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  1. It was a lot higher. There was no way the meter was going to be anywhere close to the price he had originally quoted.
  2. Here you go, a link. And if you scroll down a few paragraphs you will see it also includes ships. Biden to sign virus measures, requires mask use to travel (apnews.com)
  3. We had a different taxi scam in Athens. We asked what the fare would be to the museum that we wished to go to, and were quoted a fare. When we got there the meter was much higher. He shrugged and said something about a lot of traffic. And what are you supposed to do in a foreign country?
  4. I second everything you said especially the part about wishing we had found it sooner. (I found it prior to our 3rd cruise.)
  5. It seems NY state, at least my county, is not vaccinating non-residents like Florida. The site my DW registered us on says it is for county residents. Participants are supposed to either bring a mortgate statement or a rent receipt.
  6. I know there are those who do not intend to get their shots. I would be interested to hear what they would say about such a policy, and why they would think that they would not be banned from cruises and quite possibly other activities. Disclaimer, I am not one of them, and DW and I are scheduled to get our first shots tomorrow.
  7. Of our cruises, only two have been on HAL. But I have to agree that they were totally different experiences. One was to an extent lively; the other was dead. Part may have been totally different itineraries, the first having been in the Eastern Mediterranean mostly Greek Isles and the second Boston to Montreal. Part may have been that the second was a much smaller ship. But I do have to say if we booked another HAL cruise, I really would not know what to expect.
  8. We were immediately pegged as Americans once in Dublin. (DW was buying sweaters for both herself and her Mother.) When they mentioned the VAT tax exemption, I asked how they knew we were Americans, and they said the way we talked. It probably did not hurt their look out for Americans that a cruise ship was docked at the time.
  9. Yes, people tend to get bent out of shape when either the "grammar police" or "spelling police" post corrections.
  10. DW just signed us up to get our first vaccines this coming Friday.😊😊 The sign up for the county health clinic was for those over 65.
  11. No one really knows yet if any or all of the mainstream cruise lines will do this. For many of us, the policy of cruise line only excursions to get off in a port will be a dealbreaker.
  12. Speculation, but based on what other cruise lines have done so far. They had maintained that their "bubble" excursions both protected the cruisers and the natives of the countries being visited.
  13. Nothing is official; it's just speculation based on what was the policy on the various cruise lines that have so far tried cruising in Europe.
  14. Also, if you use a TA, they can confirm it has been applied.
  15. But you have to admit that it makes no sense to allow "On Your Own" and you can wander if the purpose is to keep you in a bubble. Other than paying the cruise line, what is the difference between On Your Own and you get off the ship without an excursion and wander on your own?
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