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  1. You're welcome. I'm glad my advice worked out for you. Hopefully you will see the rebate within the next few days.
  2. in the immortal words of Kermit the Frog, "It's not easy being green.".
  3. I think my DW felt the same way about the Maasdam after our Boston to Montreal cruise.
  4. We got ours for a July 25 cruise, but it was for Princess which might be different. Princess used to let you book excursions pre-cruise and not be charged until onboard. There were a lot of protests when that was taken away. They responded by allowing you to use OBC pre-cruise to book excursions. I do not think any other line does that.
  5. I would either call them at their 800 number or use the chat function on the website to ask about receiving the credit. Explain that you charged $500, but Carnival for some reason split it into 2 payments adding up to $500.
  6. Looking forward to your answer so I will know whether to try it on both cards. I know it did work in the past.
  7. I mentioned earlier that after I discovered I actually had it, I thought I should check if it was also there on my wife's card, and it was. Like you, same bill, but different numbers on the card. I did once mange to use it on each card for the same cruise. I think they may have changed that wising up to what some of us did, but I guess you will find out, and so will I. And you have until March 31st (unless your payment is due earlier), so you do not have to do it right away.
  8. I had posted several times that I tried the link without success. Well it turns out I had succeeded, but did not realize that I had. I checked available offers under travel, and it was not there. It turns out that it was not there because it was already downloaded and on my card. I tried their chat function on line, and was told they could not help, but they gave me an 800 # and said they might be able to help.(800-528-4800). I tried that and was told I already had it. I checked and saw I had one downloaded (and since I did not remember downloading any offer, I checked and there it was.) I guess I should check later and see if it is now also on my wife's card.
  9. We have also used Gate1, and have been happy with our trips. On our last one in Peru this past summer, they even made sure in the airport departing that we got our flight passes. DW thought that they were there to help in case something went wrong such as the flight time changing.
  10. I would also have turned the card in. I'm glad you got on your excursion. I once lost our tickets to the Military Tattoo in Edinburg. Luckily, since DW had the credit card with which they were purchased, they were able at their office to replace them.
  11. We'll be on the Crown, so I guess we will have to claim that we are each 1 year old, not senior citizens. LOL
  12. I have always used it through our travel agent. As long as the charge goes straight to the cruise line (as it should), there is no problem getting it.
  13. So, if we don't want them, we can get only the cruise cards?
  14. We were on the Maasdam summer of 2018, Boston to Montreal. And yes the entertainment is lacking. DW especially missed opportunities to dance and dance lessons.
  15. We've been on Holland America where you also tell them what you want in your salad. She gets more than she would have taken by herself, but she does get only the ingredients that she wants and no others.
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