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  1. As I posted in another thread, we did meet a couple who lived one town away from my Mother-In-Law,
  2. We once met a couple pre-cruise. We were on the same roll call as them. They lived on Long Island, one town away form my mother-in-law. When we visited her, we met the other couple. We did not go to our port, Copenhagen, a day early (actually stayed afterwards).They did go and met others from our roll call. We found out they said how nice we were, and they told us onboard (we were right behind them at the muster drill), how nice the other people were. We also saw them or at least called them a few more times when we were on Long Island.
  3. Meeting people is one of the many pleasures of being on a cruise ship.
  4. We had not stayed frequently with the Sheraton. There was no question asked about if we had stayed in the Sheraton before. They just checked out luggage, and told us what the fee would be. Actually, I think I discovered we could do that through these boards.
  5. And be sure to come back here, and let us all know how this comes out. I hope this works out well for you. Good luck.
  6. Gee, there were 3 contradictory answers. Our experience is that they were added each day.
  7. my funny cruise story: We were on the NCL Epic. It had a Nickelodeon feature. Anyway, I entered an elevator that had a young couple with their two small children as the other occupants. The mother said to the father they he should be prepared to be slimed. He said no way. The mother than asked the kids who they would rather slime, and they both yelled "DAD". I was the last one off the elevator; he was next to last. I wished him good luck, and he thanked me.
  8. Yes, you go to where guests check in luggage. This was a few years ago, but I doubt that it has changed.
  9. On our last cruise, we visited a Canadian immigration museum in Halifax. We did not go in intending to spend a lot of time there, but we ended up spending a considerable amount of time as we found it fascinating.
  10. On our first HAL cruise, the dress DW intended to wear on the first formal night ended up extremely wrinkled when we unpacked. She sent it out hoping it would be back for the next day. It was and several room stewards, not just ours, came to check that everything was fine. Later we sent laundry out, and DW thought their were things missing. They were not missing, she just did not notice them hanging up instead of being laid out. Again the stewards were there concerned when she reported that there were things missing and gently showed her where they were. We have on all lines found room stewards to be great, but on HAL they are the absolute best!
  11. Yes, the Sheraton is almost directly right across the street from the port. When we cruised from San Juan and we had time in port after the cruise before our flight home, we used them as a luggage storage place at a very reasonable cost.
  12. Thank you. I just did that. I hope it works, and I do realize I will see if someone else quotes him.
  13. What could possibly make them think that abandoning it could improve the stock price? If folks who hold it only for the OBC all started selling off the stock at once, the price would go down, simple case of supply and demand.
  14. Please don't give the bean counters the idea that passengers might be willing to pay extra for lemonade. And that cold lemonade sure does taste good after coming back to the ship after a day at an extremely warm port. Nice when they have it available as you are about to board.
  15. Glad it worked out for the best. Life is strange sometimes.
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