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  1. Wishing you the best of luck with these possible cruises, but the latest setbacks, especially the one with the Norwegian based line in Norway, makes me think that the European countries will not make it easy for cruises to continue.
  2. They are part of the same corporation, but our different divisions with some different policies. Princess used to allow you to book excursions before boarding and not have the charge posted to your credit card until you were onboard. It was a unique policy by them, and only them among the Carnival brands. When they stopped this, there were many protests from Princess' passengers. They compromised by allowing you to use OBC before boarding for excursions (nothing else) as a way to appease those protesting. The only real way to do this was to allow much more time before the cruise to use the OBC in this way.
  3. WOW! 85.4% chance of approval for vaccines entering stage 3 of clinical testing. I'm sure I have read on these boards (though I would have to go through hundreds of posts to find them) several who have said that there is a 90% chance of failure after completing stage 2 successfully. Completing stage 2 would mean entering stage 3, correct?
  4. Yes, it is well to remember that there are professionals doing the work, people who really do care about science and their fellow humans.
  5. Our area newspaper once had an editorial that one should buy locally. And yet when you called their 800 number because your paper did not arrive, the call was answered in the Philippines. I sent off a letter to the editor calling them out for their hypocrisy. Of course they did not print it. Instead they e-mailed back that they were part of a larger corporation (I think the same one that owns the Washington Post), and it was not their decision to make.
  6. On the elevator on the NCL Epic. The ship had a Nickelodeon feature. The other passengers on the elevator were a couple with their 2 small children. Wife: You know the kids are going to want to slime you. Husband: No way. Wife: who do you want to slime, Mom or Dad? the kids shouting in unison: DAD! He was the last of them to leave, and I was still on the elevator. I said to him, "Good Luck". He responded, "Thanks"
  7. Yes, and your perspective based on your experience is welcome. Both you and chengkp75 provide so much knowledge that would ordinarily be unknown to mere passengers like me. I hope the 2 of you know that many of us appreciate what you contribute.
  8. I do not mind your posts because you show a certain sadness rather than reveling in trying to destroy all hope. Just remember when some say that there has never been a successful vaccine against a corona virus, I bet once upon a time it was said that there has never been a successful vaccine against polio. And then there was one, and then there were two. And others have said a vaccine will probably be pushed through because of political pressure. And yet we just saw the FDA say no to the President's favorite drug against this virus. And I do hope even if we doubt the political appointees, that there are persons of integrity that do work for the regulatory agencies like the FDA.
  9. Crew members are people! And they can catch and spread Covid 19.
  10. That's an interesting take, but there is nowhere I have ever seen where it is listed that muster drills are indoor or outdoor. I suppose you could ask on these boards before booking for those who have been on a particular ship you are considering. But, I do wonder how many have this as a real factor in choosing a cruise. I can say we never have.
  11. As for your example of me commenting on "boosting the price of the stock", that has been said by other posters and in fact they cited how much the executives made in selling their stock. You didn't notice for instance I started a thread that there was maybe a vaccine on the horizon and even Dr. Fauci was optimistic????? and then there were literally hundreds of posts why we should not be optimistic.
  12. Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, and Rick Grech. or in other words, BLIND FAITH.
  13. Sorry, you feel that way. If you check my posting history, you will see that I started posts about possible vaccine breakthroughs and possible treatments only to get all the negative responses that I listed.
  14. Seems a shame that getting things done fast and being first takes precedence over getting it right. You would hope the same dynamic is not in play for the various companies developing a vaccine.
  15. I was just posting the ones I could think of that had to do with vaccines. But to add to yours, all moneys owed to you by the cruise lines will vanish with the bankruptcies. That went along with the cruise lines know they are about to go bankrupt so you will never see your money back (and that one continued even as passengers started to get their money back.)
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