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  1. Darn! Hopefully they will just forgo the evening stop in Vancouver and come straight back to Seattle. With a little finagling they should be able to something! This is a lift and shift from this year. Thanks for catching that. Good thing I didn't buy my airline tickets yet. Will wait until well into 2021 I guess as right now Celebrity agent is claiming not to know anything (no surprise). M
  2. I have a cruise scheduled next August to Alaska. Fortunately it is exactly 7 nights. Just curious if anyone knows (no speculation) the reason the CDC has picked 7 days? Don't think it would circumvent any COVID issues really. By then they may be requiring vaccination certification anyway.
  3. I received an email yesterday and remembered these postings. Thought you might be interested ... "UC San Diego alerted students, faculty and staff that the university’s wastewater monitoring system detected coronavirus in multiple sites and urged those potentially exposed to get tested." UCSD Monitoring Detects Coronavirus in 5 Areas, Urges Students to Get Tested - Times of San Diego
  4. No not speculating about priority distribution, just wondering at what point an EUA would no longer be considered "emergency", and if more work would need to be done to get out of the status or if being that status would effect or slow down distribution at all.
  5. When vaccines become more available, will the general public be able to receive them under the upcoming EUAs, or will the companies need to submit more data or do something else to have it be approved for general use market? M
  6. WOW just now got contacted for the Jassen vaccine trail. My husband and I have appointments. My only concern is what happens if a viable vaccine comes out in the meantime. They were pretty vague about if I would be unblinded for that etc. or be able to drop. Gets complicated. I even asked about proof of vaccine if wanting to travel. They said they would issue a "proof of study participant". I wonder how that would go over..... I don't want to fill up the board with my personal concerns so... My email is mimlauff at aol dot com I would truly appreciate some input from p
  7. Yes, seems we would eventually run out of "safe" but "unrecognized" adenoviruses to carry in the spike. ??
  8. Well, I had to really dumb it down for my brain to absorb. LOL
  9. Yes thanks for further explanation although I had to read both several times and will probably read them again tomorrow. I think you are saying that our bodies might be mounting an attack on the vector which then could cause interference in allowing the important part of the vaccine to do its work. By only giving a half dose at first, the second dose may be less hindered in doing its job. I might be way off but that is what I gleaned. Otherwise, I give up on understanding and will just be glad there are scientists who know what it is going on.
  10. I heard this when I woke up. Funny I was going to specifically ask YOU why this could be so. It seems counter intuitive that a first 1/2 dose would be more effective than 2 full doses. Do you know when that human adenovector data is due? Or Johnson and Johnson (isn't that a human adenovirus?) data? Fascinating stuff -
  11. Could get interesting. Hubby and I are in the very LAST phase. I still have 2 cruises scheduled. If they require immunization yet phase 4 has yet to transpire, I wonder how Celebrity will handle THAT situation. Doubt they will issue 100 percent refund. Then I have a TA deposit, insurance etc.
  12. Yes as you can see I agree with you! Thanks guys....didn't realize that they were already reviewing. I assumed this would all take place at the meeting. Good to know.
  13. Uh, don't count on that. I read only 150 doses (total Pfizer/Moderna) for entire USA by end of March- that is only 75 million people. I figure I will be extremely lucky to see it by May. We canceled our May cruise (Norway), but I am still actually hopeful for our August (7 nights Alaska).
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