that. We hear that cruise ships are "petri dishes". We hear that cruise ships are different than other forms of transportation because we all spend so much time together. So we agree on an everyone vaccinated policy makes a lot of sense. Now what about the whole bubble concept? Unlike the ship, one going ashore is not spending days upon days in contact with the same people. The risk of a vaccinated person catching the virus or spreading it to the locals with minimal contact should be very small. Then you balance that risk against what you lose b
  14. Sounds like a wonderful vacation for you and your family. The one question I have about MSC after reading your post and others on the cc boards is do you get treated as second class if you are not in the Yacht Club. You mention your bargain is no longer there as a bargain as it is now classified as Yacht Club, and others seem to extol the special, exclusive treatment by being in the Yacht Club. The one real question I have about M
  15. People want to blame the CDC, or the government (except for Florida) instead of the virus. Also somehow the cruise lines which have for the most part sat on their hands except for the CLIA asking people to write to the CDC and their representatives in Congress are made out to be blameless.
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