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  1. I have reread your post, and we are going to still disagree. They make a big point about your safe taking cruise line excursions because they thoroughly vet the operator. To me that means that they must stand behind them.
  2. Do you think it is the responsibility of the tour operator's bus driver to check that those boarding belong on that bus? If and when you let others on, you are depriving a seat to someone who has paid for the tour. Do you think it is the responsibility of the tour operator's bus driver to know if there is another bus and to not give out incorrect information?
  3. And the same offer includes "free excursions" with free meaning $50 off the first listed passenger. I know on our cruise last summer, there were no $50 or under excursions.
  4. I see you found the forum that I recommended to you. I am happy you seem to be getting the information you requested. Feel free to come back when you find an itinerary that may suit you more and ask for comments.
  5. Since as I have posted earlier, they make a point of letting you know that you can feel safe as they have properly vetted the tour operator, why should they not bear responsibility? And why do you think they eventually took responsibility? I do think cruise lines take this pledge seriously. I know once on a different cruise line, I had an excursion cancelled by the cruise line and their explanation was they could no longer vouch for the tour operator.
  6. NCL (and all other cruise lines) tell you that one of the reasons to use their excursions is that they have vetted the cruise operator. Of course, NCL as well as the cruise operator is responsible.
  7. The proper person to give you an answer is @Ferry_Watcher. She actually works check in at Seattle (though not for NCL, but all the other lines). She should know what check in people are taught to look for, and if temporary id is enough what at a minimum it would have to contain. (I would not be surprised if she said you will be sent to a supervisor.)
  8. Yes, and B&Bs where the "cleaning fee" can dwarf the original quoted price.
  9. On our first cruise back in 2002, there was a fellow passenger who we had met who was pickpocketed including her passport.
  10. And here is an update on the medical from this thread (there is another thread about it, but I am not looking to find it. I had posted that DW went to the ship's medical and then her home doctor when the condition did not get better. I also posted we did not end up needing our travel insurance as our secondary (Medicare as a primary was not going to pay.) paid the entire amount. Well, not that much later she ended up first in an ambulance, then an emergency room, and finally a hospital bed. This was not simple constipation, take an OTC drug. It ended up she had a twisted bowel 😢! If this had progressed quicker and she needed hospitalization and medical transportation, our travel insurance would truly have been a necessity. She was fine after the hospitalization and is still fine.
  11. Also would not happen with a cruise booked by a TA. Because of the "loss of control", only the TA could cancel the cruise acting for the client.
  12. Cruise travel just got dragged into this. This was basically aimed at hotels and B&Bs.
  13. Had to go back almost 100 pages of my posts, but here it is: I don't know where that picture came from, not from one of my posts.
  14. Be glad you did not need decaf like my DW did. The cup size would not matter if you cannot put anything in it.
  15. I was not implying they should. I was only responding to the post about bringing your kids to a foreign McDonalds.
  16. I don't think anyone really has a problem with taking children, especially very young ones to places like that when traveling,
  17. Thank you I truly enjoyed reading your cruise experience, I hope my observations bout our cruise with the same (at least same POSTED) itinerary also helped with transmitting information about this cruise,
  18. We used to have a neighbor who would ask us to sneak her into her luggage every time we went on a cruise.
  19. And NCL (like all other cruise lines) assures that they have vetted the vendor. ( I know on a different cruise line, I received a notice that an excursion was cancelled because they could no longer vouch for the vendor.)
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