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  1. Whenever we have flown from Newark, the flights have been so early that we would have to leave say around 4-5 AM. So we have always found motels with a shuttle that have a rate for an overnight stay with allowing you to leave your car and a shuttle to and from the airport. They have generally been in Elizabeth. I'd recommend one, but the one we used last was not so great, The one we liked and generally used was sold to Red Roof Inn, and no longer had that feature.
  2. Really? Is there anywhere other than these boards that cruise prices get discussed? When you sit at your dining room table, do all of you compare prices? If you are satisfied with what you paid or possibly with any price drops you had, why should what others pay matter to you?
  3. It is now answered in the insurance section; they go by where you lived when you booked.
  4. I was not the one who asked the question. I was one of the posters who did find it an intriguing question, one that should be asked in this group.
  5. There are a lot more playing for change on you tube that are really great (though not with a cruise ship like that one.) I do find Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay the most soothing one. A few others I really like are Ripple, The Weight, Iko Iko, Redemption Song, and Everyday People. I'm sure there are more that I have not discovered yet. Just google the song title with playing for change.
  6. It does not look like the insurance forum is a very popular or busy place. I looked again, and my post posing the question that was first asked in this forum is the only post today. And there was only one topic with a reply from yesterday. I think it picks up when the guy from insuremytrip is announced as a guest. Otherwise it seems basically dead.
  7. I did post it in the insurance forum and as of now (or more accurately a few minutes ago), there have been no responses.
  8. This came up in a thread over on the Princess board. The person posting was living in Pennsylvania and paying before moving to Florida. The rate for Pennsylvania was lower than the rate for Florida where they would be living when the cruise embarked. They wanted to know if they would be ok with paying the lower Pennsylvania rate.
  9. I am actually going to pose that question in the travel insurance forum on cc, and we'll see if any professional has the answer.
  10. But that is more likely a question to ask the insurer rather than for an opinion in a cruise group. And maybe it would be more appropriate to ask in the cc group dedicated to insurance questions. The person from insuremytrip sometimes answers questions there. But, it would not surprise me if he said to consult with the particular insurance company in question.
  11. Just to add one thing to your post. There is no lack of vaccine, at least in first world countries. It is all on those who will not get the vaccinations for whatever reason they conjure up.
  12. Here you go. I find this a great stress reliever. And it even has a cruise ship (though Princess, not Carnival.) Enjoy. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay feat. Jack Johnson | Otis Redding 50th Anniversary - YouTube
  13. The law of supply and demand once again wins. The pent up demand met the reality of the ongoing pandemic and the the protocols on cruise ships that have turned off many when it comes to taking a cruise.
  14. I've had no problems. I wish I had never read this thread as I am now expecting the problems to start for me.😒 I just stay signed in on my laptop. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
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