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  1. We are considering this for next summer and would appreciate any comments from anyone who has sailed this itinerary.
  2. And the paper and pencil technique has always worked, still works, and will continue to work. The first time (on land) where we had a waitress use a new fangled device instead of the tried and true pencil and paper, our order never made it to the kitchen until we were ready to walk out and the manager came to apologize to us.
  3. And that of course is your right, and obviously the right decison for you.
  4. I have cited your opinion on this matter in several previous thread concerning the new muster drill format. I think you bluntly put it as "The muster drill is for the crew. The responsibiliy of the passengers is to show up and shut up." I would add though that I hope even if they go back to the old format (which I do not think they will because passengers will not want that), I still hope there is never a need to have a real emergency where the lessons of the drill need to be followed.
  5. And if I am not mistaken, all of us were able to open our cabin doors well before there was a Medallion.
  6. Yes, no one or at least very few, seem to be reading that cabins for quarantine seem to be reserved on the ships. And from what has been posted by others, the reserved cabins seem to be all balconies.
  7. Surveys are supposed to be random to make the results valid.
  8. I don't know for sure if the $400 is distributed equally, as that was your assumption. But the stockhoder's credit should be yours alone.
  9. Or being promoted past their level of incompetence after they reached their level of incompetence.
  10. The OBC for stock credit is yours alone.
  11. Just maybe they do not want to drive away all the customers from the various cruise lines operated by Carnival Corporation to other cruise lines.
  12. If you believe that they are putting "all eggs in Medallion basket", why do you think they just announced that they are going to restore the web based function?
  13. They probably also awarded him a Phd from Princess University for his Medallion work---Piled Higher & Deeper.
  14. If passengers are quarantined by definition they cannot leave the room. Therefore it should not make a difference if your cabin is somewhat near the quarantine area.
  15. If the purpose of the test being free was really to suppress the spread of Covid, it really should be free to everybody.
  16. I think there was once a song written about you---Judy in Disguise🤣
  17. And even if the 90% was correct and it also applied to Princess cruisers, what rational business would make a decision to cut off 10% of their customer base.
  18. It actually cannot be 100% if they block off cabins to be used in case of a need for Covid quarantines.
  19. That is welcome news. I hope you get that in writing, and bring the written proof with you onboard.
  20. They did seem to be careful not to mess with their cash flow while nothing else mattered to them. That kind of attitude in a service industry has to be detrimental in the long run to their cash flow. I would guess that is why they are intending to restore the functionality to the personalizer.
  21. On our second cruise, which was our first in the Caribbean, our ports were Key West, Cozumel, and Belize so there are, or at least were cruises that did an itinerary with Key West and Cozumel.
  22. Question---how much is 10 hours of your time worth when you are told that you instead could just show up at the dock and have everything taken care of? Or on the old personalizer have it take only a matter of minutes?
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