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  1. From what I understand, Celebrity has an app that you can use to keep in touch with others on the ship without wifi. Does Holland (Oosterdam) have same? Thanks
  2. Enjoying your blog. I see that you took a taxi in PV. How much should we estimate this to be? Will they take American money? It has been A LONG time since we have been to Mexico (other than TJ). Thanks. M
  3. Dumb question but if they are "unannounced", how do you find out about them.....?
  4. Say what? Happy hour, second drink is $2? Does that mean if my husband orders a drink, then mine is $2 or does that mean we would each have to order two drinks....?
  5. I am sure that my answers are somewhere in this post but scrolling through I don’t automatically see them so I thought I would just ask them all here. 1. On a seven night cruise is there a formal night? 2. I know there is something similar to Celebrity’s Café Bacio onboard but I cannot find out if the coffee and/or pastries are for a fee. We will not have a drink card. 3. I am reading that we can bring wine, soda and water on. Then I just read about a corkage fee. Can’t we just bring our own opener? 4. Anything on the Oosterdam that we must not miss? thanks!
  6. I have not read through all the posts but IMO the best dessert by far is the Carrot Cake at Café Bacio (it is free, but the coffees are not). Anything at Café Bacio is good and I found myself often skipping dessert in the MDR in lieu of going there after dinner. Note, it seems the Carrot cake is only available one time a week. If I had known that, I would have wrapped several pieces and kept them in my fridge. Ironically, I typically don't care for carrot cake 😋 Mimbecky
  7. Sounds great. About how long does Royston take you out? Thanks M
  8. Well we leave in a few hours so I probably couldn’t do that. Too bad because I have a nephew from Argentina. Glad to hear that he is a great CD thanks
  9. We board the Constellation soon after you out of Venice on May 31st so I enjoy reading any info about ship, staff, shows and/or food etc. Thanks M
  10. We would not have been at a starting bid on any of them and thought the current bids were already outlandish. M
  11. Oh well, bummer. The Constellation has it's bonuses too. 🙂 Thanks for your responses! M
  12. On our last Celebrity cruise, we had a coffee station mid ship on our deck. It was nice to run out early and get coffee even before breakfast. Does anyone know if there is such a station on the Constellation, and if so what deck? Thanks mimbecky
  13. We traveled May 2014. Being from Southern California I run a bit cold. I wore a packable light jacket in most of the ports (Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen) but while it was cool it was nice. St. Petersburgh was very cold and rainy while Estonia was bitterly cold - even the Canadians complained. As far as the sea travel, the only time there was any rolling was coming out of Copenhagen back up to Amsterdam. I guess that is typical in that area. M
  14. Thank you for the info. They are both new to us so good to hear that you liked the CD. Hopefully he will stay for another month 😍
  15. Doesn't anyone have information on who is on board for the Constellation? We sail at the end of this month and have been checking on here for quite awhile! Please advise if you know anything especially regarding Captain and CD. Thanks. M
  16. I really don't have an answer to your questions but given you have no responses, I thought I could give you a bit of information which may, or may not be helpful. You ask about day trips. I can tell you that where you port is very close to several sites within walking distance. You can visit the USS Midway which is a decommissioned Navy Vessel which has docents who lead tours. Seaport Village is an area of unique shops. The Star of India is an old historical ship which you can tour. There are a couple of others in the same area. (Berkeley?) There is a ferry that will take you from Broadway Pier over to Coronado Island. The ferry landing has some shops and across the street from the landing is "Tartine" which is a restaurant that I can recommend for lunch. Of course there is also Il Fornio or Peohes which are great and have fabulous views. You can Uber down from there (or take the bus along Orange ave) to the World Famous Hotel Del Coronado. Have a drink on the patio with ocean views or get lost in this historic hotel. If you are walkers, you could book a "Bite San Diego" tour of Coronado which will fill you up and give you some local history and lore of the Island. Good luck. Have fun Miriam
  17. 100% agree. One of my absolutely favorite tours in all of the British Isles. M
  18. I know 😪 On our next I will wear cocktail and probably still feel over dressed. M
  19. Ahhh, yes I have a few of those for overhead. Thanks.
  20. Dollar Tree? You are talking about the zippable ones? If so, I need to check this out.
  21. Can anyone confirm if this is/isn't available yet on the Constellation? Thanks.
  22. Sorry, this is Greek to me..."ask for draw"? So if we have $300 OBC it would play as if he had $285 in cash? Please clarify how this would work.
  23. Well maybe I’m being a cheap but $50 more per day per person seems REALLY steep. In that case I would go with Barcelo. The pool is still very nice just smaller so the activities are more in your face. I did forget to mention that sometimes by the pool they had wonderful barbecues and there is a small poolside restaurant that I think you would have availability to which has good food. Beach and service are great and just to the north of Barcelo on the beach you can rent Jet does banana boats etc.
  24. Very interesting!!!! My husband is quite the gambler...Black jack. I always use our OBC at the spa but this gives me reason to pause. Our OBC is only $300. Do you have a method there without using our own money?
  25. Hi there We have not done day passes off a ship but have gone to Aruba several times with family for all inclusive vacations. We have stayed at both the Riu and Barcelo. My preference by far is the Riu. The pool is bigger and the resort is more beautiful/expansive. When we were at Barcelo there were a ton of kids, but that would probably depend on time of year. The only benefit of the Barcelo is that they have complimentary blue mats for the ocean floating. Both have good drinks and nice beach (they are almost right next to each other). Buffet is better at Riu. Do you get entrance to the specialty restaurants? If you have any other questions, you can contact me direct at mimlauff at aol dot com Hope that helps Miriam
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